Edgar Ilag Mechanical foreman

Mechanical Foreman

Laurel, Taysan Batangas Philippines
eMail: [email protected]
Mobile Number:​+639951488980 (Saudi Arabia)


Birthday: ​June 17, 1979
Birthplace: ​Taysan, Batangas Philippines
Citizenship: ​Filipino
Gender: ​Male
Civil Status: ​Single


Technological Institute of the Philippines (Manila)
Mechanical Engineering Technology, 1997 – Undergraduate

Dagatan National High School (Taysan, Batangas)
High School Education, 1996

Dagatan National Elementary School (Taysan, Batangas)
Elementary Education, 1992


• 13 years of accumulated experience in supervision of crew in construction and
maintenance of pipelines in infrastructure and oil and gas industry.
• Experienced in erection and maintenance of valves and pumps.
• Able to understand and execute construction activities as per the engineer’s
• Able to understand construction standards and its implementation on site.
• Understands and implements safe work practice in the execution of jobs on site.
• Able to handle mechanical crew and exercises good command to my subordinates.


Maintenance Foreman (Mechanical)
Jash Technical Services
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (December 2015 – January 2017)

• Responsible in supervising mechanical crew for building and property operations and maintenance for mechanical equipment such as:
o Boilers / Heaters
o Pumps
o Generator
o Decorative Fountains
o Swimming pool

Material Controller (Mechanical)
Daelim Construction
Sadara Iso-Cyanates Project
Jubail, Saudi Arabia (July 2013 – July 2014)

• Responsible in supervising mechanical crew in laydown area which includes activities such as:
o Material Preservation
o Packing list auditing
o Delivery acceptance
o Material dispatch to site
o Ensuring equipment’s good condition prior to quality inspection.

Mechanical Foreman/Supervisor (Site)
Al Latifia Trading and Contracting Company
Construction of GOSI Building
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (October 2011 – January 2013)

• Responsible in supervising mechanical activities for the construction of potable water, sanitary, and air conditioning pipeline and ducting for the GOSI building project which includes:
o Coordinating with the engineer the daily activity requirement for mechanical works
o Ensuring materials are available prior to the start of the work.
o Supervise crew during the installation
o Arrange for the testing of the installed pipelines and coordinate with the engineer the available areas for inspection.
o Joins the mechanical engineer during the site visit and inspection by the client.
o Responsible in maintaining suitable amount of materials for construction through weekly inventory and coordinates with the store supervisor and mechanical engineer material discrepancies.
o Attends material inspection with the client if the mechanical engineer is not available.

Mechanical Foreman/Supervisor (Site)
Al Harbi Trading and Contracting Company Ltd.
Royal Commission Infrastructure Projects
Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (October 2008 – October 2009)
Jubail 2, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (October 2009 – December 2010)

• Responsible in overseeing site mechanical activities in construction of
potable water, irrigation system, and sanitary sewage system piping and
mechanical components such as valves and hydrants. Also handles construction and pre-casting of valve chambers used in water systems. Detailed activities overseen
as follows:

o Coordinate with the general foreman any equipment requirement for the activity especially materials for construction and their availability.
o Ensure materials and equipments availability for the execution of day to
day activities.
o Supervise piping and mechanical crew on day to day basis.
o Report daily accomplishments to the responsible engineer.
o Perform material laydown inventory and inform mechanical engineers for the material availability and quality.

Mechanical Foreman (Mechanical and Civil Works)
Saudi Archirodon (SARCO)
Construction of transfer line in Shoaiba Gas Plant
Shoiaba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(January 2005 – March 2007)
Technip Yansab Project – Erection of Interconnecting Pipes and Piperack
Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(March 2007 – August 2008)

• Responsible in overseeing site execution of mechanical activities such as pipes, equipment, pumps, compressors and valves installation as well as civil activities inline with mechanical activities such as backfilling and grouting. Detailed activities overseen are as follows:

o Coordinate with the general foreman any equipment requirement for the activities
o Perform material and equipment inventory for the materials for construction.
o Prepares material and equipment requirements for excavation, piping and
backfilling activities.
o Execute construction activities as per given plan.
o Supervise formworks activities.
o Attends to inspections conducted by Technip and Yansab Quality Control.
o Supervise sub-contractor employees working in grouting and backfilling
o Do accomplishment reports to the engineers in charge with the project.

Mechanical Maintenance Leadman
Macro – Development and Maintenance Services
Maynilad Water Services Corporation, Maintenance Subcontractor
Metro Manila, Philippines
(November 1999 – November 2004)

• Leadman for maintenance division for Maynilad and oversees following activities:

o Arrange materials during maintenance of valves and piping segments.
o Oversees manpower that executes the activities.
o Coordinate with the foreman and engineer any requirement on-site.
o Provides site accomplishment report done on daily basis during


Knowledgeable in mechanical and civil piping and other works related to mechanical
activities such as welding, excavation and trenching, formworks, grouting and

Able to operate construction equipments such as baby loader, backhoe excavator, and

Knowledgeable in plan reading and its site execution.

Able to understand standards and implement them on-site.

Have basic understanding in civil formworks and scaffolding.

Good communication skills.

Can personally adapt in any working environment with positive attitude; work even with
minimum supervision; easily build rapport with members in team projects

Mentally, socially, and physically disciplined.


Construction Safety Training Involving Deep Excavation and Overhead Activities
Work Orientation SARCO, Technip-Yansab Project
January 2005

Construction Workflow and QC Hold Points for Supervisors & Foreman
Royal Commission QA/QC Awareness on Hold Points in Construction
September 2008