Elenito Ramoso warehouseman

Computer LiterateForklift driverwarehouseman
  • ·         17 Years work experience in logistics warehousing

    ·         Knows in computer with Microsoft office 2007(word & excel)

    ·         Knows SAP system (LS24,MD04,MM60,QM13,QM02,QM11,Mmbe,Me23n, mm02, LT01, LT02,LT23,MIGO,MB90, MB1A,MB1B, MB51, VLO2N, VLO3N,VLO9N etc…)

    ·         Attending Seminar Safety rules

    ·         Knows in 5’s

    ·         Monitoring of fast moving materials

    ·         Attending fire safety awareness program

    ·         Can work without much supervision

    ·         Attending chemical handling seminar and spill drill.

    ·         Attending seminar of forklift

    ·         Attending Grab lift operation and training program

    ·         Knows operate forklift (3 tons ,7 tons, Grab lift, Aisle Master, Stacker Pallet)

    ·         Motivated and organized hard worker and learn fast, meet schedules and able to work under the time pressure.

    ·         Very patient and humble when talking people and difficulties situations

    ·         Driver

    ·         Responsible and capable of  my duty.


2012-2018 Warehouse operator at Schneider Electric Ltd KSA