Dr. Fahmeeda Gulnaz Assistant Professor

Taif University, KSA Fahmeeda Gulnaz Fahmeeda Gulnaz
ESP courses. Research PublicationsTeaching Experience of ESL/EFL Learners


1. Teaching Experience: More than 10 years.

2. Designation: Assistant Professor

3. CELTA (​International House, Johannesburg, South Africa) ​ (Cambridge ESOL Examinations)

4. Qualification: Ph.D (English Linguistics)

5. Publications

Fahmeeda Gulnaz Muhammad Akram










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Assistant Professor                                                                     Taif University, KSA

14th August 2016 to date


Head/Coordinator of English Department (Language Instructor)

Jazan University Jazan

Jizan,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                                                    Nov. 2011-to 2/62016



National University of Modern Languages

Islamabad, Pakistan (Visiting Lecturer in English F.C)                               August, 2010- Oct.2011




National University of Modern Languages                                                1ST Jan.2007- 30th June 2008

Islamabad, Pakistan (Visiting Lecturer in English G.S)


Visiting Lecturer

Federal Government Post Graduate College H-8

Islamabad, Pakistan                                                                                                                        1st Sep.2008- 5th June, 2010



Script Writer of English Courses (AIOU)

AllamaIqbal Open University,

Islamabad                                                                                                                                          1st July, 2011- 30th Sep, 2011


Research Associate 1st April 2011-12th Oct. 2011

Islamic Research Institute, Sector H-10

International Islamic University,




Visiting Lecturer

International Islamic University,                                                                1st Sept. 2007 – Dec. 2007



Coordinator English department,                                                   September 2012 – to date

CCG Abu Arish, Jazan University,



Conducted seminar on the topic,

“The Teacher: A Change Agent”18th December 2012


Conducted a workshop/seminar on the topic, 6th May 2013

“Body language: Actions Speak

Louder Than the Words”

Conducted workshop/seminar on the topic,13th Nov. 2013

“Vision and Mission, objectives and goals

of the Community College”.


I gave a comprehensive orientationongeneral17th Nov. 2013

Infra-structure, academic plans and

working of the college in front of

COE team came from America

to visit all the community colleges

ofJazan University.


Conducted workshop/seminar on the topic,19th Nov. 2013

“Paradigm Shift: Teacher-Centred to Student-Centred




Completed Ph.D in English Linguistics, entitled,”Sign of Water in the Holy Qur’an: A Semiotic Study with De-Saussure and SayyidQutb’s Strategic Frames of Reference”.





CELTA                                                             PASS

Celta, International House (Johannesburg, South Africa)  (Cambridge ESOL Examinations)


PhD  (Linguistics)                           72. 50%

NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan (2014)


MA  (English Linguistics and Literature)64%

National University of Modern Languages,

Islamabad, Pakistan





International Islamic University, 76%





L.L.B (HonsShariah& Law)

International Islamic University, 75%


Islamabad, Pakistan




Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad,1992

Islamabad (1991) (Punjab Technical Board)


SSC (Arts)

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education,70%

Peshawar (1987)

B.A. Honours: First Position

LL.B. (Honours) Shariah& Law: Second Position

French Language Course96%

Alliance Francaise,

Islamabad, F 6/4.


German Language Course

National University of Modern Languages, 84%

H-8 Islamabad



International Islamic University, Islamabad2001



International Islamic University, Islamabad2001



Muhammad Abdel Haleem. Understanding the Qur’ān: Themes and Style. London and New York: I. B. Tauris Publishers, 1999. Pp. vii + 210. Paperback. ISBN 1–86064–009–5.


M. A. Sherif. Brave Hearts Pickthall and Philby: Two English Muslims in a Changing World. Kuala Lumpur: Islamic Book Trust, 2011. Pp. iii + 66. Paperback. ISBN 978-967-5062-74-2. Price not given.


Gulzar, M. A. Gulnaz, F. Ijaz, A. Utility of Krashen’s Five Hypotheses in the Saudi Context of Foreign

Language Acquisition/Learning (English Language Teaching; Vol. 7, No. 8; 2014, ISSN 1916-4742 E-ISSN 1916-4750, Published by Canadian Center

of Science and Education


Gulnaz, F., Alfaqih, A. M., Mashhour, N. A. (2015) Paradigm Shift: A Critical Appraisal of Traditional and Innovative roles of an English Teacher in Saudi ELT Classrooms. TPLS – Theory and Practice in Language Studies: Vol. 5, No. 5.


Gulnaz, F. Mandouh, S. Y., Ahmad, A. (2016) An Exploration of the Demotivational Factors Affecting Teaching and Learning of English as a Foreign Language of EFL Learners in Gulf Countries. PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 2454-5899.  People Vol. 2 Issue 1, pp. 17-32. DOI- 2016.21.17-32

Farooq, M. U. Gulnaz, F. Umer, M. (2016) Communicative Language Teaching: Students’ Understanding and Practices

Kashmir Journal of Language Research, Vol 18 No.2


Gulnaz, Fahmeeda. Mahmoud Ismaiel, Nasrah. (2017) Teaching and Learning beyond Words: The Significance of Nonverbal Communication in Saudi EFL Classrooms. European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X / 1450-202X Vol. 147 No 1, pp. 46-64 http://www.

Gulnaz, Fahmeeda. Farooq, M. Ali, Shamim. (2017). Learning Styles: Preferred Learning Choices and Behviours of Saudi Male and Female EFL Learners. Journal of Education and Educational Development. Vol 5, No 2 (2018).





Having strong interactive skills, problem-solving abilities; highly dynamic, motivated and energetic; having zeal for work, with a high sense of responsibility; eager for learning and growth; enthusiastic, keen on innovation, creativity, originality and for making a perceptible difference.





2014 Ph.D in English Linguistics at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad

Completed Ph.d in English Linguistics in 2014
Earned Celta Certificate in 2018