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To work in a technology oriented company that is committed to serve their customers and foster the career growth opportunities of their employees by giving them an active part in project  and decision making process. And to continued career in the field of telecommunications and to fully utilize my knowledge and experiences towards more challenging opportunities.





HOUSSAM CONTRACTING COMPANY (European Air Defense and Security)

P.O. Box 9915 Riyadh 11423 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jan. 21, 2015 – Present (1 Year & 6 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Establish Preventive and Corrective teams that will take care of the Eastern region, daily site activities.

·         In-charge on the replacement of parts needed for the regular site maintenance of Military Communications.

·         Weekly status and monthly assessment on site equipment conditions including site breakdown and faults originating from generator, HVAC, MW and TETRA.

·         Summarize cause of alarm and recommend solutions for a stable and normal operation of sites.




2208 Antel Global Corporate Center Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig

Nov. 06, 2013- Jan. 10, 2015 (1 year &  2months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Site Survey for Huawei LTE Project.

·         Coordinate with the customer if site is ready for installation including site documents and materials.

·         Attend to sites with Implementation issues such as space constraint and additional civil works.

·         Power allocation and transmission allocation.

·         Lead the Implementation team for Installation of LTE FDD/FDD equipment BBU, DCDU, Combiner Antenna outdoor and indoor In-building Solutions.




11TH Floor. Rufino Tower Bldg. Ayala Ave. Makati city

August 08, 2011-December 31, 2012 (1 year & 4 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Management of Ericsson 3G Roll out Project for entire Region 2 & 3 North Luzon, including 2G IBS Pico cell FTK Roll-out Project.

·         Management of Samsung WIMAX and LTE Roll-out Project for entire Region 2 & 3 North Luzon.

·         Management of Huawei North Luzon Roll-out project, materials and equipment allocation.

·         Management of North Luzon Twin Tower Project transfer activity of RF/ Transmission and Broadband Wireless Access.

·         Conduct regular project inspection of on-going projects and check major milestone.

·         Check contractors billing and accomplishment report prior to submission of invoice.

·         Prepare/submit weekly reports and up-date on daily basis the Network Program Management database.

·         Conduct regular meeting with contractors to settle issues on sites which affect schedule as well as KPI’s.

·         Conduct PAT and ensure all documents for proper turn over.




No. 8003Sta Maria Drive, Sta. Maria Industrial Estate Tanyag Taguig City

May 04, 2011-July 15, 2011 (2months)


Duties and responsibilities (Belltel/ Ericsson Project)

·         Involved in selection of GSM sites, RF survey by determining coverage area subscriber capacity and obstructions.

·         Determine microwave link path thru LOS visual inspection and by the use of Path LOS and Map info.  Software   tool.

·         Determining microwave link   capacity   and   RF planning by cluster Generate TSSR report for Ericsson.

·         Prepares as-built and path loss survey documentation for existing and upcoming sites.



Nov. 10, 2010- March 20, 2011

Duties and responsibilities (1 year & 4 months)


·         In charged in the installation team installing Samsung WI-MAX equipment indoor /outdoor.

·         Supervise and lead Installation of feeder cable, antenna fiber optic cable.

·         Power cable for radio receiver head. IF cable for GPS antenna.

·         Installation of dc to dc power unit and FE transmission link.

·         Coordinate with the customer if site is ready for installation including site documents and materials.




P.O. BOX 365450 RIYADH 11393 KSA

May. 03, 2009- Sept. 18, 2010 (1 year & 4 months)


Duties and responsibilities (NSN/ Zain Project)


·         Commissioning and integration of 2G BT’s element Ultra site BTS EDGE.

·         Maintenance of Nokia 2G Ultra site EDGE BTS, Nokia 2G Ultra site BTS Mini Outdoor.

·         Maintenance of Nokia 3G and Nokia Flexi hopper Microwave link.

·         Maintenance of Eltek flat pack rectifier.

·         Responsible for the clearing of the alarms reported by the NOC such as link trouble and fault from the 2G, 3G BTS and rectifier.

·         Responsible for the normal operation of sites on the assigned area.


Duties and responsibilities




Vallero St Makati City Philippines

June 23, 2008 – Dec 15, 2008 (6 months)


Duties and responsibilities (SUNCELLAR/HUAWEI PROJECT)

·         Management of project by establishing the project team and implementing telecom projects in Huawei Microwave Installation.

·         Manage Track and Propose solution for the project related issues.

·         Attend project meeting, being the main interface between customer and project team on all project related issues.

·         Monitor and report project progress status to Country Manager, Monitor Workmanship Quality.

·         Monitor Work Completion for Invoicing Purposes, Secure all Attachment required for billing.

·         Developing and maintaining healthy relationships both from the Customer and from the Team UCE with principles.



Free Asia Corp.(Nokia Sub-Contractor)

22nd floor. City land 10 Tower 2 6817 H.V. De la Costa St. Makati City Philippines

Feb. 20, 2002- March 28, 2008 (6 years & 1 month)


Duties and responsibilities


(Siemens PLDT Transmission Project)

·         Upgrade and cut over of Siemens ONU 600 FTTC to MSAN Fast-link, DSLAM.

·         Expand all mechanical parts of old ONU and upgrade to MSAN to accommodate space for the new MDF frame and Surpass Hix 5625 module.

·         Replace SMX module and upgrade with Surpass Hix 5625 for 144/288 DSL subscriber lines.

·         Replace UMX transmission link radio and upgrade to Surpass Hit 7030 with STM-4 capacity.

·         Replace all fiber optic transmission cable links, PDU, Install new MDF frame and block for Narrow band and Broad band, Transfer all Narrow band and Broad band lines to a new MDF block.


(Nokia Smart Project)

·         Coordinates the implementation of the approved Mobile Networks BSS projects in the assigned areas, monitors and reviews the implementation with respect to the project milestones.

·         Conducts in documentation controls for (technical) BTS, installation of cabinets, SAT sites with customer, sub-contractors for project areas with technical site issues and with RF Net plan Engineers.

·         Conducts in site coordination with customers, subcontractors in project site areas with technical site survey, support for road test / walk-in test using Net Monitor test phone and vehicle with Nokia RF Net plan Engineers for proposed projects.

·         Coordinates with PMI, QA Acceptance, RNOC and customers/subcontractors regarding the availability of sites and working permits and technical support respectively for efficient GSM Projects.



Selancom – Latin America(Nokia Sub-Contractor)

Avenida Dos Patos 115,Aldeia da Serra, Barueri,Sau Paolo Brazil

July 09 to October 12, 2001 (3 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Prepare material list and site folder for BSC, TCSM Installation.

·         Assist Manager in coordinating materials flow from warehouse to sites.

·         Coordinates the implementation of Mobile Networks BSS projects.

·         Supervise installation of Nokia DX-200 BSC, TCSM /DX-200.

·         Nokia DX-200 TCSM Commissioning, Site Quality inspection/Site Audit.



Add-force Personnel Services Inc.(Nokia Sub-Contractor)

4th floor, Pilar Bldg. 148 Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village Makati City 1229, Philippines

Feb.01 2000- June 30, 2001 (1 year & 4 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Generate plans for BTS, BSC, and TCSM installation.

·         Conducts and supervise in site acceptance, inspection and coordination on various sub-contractors in project site acquisition of areas with TSS, engineering planning & support. Coordinates with civil works, logistics personnel, customer and subcontractor regarding the availability of equipment, site access/working permits and availability of work force respectively for efficient GSM Implementation Projects.

·         Prepares site materials requisition and site documentations. Pre-Site acceptance on BSC co-location sites.

·         Supervise in BSC and TCSM installation, site acceptance, inspection and coordination on various sub-contractors in project site acquisition of areas with survey planning & site visitation.



NOKIA PHILIPPINES (External Employee)

20th floor. Philam life bldg. 8767 Paseo de Roxas Makati City Philippines

January 26, 1999 to January 31, 2000 (1 year)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Providing BSS/BTS commissioning and integration, parameters, upgrading, detailed plans, design & reports for GSM, Towers and Path LOS surveys to Smart Telecom projects.

·         Conducts BTS, Power and RF feeders commissioning using, Wiltron/ Antritsu Site master, and HP Frequency Counter and Rhode &Schwarz/Bird Power meter.

·         Conducts and supervise in site acceptance, inspection and coordination on various sub-contractors in project site acquisition of areas with survey, engineering planning & Technical support for road survey test / walk-in test, antenna propagation testing on urban/rural area.

·         Supervise installation of NOKIA Flexi and Metro Hopper radios, micro cell and Pico cellular repeater antennas such as (LGP, ALLGON & SUHNER) GSM panel antenna (Nokia, and Kathrein). Inclusive with In-site, Metro site, DE_34 Talk Family and Ultra site-EDGE NOKIA BTS equipment.



Nour Trading Co. Ltd. (Lucent Sub-Contractor)

P.O Box 3863 Riyadh 11481 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nov. 09, 1996-Nov.25, 1998 (2 years)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Site Survey and Site Investigation for the Microwave radio Link and Connectivity.

·         Conduct LOS (Line of Sight) for the Microwave link and Connectivity.

·         Fill up reports and Path Profile Documents by using Path Loss.

·         Supervised GSM Outdoor Installations/Conduct Microwave link commissioning and pre-pat.

·         Providing detailed plans, design & reports for GSM, Towers, and LOS surveys to Lucent Tech, (AT&T) & MOPTT on Regional Planning Network – TEP6 project.



Expercs International (Globe Telecom Sub-Contractor)

669 United Nations Ave. Ermita Manila Philippines

Sept.  15, 1995-Nov.05, 1996 (1 year & 2 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Providing technical support for Antenna propagation test in proposed cell site selection with GSM Transmission, Networking teams.

·         Installation of indoor/outdoor cable, ladders for GSM, MW, Simplex external alarms.

·         Installation of Benning L-400  Rectifier, Battery banks, Nokia GSM BTS DE-21 Cabinets, commissioning Integration, upgrading,



Electro Systems Inc.

280 Enzo Bldg. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City

Jan. 28, 1993- May. 31, 1995 (2 years & 4 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Involved in leading a group of technicians on roughing in wiring of building auxiliaries and installation such as fire alarm systems CCTV   cameras  monitors, bank alarm systems such as vibration detectors and security systems for banks and offices ,Building Monitoring Systems for high rise buildings.



Filipinas Multi-line Inc.

678  Calderon bldg. Edsa Quezon City

Feb. 08, 1991-Oct. 24 1992 (1 Year & 4 months)


Duties and responsibilities

·         Involved roughing in wiring of building auxiliaries and installation such as fire alarm systems CCTV cameras, monitors, MATV  systems, CATV and entry phone and paging systems for high rise bldg. offices buildings and condominiums.




1. SYSTRA (System Training for GSM/DCS course) March 16-19, 1999

Contents of the course /Introduction to GSM/Traffic Management/Signaling/Network

Planning/Nokia Implementation/Intelligent Network

2. ANDREW INSTITUTE (Connector Attachment Training) March 23, 1999

3. HUAWEI SMART GSM FTK Project (RNP Site Survey Training) Jan 10-11, 2011

4. HUAWEI SMART GSM FTK Project (TNP Site Survey Training) Jan 12-13, 2011

5. HUAWEI GLOBE PROJECT (FDD LTE Training) June 8, 2014

6. HUAWEI SMART PROJECT (TDD LTE Training) Oct. 20, 2014


1984-1990 Technological Institute  of the Philippines (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering)

1980-1984  Jose P. Laurel Sr. High School (Secondary High School)
1974-1980 Pura V. Kalaw Elementary School (Primary/ Grade School)




Computer literate and its known Windows application with some software embedded programs. Overview knowledge of GSM technology and its application, Project Management and Consultant, Electrical designs and Electronics hardware with valid International Driving License and Philippines driving license.





September 1995-Present Telecom Implementation,Management and Consultancy. at Technological Institute of the Phlippines