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Environmental assessment and monitoring
Surface water discharge measurement
Surface and groundwater quality sampling
Planning monitoring network for groundwater and surface water quality and quantity data
Watershed based water resources evaluation and management
Urbanization impact on groundwater quality and quantity
Hydrogeology and hydrology computer modeling
Groundwater contamination (mapping contaminant plum, dealing with contaminant transport and developing remedial action plan)
Water wells construction, pumping  tests, well performance assessment and rehabilitation
Permit To Take Water for municipal and for dewatering wells

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Central Region Technical Support Section, Water Resources Unit, Hydrogeologist,

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

January 2018 to current

·         Reviewed more than 25 permit applications for construction (single dwelling and condos) to assure pre- and post-waterbalance componants are maitaine and no negative impacts on the environment.

·         Reviewed more than 15 environmental assessment reoprts for the construction of infrastuctues to assure there are negative environmental impacts.


Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Central Region Technical Support Section, Water Resources Unit, Hydrogeologist,

September 12, 2016 to October 2017

·         Reviewed and recommended 14  PTTW for dewatering and for aggregate

·         Reviewed and commented (prepared memos) on 3 Landfill sites monitoring reports

·         Responded and provided support for a well issue inquiry

·         Supporting the District Environmental Officer for 12 contamination tasks (reviewed reports and prepared review comments memos) including PCE, PHCs and Chromium (VI)

Participated in MOECC training:  MOECC Compliance Foundation, Regulatory Compliance Ontario (RCO) Foundations, Health and Safety Basics, Soil Vapor Intrusion, and I was designated as Provincial Officer Designation.
·         Completed Gowen Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management course


Regional Municipality of York (York Region), Newmarket, Canada, Technical Monitoring Team lead and Hydrogeologist,

June 2009 to February 2016

·         Developed an approach to assess York Region municipal wells from a long term asset management perspective ( the result was published a journal paper in 2017).

Developed standard for production well rehabilitation
Upgrade standard for production well construction
Developed an analytical groundwater model for assessing groundwater level rise due to reduction in groundwater production
Developed annual reports template for rainfall and groundwater including production well performance, state of the aquifer water quality and quantity
Reviewed Environmental Assessment (Phase 1 and Phase 2) and Permit To Take Water reports prepared by different consultants
Supported the Legal Department against the Ceddar Ave. Condo Claim for underground parking flooding
Used artificial sweeteners, geochemical and isotope techniques to identify sources of chloride in the shallow groundwater (published the results in 2017 as journal paper)
Assessed reason for high chloride concentration in a shallow groundwater at York Region
Prepared a draft report card for aquifer sustainability at York Region
Assessed cumulative impacts of groundwater taking on the aquifer water quality and quantity at Kleinburg Area
Impact of the Lake water supply on the deep groundwater level at York Region
Assessed hydrogeology of Stouffville area for replacing shallow Stouffville 5&6 with  deep wells
Assessed shallow and deep aquifers interconnection along the Yonge Street, Ballantrae and Mount Albert areas.
Compared evapotranspiration estimation methods at York region
Prepared WQI for all production wells at York Region
Assessed reasons for basement  flooding at Markham area
investigated reasons for groundwater level rise near Fairy Lake, Newmarket
Pump Tests
Conducted Newmarket 14, 72- h test to understand contaminant percolation from a shallower aquifer
Conducted Stouffville 2, 72- h test and estimated aquifer hydraulic property
Analyzed and prepared reports for the municipal wells performance (more than 60 wells) by conducting step tests and analyzing results
Prepared renewal Permit To Take Water  assessment reports
Ballantrae Water Supply System
Kleinburg Water Supply System
King City Water Supply System
Yonge Street aquifer Water Supply System
Ansnorveldt Water Supply System
Stouffville Water Supply System
Georgina Water Treatment Plant Water Supply System
Keswick Water Treatment Plant Water Supply System
GENIVAR Consulting Engineers, Markham, Canada, Senior Hydrogeologist,

January 2006 to 2009

Field environmental inspector
Involved in remediation of sites contaminated with PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl)
Collected surface water and groundwater quality samples
Involved in installation of level equipment such as data loggers, river staff gauges, temperature loggers, mini piezometers and measurement of flow.
Well Upgrades for Tottenham Well No. 6 (November 2008):
Supervised drilling and prepared geological log
Supervised pump tests and estimated aquifer hydraulic properties and well performance
Prepared category 2 Permit To Take Water Report
Credit Valley Trunk Sewer Phase 2A (October 2008):
Prepared dewatering summary report
Credit Valley Trunk Sewer Phase 2B (June 2008):
Prepared category 3 Permit to Take Water Report
Major Mackenzie Watermain (February 2008 – May 2008):
Supervised drilling of 5 geotechnical boreholes and prepared geological logs and cross sections
Supervised drilling of two water wells
Conducted pumping tests (step tests and constant discharge tests) and estimated aquifer hydraulic properties
Involved in preparing category 2 and
Prepared category 3 Permit to Take Water Report
·         Geology and Hydrogeology Assessment the SWTP Parking Garage, Big Bay Point Road, Barrie (November 2007):

o    Carried out an assessment of geology and groundwater condition to identify dewatering requirement and its possible impacts on the environment

·         Meaford Well Decommissioning (October 2007):

o    Supervised decommissioning of wells in the Meaford area

Toronto X Contamination Site (June 2007 – Ongoing):
Monitoring the PCB and groundwater level, bailing the PCB and reporting
West Brampton Reservoir and Pumping Station (September 2007):
Carried out hydrogeological assessment to identify dewatering requirement and its possible impacts on the environment
Trinidad & Tobago Water and Wastewater Master Plan (July 2007 – 2008):
Carried out groundwater assessment, hydrogeochemistry and writing up the reports
Prepared an Educational video teaching installation of mini piezometers and staff gauges
Water Quality Characterization and Issues Identification for Municipal Groundwater Supply Systems (Source Water Protection), York Region (Oct 2006 – June 2007):
Carried out the groundwater quality assessment
Wrote the report
Sault Ste. Marie Water Budget  (Source Water Protection), Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation (June 2006 – March 2007):
Estimated groundwater recharge to the aquifer units
Schomberg Groundwater Exploration Project, York Region (January 2007 – March):
Conducted pumping tests and analyzed the results
Developed a groundwater model (using visual MODFLOW) for Schomberg aquifer to estimate zone of influence while a number of pumping wells are operating simultaneously
Prepared the hydrogeological report for Schomberg area
Credit Valley Trunk Sanitary Sewer Phase 2A, Region of Peel (2006):
Supervised drilling of test wells, carried out pumping test, estimated aquifer hydraulic property
Developed a MODFLOW models  for two conceptual understanding of the aquifer system
Prepared a technical report in support of a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) application
Jane and Highway 7 Repair, City of Vaughan (2006):
Estimated the dewatering volume and duration with a number of wells functioned simultaneously using both analytical method and groundwater modelling (Visual MODFLOW)
Barrie Surface Water Treatment Plant, City of Barrie (2006):
Estimated the dewatering volume
Toronto and Region Conservation, Volunteer Hydrogeologist,                              July 20, 2006 to August 14, 2006

·         Reviewed and commented on Watershed characterization report, prepared as part of Source Protection legislation.

·         Reviewed and commented on Water budget report, prepared as part of Source Protection legislation.

·         Helped in preparing the workplan timelines summary for completing Source Protection studies.


Techlink Environmental, Colorado, USA, Groundwater Modeler and hydrogeologist                   2001- May 2005

Reviewed the hydrology, hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of San Jacinto Watershed Basin.
Prepared a conceptual model for San Jacinto Watershed Basin.
Evaluated rainfall recharge, irrigation recharge, urban recharge (from outdoor and indoor water use) and mountain front recharge for San Jacinto Watershed Basin.
Completed a precalibration water balance components for San Jacinto Watershed Basin.
Set up MODFLOW and MT3D, using the Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) package for pre and post processing of model input data and output results, for different management scenarios.
Analyzed the results and completed the report.
Involved in the management modeling of a pump and treat system at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colorado.
Lecturer and assistant Professor

University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran                                                                                    1978-2001

Taught several courses including engineering geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, groundwater hydraulic, groundwater modelling and hydrogeochemistry.
Established a postgraduate course in hydrogeology at the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran.
Proposed and completed a research projects entitled:
The hydrological study of Gorband catchment (1988); principal investigator, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran.

Proposed and completed a research projects entitled:

·         Ph.D. – Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.                                                1997

Thesis: A conceptual model representing arid regions catchment with emphasis on groundwater recharge

·         Postgraduate diploma in hydrology and water wesources engineering,   Anna University, Madras, India                                                                                                                                                                                                  1984

Thesis: An introduction to digital modeling of Poondi Aquifer

·         M.Sc. in hydrogeology- University College London, London, UK.                                                          1978

Thesis: The hydrogeological study of river Ivel and river Ouzel catchments.

B.Sc. in geology, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, IRAN                                                                                    1974

Programing Language C and Fortran
Groundwater modeling packages including VISUAL MODFLOW, GMS
Aquifer Test
Sitefx and Viewlog

Member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO)