Efren Basamot Mechanical Engineer


Company : Consolidated Contractors Company
Doha, Qatar
Position : Section Engineer – HVAC/ Sr. Mechanical Engineer – Special System
Duration : July 2009 to till date
Job Description:
Has overall responsibility for attaining efficiency in site management/ supervision and engineering
for installation/ construction of HVAC System, Plumbing and Fire Protection.
 Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design
and standards, budget and schedules.
 Direct supervision of sub-contractors activities to ensure that all works comply with the plans,
specifications and other contract documents and assures that workmanship is in accordance
with sound and accepted construction standards.
 Ensure that detail design methods, standard and data used conforms to specification
 Coordinate all drawings to suit architectural, structural and electrical requirements.
 Carry out design works of a units as required in accordance with agreed project schedule.
 Review all design drawings, method statements, material approvals and inspection and test
plans to meet the company’s quality standards.
 Material take-off and preparation of Bill of Quantity.
 Prepares project work schedule.
 Engineering works and supervision for installation of HVAC System.
Projects handled:
1. Musheireb Downtown Doha (MDP-1B)
Musheireb City State of Qatar
02ND June 2017 Till Date
2. Sidra Medical and Research Center
Education City State of Qatar
02nd April 2016 to 01st June 2017
3. Lusail Multipurpose Sports Hall Project (LMH)
Lusail City State of Qatar
18th January 2014 to 01st April 2016
4. New Doha International Airport/ Hammad International Airport
(Overseas Bechtel Incorporated)
NDAB Project, Doha City, Qatar
April 2011 to 17th January 2014
5. Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project
(Qatar Petroleum )
Ras Laffan Industrial Citty, Qatar
16 July 2009 to 03 April 2011
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 Planning and Scheduling (2756-PM250) held in Qatar on November 04 & 05 presented by Dr.
Manar Shani, PMP.
 Piping Control using Talisman (PMT130) held in Doha, Qatar on June 28, 2010 by Project
Management Institute.
Company : Ibrahim Asmael General Contracting
Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Position : Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Duration : December 2002 to July 2009
Job Description:
Has overall responsibility for attaining efficiency in site management/ supervision and engineering
for installation/ construction of HVAC System, Plumbing and Fire Protection.
 Supervise total construction effort to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design,
budget and schedule.
 Plans, coordinates and supervise on-site function (scheduling, engineering, material control and
on-site administration staff).
 Monitor progress, ensuring that work quality and techniques are at a high standard.
 Supervise and coordinates the activities of sub-contractor’s constructions.
 Resolves problems and difficulties encountered or elevates it to the appropriate supervisory
 Studies the scope and type of system, reads and understands engineering standards,
specifications, drawings and bill of quantity.
 Carries out Heat Load Calculation, Air Duct sizing and design, HVAC Pipe sizing and design and
selection of HVAC Equipment.
 Material take-off and preparation of Bill of Quantity.
 Prepares project work schedule.
 Engineering works and supervision for installation of HVAC System.
 Assures that every activity as well as materials and equipment are conforming to International
Code and Standards.
 Controls manpower, man hour, machines and materials at site.
 Attends site meeting in coordination and consultation with the project manager and record the
 Assists the project manager in evaluating the employee’s performances.
 Prepares and submits reports on “ stage completion”/ “work process” to the project manager.
 Gives feed back to the project manager in case there is any change or deviation from the
contract scope or shop drawings.
 Accumulates all the data/ documents related to the changes in work carried out at the site and
submit the same to the project manager for reflecting them on the “as-built drawings”
Projects handled:
1. North Park Office Complex (Aramco Project)
Saudi Aramco, Dharan, KSA
March 2009 – July 2009
2. New Helicopter Maintenance Hangar Facilities (Aramco Project)
Ras Tanura and Tanajib, K.S.A.
August 2008 – March 2009
3. Kursaniyah Gas Plant/ Producing Facilities, KGP/KPF (Aramco Project)
Kursaniyah, K.S.A..
September 2006 – August 2008
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4. Hawiyah (NGL) Recovery Plant (Aramco Project)
Hawiyah, K.S.A
July 2006 – September 2006
5. Al Majdouie Head Quarters and Hyundai Complex
Dammam, K.S.A
July 2005 – July 2006
6. Al Mutlaq Commercial Complex
Al-Khobar, KSA
June 2005 – May 2006
7. New Chemical Storage Facility (Aramco Project)
Rast Tanura, K.S.A.
January 2005 – July 2005
8. Berri Gas Plant (Aramco Project)
Jubail, K.S.A.
June 2004 – April 2005
9. Laboratory, Research and Development Center, Phase-II (Aramco Project)
Dharan, K.S.A.
May 2003 – June 2004
Company : Fedders-Koppel Incorporated
Paranaque City, Philippines
Position : Mechanical Engineer – QA/ QC
Duration : December 1997 – October 2002
Job Description:
Has overall responsibility for attaining efficiency in quality assurance activities, namely:
 Receiving Inspection:
Supervise the receiving inspection of all incoming products/ raw materials and subcontracted
materials for HVAC system and equipment coming from local and foreign suppliers/
manufacturers to ensures that these products/ materials and equipment are checked
according to standards and specifications prior to production.
 In-process Inspection:
Supervise the in-process and floor inspection of different production line such as Parts
Fabrication, Painting/ Panel Coating, Refrigeration Coil & Piping Assembly and Sub & Final
Assembly in order to ensure that in-process activities are conforming to standards and
 Outgoing Inspection/ End of Line Audit:
Supervise the End of Line Audit of final assembly section to ensure that finished products are not
dispatched until all necessary inspection and test have been conducted and that results
conform with specification.
 Controls of non-conforming products/ materials and finished products to ensure that those
which do not conform with specifications are prevented from unintended use or installation.
 Controls of inspection, measuring and test equipment procedures, plans, monitors and
schedules tools and equipment for calibration both in-house and calibration at an accredited
 Analyzes and evaluates non-conforming products/ materials fron different inspection area for
proper disposition and recommends immediate corrective and preventive action.
 Conducts internal quality auditing regularly in all business processes.
 Supervision of HVAC parts and product testing related to quality improvement resulting to the
reduction of cost of quality.
 Reviews of contract documents, specifications/ standards and drawings.
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 Internal Quality Auditing:
Conducts periodic internal quality audit to verify weather the quality activities comply with the
set procedures and weather these procedures are implemented effectively and are suitable to
achieve the objectives set. Reporting periodically to the Quality Management Representative.
 Implementation of ISO 9000:2000 Quality System Standard utilizing the twenty (20) standard
 Developed and implemented the quality assurance procedures and system for the company.
 Was able to reduce the rejection rate in receiving inspection section from 2.7% to 1.1%, inprocess inspection section from 4% to 1.7%, end-of-line audit section from 2.5% to 0.75%. This was
achieved by forming and leading SGA program and quality control circle in order to establish
standards to be followed.
Company : ABB-Koppel Incorporated
Paranaque City, Philippines
Position : QC Inspector – Mechanical
Duration : October 1992 –December 1997
Job Description:
Has overall responsibility for attaining efficiency in quality assurance/ quality control inspection
activities to ensure that all inspection are conforming to standards and specifications.
Field QC Mechanical Inspector:
 Reviews contract/ project specification, equipment, schedule plans and submittals.
 Receiving inspection of material and equipment deliveries, if complies from approved suppliers,
specifications, and standards.
 Reads and familiarize with the approved quality control procedure and inspection test plan.
 Inspects work as per RFI submitted by the Sub-contractor.
 Issues Non-conformance report for violation and submit to the QA/ QC supervisor or
 Identifies defective works and prepare reports indicating the violation.
 Ensure corrective actions are performed as per the requirement of approved recommendations.
 Ensures that all works are inspected as per the requirements of approved quality plan inspection
and test.
 Conducts daily site inspections and prepares daily inspection reports.
In-plant QC Inspector:
 Supervises, conducts receiving inspection, in-process inspection and end-of-line audit or out
going inspection in compliance with Mechanical Verification Checklist and generates necessary
punch list to uphold materials quality and work standards.
 Performs the inspection and testing activities based on Quality Control Procedure and records
results of inspection and Tests on the inspection checklist and transmit to the QA/ QC Engineer
for incorporation in Daily Quality Control Report.
 Coordinates external and internal suppliers in order to maintain conformity of products/
materials against product specifications and standards.
 Evaluates and prepares reports to non-conforming products/ materials.
 Ensures that the product/ equipment is calibrated/ marked/ labeled and that the data there
are recorded as described with the approved Quality Control Plan.
 Implements the approved Quality Control Program as directed by the QA/ QC Manager.
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Company : ABB-Koppel Incorporated
Paranaque City, Philippines
Position : Production Foreman
Duration : October 1987 – October 1992
Job Description::
 Under supervision of the Department Head, sees to it that production schedule are according to
scheduled manpower, man hours, materials, machines, methods, and proper working condition.
 Ensures that the given work schedule will be attained based to the given completion time.
 Gives instructions and assignments to production linemen and assist them from their daily
 Trains and motivates personnel for good and better work efficiency.
 Coordinates with Quality Control inspectors, manufacturing and engineering staff for
maintaining the quality standards as well as improving and development of manufacturing
 Reads and interprets technical plans and drawings as well as proper usage of related tools and
 Prepares daily production reports such as production output and other related reports and