Felizardo A Sanchez Jr Mechanical Engineer

CAD/CAMEngineering and DesignMaintenanceOperationsPPCSupervision

Mr. Felizardo A. Sanchez Jr.                                                     POSITION APPLIED                :               SENIOR MECHANICAL ENGINEER/MANAGER

Address                                :               Ain Khalid Al Ryann, Qatar

Email                                     :               [email protected]/[email protected]

Visa Status                          :               Working Visa

Mobile                                  :              +974 70538145 / +974 70315158

Position Desired:  Mechanical Engineering / Project Manager & Maintenance Manager/ Plastics Packaging Manufacturing Engineer


Total Years of Experience

Engineering Experiences                               :                               22 Years

Maintenance of Injection Molds & Machine:                        13 years

Production Manager, Plastic Packaging   :                               5 years



·         To build a long-term career in my profession with opportunities for career growth

·         To keep up with the cutting edge of technologies

·         To use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals

·         To enhance my professional skills in a dynamic and stable workplace

·         To solve problems in an effective/creative manner in a challenging position

·         Seeking a responsible job with an opportunity for professional challenges

·         Lastly, to join a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and inspires me to enhance and therefore to innovate the work culture for the betterment of all parties concerned.

Resume Summary

Previous Position             :               Plant Manager Staff for New Projects/SMY Fuso Molds (Jan 2009- Jul 2011)

Previous Position              :               Production Manager in SMC/SMPP/Manila Plastics Plant (Sep 1994 – Dec2008)

Previous Position             :               Project Engineer in Robert Dan & Co. (Jul 1992- Aug 1994)

Previous Position             :               Mold Designer in Manly Plastics Inc. (Jan 1889 – Mar 1992)

Current Specialization    :               Engineering/Maintenance and Manufacturing/Production Operations


Highest Education       :               Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – April 25, 1988

Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines

·         Board Passer in Mechanical Engineering Exam 1989


Other Background

CGPA                   : 80/100

Major                  : Machine Shop/Fabrication Practices


Major Expertise

·         Proficient in managing operation

·         Handle people, Machine Shop/Fabrication(CNC), Engineering skills and maintenance practices (Plastic Manufacturing).



Employment History

Gulfcrafts, Qatar (Jan. 2016- Present)

Position          : Maintenance and Facility Head

Work Description

Primary Responsibilities

  • Planning for future development in line with strategic business objectives;
  • Managing and leading change to ensure minimum disruption to core activities;
  • Directing, coordinating and planning essential central services such as reception, security, maintenance, mail, archiving, cleaning, catering, waste disposal and recycling;
  • Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements and that facilities comply with legislation;
  • Keeping staff safe;
  • Planning best allocation and utilization of space and resources for new buildings, or re-organizing current premises;
  • Checking that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and following up on any deficiencies;
  • Coordinating and leading one or more teams to cover various areas of responsibility;
  • Using performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to lead on improvement;
  • Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise and dealing with the consequence

R-3js Machine Shop & Engineering (Aug 2011- Aug 2015)

Position               : Owner

Project                : Coca-Cola Plastics Re-cycling and sub-contracting Plastic Crates Production


Engage in New Business, Plastics Crushing, Plastic Crates Molding and Injection Mold Consultant at Super-Sonic Multi-products.

a)       Oversees crushing operation (Plastic Crates and Plastic Pallets) in all bottling plants involve such as Coca-Cola and San Miguel Bottling Plants. Includes Crushing Machine Installation and supply of manning personnel. Generates Daily Production Report (DPR) on day-to-day output.

b)      Coordinates with the Costumer Plants on Raw Materials used during molding process (yields and rejects rates); quality of products molded, volume of product produced, and generates DPR. Do start-up operation as need.

c)       Act as a consultant of Super-Sonic Multi-products in development of newly fabricated molds from mold design, fabrication, and production run.

d)      Lastly caters projects from Philippines Rail Transit and Metro Rail on parts fabrication, to maintenance including trouble-shooting of the unit train control system.


Marketing Assistant of Plant Manager (Jan 2009 – Aug 2011)

Company           :               SMC/SMPP/SMY Fuso Mold

Specialization   :               Manufacturing/Production Operations

Role                      :               Management

Industry              :               Manufacturing / Production


Work Description


  • Direct and coordinate plant operations within company policies and procedures
  • Develop efficient strategies to ensure the plant meets production goals and standards at minimal manufacturing costs.
  • Continuously improve efficiencies.   Analyze Production and Corrective Action Reports.   Identify opportunities and build teams to solve problems and improve efficiencies and processes in the plant.
  • Maintain a clean and safe plant
  • Ensure that the desired production volume, productivity and product quality, safe operation, effective equipment maintenance system, safety of plant equipment and personnel are attained on a sustained basis
  • Establish and direct plant policies and procedures
  • Establish and maintain a positive community relationship
  • Foster a well-trained and motivated staff
  • Confer with department heads to ensure coordination of purchasing, production and planning
  • Responsible for establishing all shift production schedules
  • Institute policies and procedures, training supervisors and administrators, maintaining a production schedule, giving performance reviews and motivating staff to meet production goals.
  • Select and train plant supervisory and administrative staff
  • Conduct employee performance reviews
  • Schedule and conduct plant meetings
  • Responsible for the product quality control for the plant
  • Develop and implement operational improvement systems such as the Customer Complaint and Corrective Action Reports to collect data, identify problem areas and build teams to improve the process.
  • Plan, organize, direct, control, evaluate, and make recommendations, as well as associated plans to improve the maintenance function.
  • Conduct scheduled training for staffs
  • Prepares training plan to all Production staff and gives recommendation on staff’s promotion and career planning.
  • Maintain individual skills, keeping up to date with latest production and production management concepts
  • Ensure that Health and Safety requirements are being met as per standards in the plant.
  • Study and implement the prevailing   law’s applicable for the plant with respect to Municipality,
  • Fire and safety, Employee Health and environment.
  • Coordinate with the Quality Manager for ISO implementation and Audits
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Engage in new business developments.
  • Do market studies and project presentations.
  • Just finished conceptualized the study of Mold Manufacturing for PET bottles as Fuso’s new expansion project. I was able to complete, recommend machines/equipment, tools and operates the project until was being approved by management and business partners.
  • Supervised the project implementation from building construction, machine installation, and production


Production Manager (Sep 1994 –  Dec 2008)

Company           :               SMC/SMPP/Manila Plastics Plant

Specialization   :               Manufacturing/Production Operations

Role                      :               Management

Industry              :               Manufacturing / Production

Work Description

·         Forecasting and monitoring in up-to-date output requirements of the production in order to achieve the production target of 97.5% efficiency per month and create production report, to be present to top management.

·         Making most efficient utilization of the available sources for the production

·         Minimizing throughput time being and work in process inventory. These can be achieving by systematic production planning also by very efficient execution of the plans.

·         Deals with reducing material handling cost, which generally achieved by the use of efficient material handling system also by using plant layouts in which must be developed in a proper or correct way.

·         Reducing the quality cost with the help of analysis of non-conformances on periodic basis and by the following suitable actions (both corrective and preventive).

·         Building team spirit among the workmen and also motivating by means of personal involvement. This task of motivation can also achieve by designing and implementing suitable financial incentive schemes.

·         To device accurate methodology involving method studies of manufacturing along with the other engineering economic principles.

·         Improving the productivity level of the workers on continuous basis by workmen’s training and by bringing into use the standards of the performance derived from work measurement studies etc. Conceptualized Employee Suggestive System (ESS) to challenge workers contributes their brilliant idea to help achieve company’s goal.

·          Implement company rules and regulation, and ensure the health and safety of all the workers at all times. I was able to apply knowledge of building services health safety and fire safety systems in legislation as essential and proven ability to provide practical solutions to operational problems.

·         Before I become a production manager, I handled Engineering Maintenance for Thirteen (13) years under my jurisdiction are compressors, chillers, cooling towers, generators, big injection machines, injection molds, and power center. Includes the maintenance of our building’s HVAC and Plant’s MEP facilities. I demonstrate a thorough knowledge of MEP systems theory and methods, materials, tools, equipment and systems used in the MEP field. I implement local codes and regulations pertaining to the MEP field.

·         I do computer logic and programming, inspection, identification, and knowledge of all MEP systems. I deliberately practice and follow the maintenance procedure of tools, machinery, and equipment. I strictly impose safety precautions to observe in the maintenance and installation of MEP in our plant and equipment.

·         Generate yearly maintenance plan, such as yearly budgets and activities. Proficient in ISO and CAPEX preparation. Introducing new technology to reduced maintenance cost.

·         Able to tooled-up plant with CNC machineries to serve parts fabrication of both machines and molds that reduces the cost for almost 60% compare to original parts. Later, the shop became a profit center, because it serves all packaging facilities of San Miguel Corporation.

·         Doing major trouble shooting especially newly acquired products from different mold and machine suppliers at offshore plants (Guangdong, China), Seoul South Korea, and Germany.

·         Do machineries, equipment, and mold evaluation and acceptance from Europe and Asia before it will be ship to the Philippines to ensure the high performance upon installation.


Project Engineer (July 1992 – Aug 1994)

Company                           :               Robert Dan & Company

Specialization                   :               Engineering – Civil/Construction/Structural

Role                                      :               Project Management

Industry                              :               Wood / Fiber / Paper Mills


Work Description:


·         Attends meeting with clients, coordinates regarding the planning and progress of the project. Implementing planning and effective project control form a Project management perspective. Generate effective team-buildings, management and motivation of team members to perform the highest standard of excellence. Develops, updates, monitor and report project baseline schedule to cover all activities of the project to meet.

·         Develop, update, monitor and report project baseline schedule to cover all activities of the project to meet. Supervised the project being done and weekly communication and meets with Team Principals.

·         Advice Senior Management and Clients regarding the status of the project based on the schedule updates and generates feedback from the site plans based on the government policies, which may include in the design reviews (to fit in the locality).

·         Conducts research and processes and reviews site plans. Designing and implementing a system for Planning and Monitoring ongoing Projects and Proposals. Extending support to Project Managers in the Project Management department in planning the progress monitoring of project supervision. Handles complete installation projects and review weekly progress reports of Team Principals.

·         Handles complete installation projects and review weekly progress reports of Team Principals. Approve of purchase orders requisitions and approval of supplier invoices for payment.

·         Plans and monitors system for ongoing projects. Designs and implements a Project Planning and Monitoring System for the Projects.

·         Develops a Master Database for the Projects by collecting all the relevant information required about each projects, including but not limited to resources, schedules and current status and Maintaining the database by updating the data on a regular basis.

·         Prepares project schedules in consultation/agreement with contractors involves monitoring progress of the projects on a regular basis as per the schedules and generate reports for the project manager.

·         Create resources workload chart, based on the project schedules and produces weekly reports on activities/ schedules to update the project sponsor.

·         I extend support, when requested by Project Managers, in preparing schedules using specific planning software for the post contracts supervision jobs for submission to the client and further necessary progress monitoring and reporting.

·         Completed multi -million projects, the Scot Tissue Plant in Malaysia and the installation of pressures tanks at the paper mills in Thailand.


Mold Designer (Jan 1989 – March 1992)

Company                           :               Manly Plastics Inc.

Specialization                   :               Engineering/Mold Design – Others

Role                                      :               R&D Engineer, CAD/CAM Operation

Industry                              :               Manufacturing / Production


Work Description:


·         Designs complex injection molds that are dimensionally accurate, dependable, and    durable in construction.

·         Interface with Mechanical Engineering, Plastics Engineering, and mold makers on all new mold designs.

·         Provide database CAD/CAM support in modifying database for engineering changes, draft and improve mold ability.

·         Provides accurate lead time quotations on mold designs.

·         Delivers mold designs within time constraints.

·         Implement engineering design changes into tool designs.

·         Assist in evaluating and implementing new CAD/CAM software and upgrades.

·         Read, analyze, and interpret professional publications, technical procedures, effectively present information/respond to questions from managers, customers or employees of the organization, solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

·         Maintain a clean and safe work area and abiding by all safety rules, regulations, and procedures.

·         Calculate figures and amounts such as proportions, percentages, area, circumference, and volume; able to apply concept of basic algebra and geometry.

·         Interpret engineering blue prints, CAD/CAM systems, safety rules, operating and maintenance instruction, and carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form. Abilities to operate computer and use word processing, spreadsheet, CAD (AutoCAD), 3D CAD/CAM (DUCT), and database software.

·         Possess thorough understanding of injection molding practices, processes, and construction.

·         I do PPC (Production Planning Control) in preparation of work schedules on fabrication activities using manufacturing software such as MS Project.







Other Skill                                                                                    Years                                    Proficiency


People Management                                                                 5                                            Advanced

Injection Molding                                                                       5                                            Advanced

Maintenance Management                                                     5                                            Advanced

Production Management                                                         4                                           Advanced

Mold Designer                                                                             3                                            Advanced

CAD/CAM                                                                                      3                                          Intermediate

Project Management Skills                                                       2                                          Intermediate

Fabrication                                                                                   2                                          Intermediate

Production Planning                                                                   1                                            Advanced



English, Filipino


Personal Details


Date of Birth                     :              2 March 1967

Nationality                         :              Philippines

Marital Status                  :               Married

Current Location             :               Doha, Qatar


1983-1988 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology