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June 12, 2016







It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my resume in consideration for any position which commensurate to my educational attainment. I have a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and have finished my Master of Arts in English Language Teaching both from Mindanao State University in the Philippines. As a highly compassionate and approachable teaching professional, with more than 12 years of hands-on teaching experience, I am confident in my ability to become a valuable member of your teaching staff.


The enclosed resume will highlight my career achievements and showcase my dedication to teaching. Being in the academe for more than a decade now, I have taken the opportunity to instruct a wide variety of students from various background and all facets of life. I served as a school principal for two years in one of the private schools in the Philippines which gave me a chance to become a compassionate teacher, who remains sensitive to students’ unique needs, employs effective learning, provides individual and whole group support, integrates multicultural teaching units, and offers positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and motivated.


I would be very glad to meet you personally for me to detail how my diverse skills and experience will enable me to make a valuable contribution to your institution. Thank you for your time and consideration.














Esmael N. Kelim






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Mobile 0523483203 •[email protected]/[email protected]
Secondary/Tertiary English Language Educator



Passionate, dedicated and dynamic English Language Teacher committed to inculcating a passion for learning, fostering a student-centered classroom environment through teaching the fundamentals of the English Language.



Mindanao State University Maguindanao

Master of Arts in English Language Teaching                                                   April 6, 2015

Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English                                     March 30, 2003


Teaching Experience

St. Theresa International College-Bangkok, Thailand

·         General English College Lecturer                                                              From May 25, 2015

·         English College Lecturer for Education Students,                                 to present-

Nursing Students, Hotel and Tourism Students,

Airline Students, and Air Traffic Control Students

·         Member-Toastmaster International


Department of Education (DepEd) Philippines                                       February 15, 2010

(Guindulungan National High School)                                                     May 24, 2015

·         Secondary School English Teacher (Grade 7-10)

·         Designated as School Paper Adviser

·         Designated as Language Department Coordinator

·         Designated as Drum and Lyre Corps Adviser

·         Designated as Dance Troupe Coordinator

·         Awarded as Outstanding Teacher


Datu Odin Sinsuat Educational & Dev’t. Foundation, Inc. (Secondary Dep’t.) Philippines

·         Designated as Secondary School Principal                                 June 1, 2008 to

February 10, 2015

·         Secondary School English Teacher (Grade 7-10)                      June 3, 2003 to

May 30, 2008



Career Achievement and Seminars-Workshop Attended

·         Proponent/Facilitator of 2-day Seminar-Workshop on “Ink and Mask”, a workshop on technical writing and drama at St Theresa International College, Nakhonnayok, Thailand.

·         Resource Speaker on the training course for the program Strengthening Academic Capacity for School Teachers conducted by the Faculty of Education, St. Theresa International College, Nakhonnayok, Thailand.

·         Awarded as Outstanding Teacher of the Year (A.Y. 2012-2013)

·         National Coach during the 2014 National Schools Press Conference and National Festival of Talents on April 7-10, 2014 at Subic Bay Metropolitan Freeport Zone Olongapo City, Philippines.

·         Attended the International Congress and Training on Physical Education, Health, Music, Art, Dance, and Sports on August 15-18, 2013 at Lamitan City, Basilan Province, Philippines.

·         Attended the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) Mass Training for Grade 8 English Teachers (May 23-27, 2013), Mass Training for Grade 9 EsP (Values Education) Teachers (May 12-16, 2014), and Mass Training for Grade 10 Filipino Teachers (May 4-9, 2015) at Cotabato City State Polytechnic College in Cotabato City, Philippines.

·         Proponent/Facilitator of the Seminar-Workshop on Instructional Materials by the MAELT Students October 3, 2010 at MSU Maguindanao Graduate School, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao, Philippines.

·         Critic Teacher during the Practice Teaching of The Agricultural Education Student Teachers at DOSEDF, Inc. Secondary Department on December 10, 2007 to March 11, 2008.

·         Participated the Training-Workshop on Test Item Development on October 22-23 2015 at SACES, Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, Philippines.

·         Resource Speaker of the Following Seminar-Workshops on Peer Counseling:

Ø  Seminar-Workshop on Peer Counseling (December 10, 2007) at MSU Maguindanao, DOS, Maguindanano, Philippines.

Ø  Seminar-Workshop on Strengthening Peer Counselors Relationship through Guidance and Counseling (December 4, 2009) at MSU Maguindanao, DOS, Maguindanao, Philippines.

Ø  Seminar-Workshop on Peace and Unity through Guidance and Counseling (October 1, 2010) at MSU Maguindanao, DOS, Maguindanao, Philippines.

Ø  Seminar-Workshop on Peer Counseling with the theme Let’s Friendship Begin (November 30, 2012) at MSU Maguindanao, DOS, Maguindanao, Philippines.

·         Participated and attended the ARMM Forum on the 2005 Philippine Human Development Report on February 25, 20005 at Estosan Garden Hotel, Cotabato City, Philippines.










Personal Data


Birthdate:     July 02, 1982

Religion:        Islam

Citizenship:   Filipino

Height:          160 cm

Weight:          63 kg

Passport:       EC4176042






Asst. Prof. Dr. Poonsook Kitratporn

Dean-Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

St. Theresa International College

1 Moo 6 Rangsit-Nakornnayok Road (Klong 14),

Bungsan, Ongkarak, Nakhon Nayok 26120


Prof. Dr. Rosario Alberto

Dean-Graduate School

St. Theresa International College

1 Moo 6 Rangsit-Nakornnayok Road (Klong 14),

Bungsan, Ongkarak, Nakhon Nayok 26120



Dr. Yongyut Khamkhong

Assistant Dean

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

St. Theresa International College

1 Moo 6 Rangsit-Nakornnayok Road (Klong 14),

Bungsan, Ongkarak, Nakhon Nayok 26120









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June 2010-April 2015 Master of Arts in English Language Teaching at Mindanao State University
June 1999-March 2003 BSE-English at Mindanao State University


May 2015-May 2016 College English Lecturer at St Theresa International College