EMMYLOU ZUMARRAGA Caretaker/Caregiver

Elderly/Children Care and Manufacturing Jobs



  • Caretaker/Caregiver
  • Taiwan
  • August 2013 – August 2016 (1st employer-Elderly Care)

September 2016 – February 2019 (current employer-Child Care)

Job Description:

◾ Give assistance to people who are sick, injured, mentally or physically disabled, or the elderly and fragile.

Job Responsibilities:

▪ Help older individuals who need assistance.
◾ Help their patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry.
◾ Plan, prepare and monitor meals.
◾ Provide companionship for elderly individuals.
◾ Provide basic health services such as monitoring patients’ pulses, respiration and temperature. If allowed in their state, caretakers can administer medication prescribed by a physician.

SMT PHILIPPINES INC.  (Former Andes Sumitronics Inc.)
October 2009 – June 2013

Job Description:

Reports directly to Department Asst. Manager, the QC ENGR. is responsible for:

•   Assisting in formulating improvements.
•   Controlling of production environment.
•   Supervises the QC inspectors.

Job Responsibilities :

▪  Verify the reject found at QC inspection in the case that it cannot be judged by inspector.
Take picture of the rejected card, assembly problem or parts related problem.
•   Performs part checking/sorting in case parts problem information from other department.
•   Check the effectiveness of the corrective action given by the customer in case of parts
•   Coordinates with other department staff / engineers and supervisor in investigation and
formulating of corrective and preventive actions in case that there is process abnormality.
•   Prepare in-process data and send to customer.