Eduardo A. Lagumbay Security Lead Specialist, Sr. Fire Officer

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RESUME OF EDUARDO A. LAGUMBAY Address: 1217 PC Hills, Apas, Cebu City 6000, Philippines Contact No: (House) 63-32-417-2440; Mobile: 63-917-507-7910 Email: [email protected] OBJECTIVE: To work in a position utilizing the knowledge in Security, Fire Service, Military, Police, Management, Human Resource and Administrative Works, Translator or any Applicable Position WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. NATIONAL TRANSMISSION CORPORATION, Presently NATIONAL GRID CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES District 2, Visayas Power Center, Talamban, Cebu City 6000, Philippines, April 2008 – May 2015 District 1, Milagro Complex, Ormoc City, Philippines, May 2015 – August 2016 District 2, Visayas Power Center, Talamban, Cebu City 6000, Philippines, August 2016-17 April 2018 Principal Security Specialist-District Security Officer: Duties and Responsibilities: – Implements security directives to all personnel for the protection of corporate assets, – Ensures the implementation of security procedures for the company and contractor’s personnel access control, vehicle control and materials protection and control, – Assists in the development or formulation of security policies, strategies, plans, standards and guidelines, – Conduct information drive activities on Anti-Pilferage Law (Republic Act No. 7832) at communities traversed by transmission lines, – Conducts continuous monitoring of security related incident and prepares appropriate communications for timely dissemination to the top management, – Conducts investigations on security-related incidents within the company and gathers supporting information to identify the suspects, – Supervises and oversee the contracted security guards of the company and ensures that provisions in the contract and policies are strictly followed, – Oversee and monitor the security implementation at the project site by the Contractor, – Coordinates with law enforcement authorities for the security and protection of the corporate enclosed and off-site facilities’ – Coordinate with the head of technical facilities and installations on security matters, – Attend and represents the Security Division Head on conferences on security-related matters. 2. BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION a) Regional Director/Regional Fire Marshal, April 2003 to October 2005 BFP Caraga/Region 13, Surigao City 8400, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Serves as Fire Chief for the Region, – Develops and directs an overall set of goals and objectives for a total Public Fire Safety, – Ensures the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for recruitment and Maintaining volunteer personnel, – Develops policies and procedures for the administration of overall Fire Prevention Program, Disseminate and monitor the implementation of directives from the higher headquarters, – Conduct of visits and inspections to offices, stations and determine morale and welfare of Personnel in the field and respond to needed requirements for the service, – Serves as a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Council and other Public Safety groups, – Provide direction on the processing, selection, hiring, orientation, training and development of Personnel, – Directs the investigation of administrative complaints against the personnel approves and provide sanctions or penalties thereof, – Direct the investigation of all fire incidents in the region and direct the filing of appropriate cases in court when evidence warrants, – Approve, sign vouchers and checks for payment of salaries, allowances, obligations and other Payables, – Certify travel and administrative documents for officers and personnel in the region,
– Review and approve proposal for procurement of office supplies, materials, construction and repair of buildings, facilities, repair of vehicles and fire trucks, – Review and sign contracts with the winning bidders prior to implementation of the projects, – Ensures the maintenance of appropriate reports and records as required by the local executives and head office. b) Regional Fire Marshal May 2002 to April 2003 BFP Region 7, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Similar duties with the Regional Director of BFP Caraga/Region 13. c) Chief Human Resource Development Division, Jan 1999 to May 2002 BFP National Headquarters, Quezon City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Advises the Bureau Chief and Director for Personnel on all matters pertaining to human resource development, personnel morale and welfare, health care, insurance, survivorship, disability, retirement and separation benefits, – Formulate and recommend training programs and directives necessary to attain professionalism from among the uniformed and non-uniformed personnel, – Determine training requirements and allocate training slots for foreign and local service schools and other institutions as authorized under existing regulations, – Formulate/recommend plans and policies and directions for the conduct, supervision, administration and monitoring of in-service trainings, – Recommend budget proposals for education, training and related development and act as Program Director for funds thereof, – Supervise, monitor and evaluate the activities of Benefits Assistance Unit especially in the processing of personnel benefit claims nationwide and maintenance of records of retired personnel, – Prepare, review and evaluate the scholarship program in coordination with other division’s offices, – Consolidate reports from lower units of any meritorious act of personnel and prepares letters, correspondence for review and signature of the Chief Bureau or Department Secretary for the subsequent awards and recognition to deserving personnel. d) Chairman, Prequalification, Negotiation, Bids and Awards Committee, April 2000 to May 2002 BFP National Headquarters, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Lead in a special committee formed by Bureau Chief for the purpose of receiving approved Programs/ projects from the different divisions/offices through the Director for Logistics, such as: procurement and purchase of office supplies/materials, construction/repair of buildings and facilities, repair of vehicles and fire trucks and essential fire protective suits, accessories, Equipment/gadgets for bidding to private contractor, – Cause the publication and invitation of contractors, manufacturers, dealers for public biddings in accordance with regulations and preside over the committee meetings with the qualified contractors/bidders, – Open and evaluate bid tenders and determine eligibility of prospective bidders, – Prepare resolutions in recommending for the award of contract to the Bureau Chief, – Drafts contract/agreement for review of the legal service prior to the actual signing of the Bureau Chief and contractors/winning bidders prior to the implementation of the project, – Maintain records of projects/transactions and contracts for files and future undertakings. e) Provincial Fire Marshal, Aug 1997 to Jan 1999 Cebu Provincial Fire Marshal Office, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Plans, directs, supervise and monitor the implementation of programs, policies regarding fire safety at the city and municipal fire stations, – Takes over-all command of the day-to-day running the Office of Provincial Fire Marshal, – Monitors performance through effective management and development of performance indicators to align the department with internationally recognized best practices,
– Supervise and monitor the implementation of the Fire Prevention Code of the Philippines, – Recommend to the Regional Director the assignment and designation of personnel at city and municipal level. f) City Fire Marshal / Acting Deputy City Fire Marshal, March 1992 to August 1997 Cebu City Fire Station, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Manages the city fire department as well as coordination with other government and private institutions in order to deliver the fire safety program, – Respond to fire alarms and take overall control of the firefighting operations, – Responsible for the implementation of national and city fire code, procedures and standing instructions, – Provide program for 24-hour emergency, – Ensures the implementation of preventive maintenance of vehicles and fire trucks, – Assign and designate personnel at administrative and operation branches, – Directs the investigation of complaints against personnel, – Directs the investigation of fire incidents, review and cause the endorsement of criminal/arson complaints against suspected arsonists to the prosecutor’s office, – Ensures the maintenance of appropriate reports and records for the fire department. g) Chief Inspectorate and Fire Investigation Section, July 1991 to Nov 1994 Cebu City Fire Station, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Advise the City Fire Marshal regarding personnel discipline, behavior, attitude and working relationships in the fire department, – Conducts administrative investigation/inquiry regarding complaint against personnel in the department and recommend administrative penalties or sanctions, – Develop and formulate policies for evaluation/approval of head of office for personnel guidelines, – Invite/summon complainants and respondents, hear both sides’ reasons, mediate, provide advice and determine resolution of the conflict, – Respond to fire alarms, conduct investigation and determine cause and origin of fires, – Collect evidences and submit for crime laboratory tests, – Prepare reports/statistics of fire incidents for reference and recording, – Take sworn statements of witnesses and gather evidences to secure warrant of arrests against arsonists/criminals, – Filing of appropriate arson cases in court, and appear in hearings to testify as government witness. h) Chief Regional Engineer May 1990 to June 1991 Philippine Constabulary/Integrated National Police Region 7, Camp Sergio Osmena Sr, Cebu City 6000, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Advises the Regional Commander/Police Director regarding the maintenance and status of camp facilities, construction and repair of military/police buildings and offices region wide, – Directs and supervises group of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, aircon technicians, painters, labors, etc. for repair/development of camp facilities and conduct of inspections of the on-going building constructions, – Coordinates with engineers/architects for the planning preparations of the proposed constructions of military/police buildings and recommend budgetary requirements for approval at the higher authorities, – Review, interpret building plans and specifications, and discuss with contractors for accurate implementation of the project, – Indorses recommendation on any major changes of plans and specifications to the Commander/Director for his approval and subsequent implementation, – Maintenance of building plans, records of all finished and on-going projects, – Serves as member/technical adviser in a special committee in the bidding and awards of engineering projects, – Cause the preparation of contracts for review of the legal service prior to signing between the Director and Contractor/Winning bidder for implementation of the projects.
3. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES, 16 May 1975 to 07 May 1988 Service Branch: Philippine Constabulary a) Officer In-Charge of Construction, Sept 1987 to May 1988 Office Regional Engineer, Camp Sergio Osmena Sr, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Advises the Regional Engineer on the status of the implementation of the repair and on-going building / structure constructions, – Discuss/coordinate with the Contractor and his Project Engineer for clarification / examination of building plans, drawings, specifications and site layouts prior to implementation of the project, – Conduct inspection of the project at the site, steel framework, concrete forms, concrete or pre-stressed concrete to ensure quality standards and to determine its compliance in accordance with plans and specifications and building codes, materials used and recommend changes of plans to the Chief Regional Engineer when necessary, – Inspect and test electrical/lighting and plumbing installations to ensure compliance with city, municipal and national regulations, – Prepare and submit accomplishment report of the projects and recommend its partial and final payments. b) Assistant Training & Supply Officer July 1981 to June 1983 7th Constabulary Regional Training Center, Cebu City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Assists the training officer in the preparation of training schedules, conduct of soldier’s field training exercises, physical exercises, practice of drill and ceremonies/troop formation, shooting/marksmanship training, assembly and disassembly of firearms, conduct of lectures/classroom instructions for the soldiers, etc, – Assists the training officer in the preparation of reports, reply to letters and correspondence, communication with higher headquarters or other agencies, – Provide safekeeping and maintenance of all firearms, ammunitions in the armory, – Safekeeping of military logistical office supplies and materials in the warehouse/storeroom and records of inventory, – Issue firearms, ammunitions, logistical supplies to the recruits and trainees for use during the training and practical exercises, – Perform other duties as required by the Training Director. c) Administrative Clerk & Statistics NCO, Feb1981 to June 1981 Assistant Plans & Operations NCO, Sep 1980 to Feb 1981 Organization, Training & Inspection NCO, Feb 1980 to Sep 1980 Operations, Plans & Training Division, Camp Delgado, Iloilo City, Philippines Duties and Responsibilities: – Provide assistance to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans & Training Division and his Deputy/Staffs regarding the drafting of designation/assignment of office personnel and other administrative/clerical jobs, – Consolidate and collect reports from field units/stations regarding crime offenses, volumes, combat operations, casualty reports, etc. and provide chart/data for reference and visual aid, – Receive messages/communications and draft reply messages and correspondence for the higher – command and lower field units, – Assist in the drafting of operation plans, contingency plans, and organization/reorganization guidelines for the creation of new operational units, – Provide assistance in the conduct of visit and inspection of different field units of the command and listings of needed requirement for the information of the Chief of Office, – Assists in the conduct of visit and inspection at different schools and universities of their Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets and consolidation of reports for future mobilization, – Assists in the preparation of consolidated reports for the higher headquarters and dissemination of command journal for the different divisions/staffs/offices. – Utilizing the use of base/handheld radios, telephones, fax/photocopying machines, projectors, cameras, etc; – Provide honor escort/security functions to visiting dignitaries, VIPs, etc; – Perform other jobs as required by the Chief of Office.
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Post Graduate: Master in Management, 1995 – 1996 Philippine Christian University, Manila City, Philippines College: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1973-1984 University of the Visayas, Cebu City, Philippine (Mechanical Engineer Board Passer: 1985 / No. 31385) Secondary: High School Graduate, 1969 – 1973 University of Southern Philippines, Cebu City, Philippines OTHER INSTITUTION / TRAININGS ATTENDED: 1. Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Seminar, 10-12 February 2014 Law Enforcement & Security Integration Office, Dolcelatte Café, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City 2. Basic Life Support/CPR with AED, 24 October 2011 Agbay Life Savers Circle Training Services @ Talamban, Cebu City, Philippines 3. VIP Security Skills Enhancement, 14-18 December 2009 Camp Tomas Karingal, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 4. Philippine Industrial Security Program, 29 June-04 July 2009 Philippine Society for Industrial Security, Inc., PADPAO Region 7 Training Academy, Cebu City 5. Emergency First Response Training, 14, 21, 28 Oct & 4 Nov 2007 Agbay Lifesavers Circle Training Services @ Cebu City, Philippines 6. International Structural Fire Fighting Course in Developing Countries, 16 – 28 Sept 2002 Fire and Rescue Academy, Selangor, Malaysia 7. Seminar on Fire Ground Investigation and Legal Procedures in Filing Arson, 26-30 Apr 1999 Cases, Inter-Agency Anti-Arson Task Force, Department of the Interior & Local Government, Quezon City, Philippines 8. Public Safety Officer Senior Executive Course, 22 March 1995 – 22 Nov 1995 Philippine Public Safety College, Makati City, Philippines, 9. Public Safety Officers Advance Course, 05 July 1994 – 14 Oct 1994 Philippine National Police College, Makati City, Philippines 10. Post Blast and Arson Investigation Course, 28 Nov 1989 – 15 Dec 1989 Louisiana State Police Training Academy, Louisiana, USA 11. Integrated National Police Officer Basic Course, 01 Sep 1988 – 15 Dec 1988 Philippine National Police Academy, Laguna, Philippines 12. Counter Terrorism and Hostage Situation Management Seminar, 15 December 1988 Philippine National Police Academy, Camp Vicente Lim, Calamba City, Philippines 13. Narcotics Investigation Course, 06 Oct 1980 – 15 Jan 1981 Constabulary Anti-Narcotics Unit, Taguig City, Philippines 14. Armed Forces of the Philippines Officers Candidate Course, 25 Sept 1978 – 18 Dec 1979 Armed Forces of the Philippines Officers Candidate School, CampTinio, Cabanatuan City, Philippines 15. Scout Ranger Orientation Course, 23 Oct 1979 – 28 Nov 1979 Philippine Army Scout Ranger School, Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Philippines 16. Philippine Constabulary Basic Recruit Training Course, 16 May – 29 August 1975 III Philippine Constabulary Zone Training Center, Cebu City, Philippines 17. Plumbing and Welding Course, 22 April – 21 May 1974 Camp Lapulapu / Abellana National Vocational School Osmena Blvd, Cebu City 6000, Philippines PERSONAL DATA: Date of Birth: 18 October 1956 Place of Birth: Cebu City, Philippines Sex: Male Civil Status: Married Citizenship: Filipino Height: 5′ 7″ Weight: 170 lbs Complexion: Brown Color of Eye: Brown Color of Hair: Black/Gray Language Spoken: English, Tagalog, Cebuano Spouse Name: Mrs. Corazon V. Lagumbay Home Address: 1217 PC Hills, Apas, Cebu City 6000, Philippines Nr of Children: 5 Philippine Passport: EC5779694 Expiry Date: 22 October 2020 END


March 1995-January 1996 Master in Management at Philippine Christian University

Graduated in Masters in Management

June 1973 - March 1984 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at University of the Visayas

Graduated in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

March 1995 - November 1995 Certificate in Public Safety Officers Senior Executive Course at Philippine Public Safety College


April 2008 - April 2018 Security Lead Specialist-District Security Officer at Transco/National Grid Corporation of the Philippines

Retired early with 10 years of service.

May 1988 - March 2006 Regional Director/Regional Fire Marshal at Bureau of Fire Protection

Early retire from the government service as Fire Colonel.

May 1975 - May 1988 Sergeant-various designation at Armed Forces of the Philippines-Philippine Constabulary

Lateral entry to the Fire Service as Fire Lieutenant.