Fahim Abdullah Chemical engineering

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Fahim Abdullah
4-10638 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB
T6E 2E2
M: +1 (780) 716-8291
E: [email protected]


University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
BSc. in Chemical Engineering (Computer Process Control) September 2014 – May 2018
Cumulative Grade Point Average: 4.0/4.0
Most Relevant Course: Digital Signal Processing for Chemical Engineers (Grade Received: A+)

Bangladesh International School Dammam, Saudi Arabia
High School Diploma January 2000 – June 2013

Work Experience

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Simulation Team Lead in Engineering Design Projects in final year Sep 2017 – Apr 2018
+ Biogas Upgrading (won first place in poster competition and letter grade of A):
– developed process to upgrade raw biogas generated from coal mines to 97 v/v% pure methane
– simulated process of 40+ streams in VMGSim and reproduced a neater version for the PFD on Visio
– used case studies and considered multiple recycle streams to heavily optimize process
+ SAGD integration with a GTL facility (received letter grade of A):
– developed process for how a modular GTL facility could be integrated with a SAGD facility
– simulated process of 100+ streams in VMGSim using three different thermodynamic models for each
part of the process and for each phase with optimized interaction parameters from literature
– used case studies, multiple recycle streams, and heat integration to heavily optimize process
– assisted team in reactor and heat exchanger design calculations, literature review, and scrutinous, final
proof reading

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Thermodynamics Research Assistant under Dr. Janet A.W. Elliott Sep 2017 – Apr 2018
+ developed possible geometric configurations for an oil droplet and air bubble coming into contact in water
+ derived governing equations for each configuration based on equilibrium and geometric constraints
+ wrote MATLAB code to solve system of equations derived and plot results to visualize states
+ overcame numerical challenges in solving the system of equations
+ developed organized report-writing skills and improve technical writing by publishing a paper on the research

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Process Control/Data Analytics Research Assistant under Dr. Jinfeng Liu May – Aug 2017
+ developed classifier to identify acceptable and unacceptable models to predict patients’ blood Haemoglobin
levels after drug dosage using linear discriminant analysis
+ used principal component analysis to identify most significant input factors affecting output and reduce
required model complexity
+ fine-tuned classifier parameters based on classified training set and physical understanding of parameters
+ exposed to designing constrained ARX models by solving a mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Process Control Research Assistant under Dr. Stevan Dubljevic May – Aug 2017
+ developed Michaelis–Menten model for an organic waste decomposition process in a lab scale to predict
biomass composition from core temperature measurement
+ designed experimental setup and develop protocol for data collection
+ reproduced SolidWorks ® designs for compost bins from images
+ wrote detailed progress report at the end for work to be carried over with ease by the next person
+ Separate Project: acquired basic knowledge of Swift ® and initiate development of iOS application to plot temperature profiles for counter-current heat exchangers from the solution of a two-point boundary value problem using Xcode ®

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Mineral Processing Research Assistant under Dr. Qingxia Liu Jan – Apr 2017
+ investigated the generation of micron/submicron size bubbles by acoustic cavitation
+ improved existing experimental and data collection protocols by thinking outside the box
+ wrote MATLAB code to operate equipment and automate data collection
+ learned and adhered to laboratory safety regulations

University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Bitumen Upgrading Research Assistant under Dr. William C. McCaffrey Nov – Dec 2016
+ controlled morphology of iron nanocatalysts generated by the decomposition of iron naphthenate
+ learned about the various blends of crude oil and the pipeline specifications to transport it
+ simulated reactions using VMGSim (process simulator) to ensure safe reaction procedures
+ concisely presented findings of work completed to a class of professors and graduate students
+ worked under rigorous deadlines and schedules due to a delayed start while attending a full course load

Bangladesh International School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
High School Mathematics Teacher September 2013 – August 2014
+ taught thirty classes weekly to 7th and 8th grade students
+ prepared assignments every week to assess students and improve performance
+ arranged and supervised the educational field trip for 100+ students
+ developed ability to work with others and positively accept advice
+ appointed class teacher after a month based on outstanding performance

Computer Skills

Microsoft: Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, Visio, Outlook, Project
Mathematics: Proficient in MATLAB and Mathematica
Programming: MATLAB, Python, Swift Graphics: LATEX, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Process Simulators: VMGSim Statistics: Excel, Python, SPSS, Minitab

Volunteer Activities

Treasurer of the Muslim Students’ Association at the University of Alberta 2016 – 2018
Secretary of the MCE Outreach Committee 2015 – 2018

Other Qualifications and Training
+ WHMIS Training
+ Alberta Construction Safety Course
+ IPEIA Pipeline Codes Course
+ University of Alberta Laboratory Safety Course