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Career Objective
To use my skills in the best possible way for achieving company’s goals.
Work Experience
July 2016-Present
Gulf Mechanical & Steel Workshop
Ras Al Khor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Analyze financial information and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss or other financial activities within an organization.


Duties and Responsibilities

·      Prepare, examine and analyze accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting and procedural standards
·         Analyze business operations, trends, costs,  revenues, financial commitments and obligations to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice

·         Establish tables of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts

·         Develop, implement, modify and document recordkeeping and accounting systems, making use of current computer technology

·         Report to management regarding the finances of establishment

·         Survey operations to ascertain accounting needs and to recommend, develop and maintain solutions to business and financial problems

·         Advise management in areas such as compensation, employee health care benefits the design of accounting and data processing systems.

Other related activities

·         Analyzing, identifying the underlying principles, reasons or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts.

·         Processing, compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, tabulating, auditing /verifying information or data.

·         Getting, observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information or date from all relevant sources.

·         Documenting/Recording, entering, transcribing, storing, or maintaining information in writing or electronic form.

·         Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationship, developing constructive and cooperative working with others over time.

·         Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

·         Using relevant information means and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations or standards.

·         Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to job.

·         Communicating with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government and other external sources.

·         Establishing long range objectives and specifying the strategies and actions to achieve them.

·         Encouraging and building mutual trust, respect and cooperation among team members, Getting members of a group to work together to accomplish task.

·      Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork, Monitoring and controlling resources and overseeing the spending of money.
·         Providing guidance and direction to subordinates including setting performance standard and monitoring performance.


March 2007-July 2012
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company
Manila, Philippines

Assistant Manager in my capacity as Branch Operations Officer
Responsible for supervising the branch operation to attain profitability/volume targets and  assisting the Branch Head in ensuring branch operating efficiency and quality service delivery consistent with the established bank policies and procedures.  Directly Supervises, Approves and Authorizes CSR New Account Clerk and CSR Teller transactions.


Duties and Responsibilities:


§  Supports the Branch Head in attaining Sales and Revenue targets

§  Performs in-branch cross-selling/marketing functions

§  Ensures marketing collateral are updated and complete


§  Achieves service goals in managing clients’ queuing and new account service turnaround time

§  Attends to customer queries, complaints and requests

§  Coordinates with different Head Office unit, as necessary in the conduct of business

§  Delivers greeting and closing spiels, Applies bank wide customer service standards

§  Recommends additional manning requirements to address service issues


§  Reviews and approves transactions based on signing authority, and signs/co-signs corresponding transaction media and/or negotiable instruments

§  Obtains approval for transaction beyond authority limit, Confirms withdrawals, encashment and inward clearing items with clients, Contacts customer for un-posted transactions

§  Performs system override on approved transactions, signature verification, open/close branch premises and branch back-up

§  Downloads system-related files such as mini-host, GTM, CRDS files and reviews reports from V-reporter

§  Process/confirms/request approval inter-branch transaction beyond authority limit

§  Reviews and approves transmittal of Telegraphic Transfer and release of Inward Remittance

§  Interviews prospective depositors, reviews, authenticate documentary requirement presented and approved account opening

§  Generates reports of un-posted and posted remittances from V-rep and inform client accordingly

§  Generates weekly report Loans due for Re-pricing Report and advice clients concerned of their payment due date, collect loan payments due from clients and processes requisition of accountable/non-accountable forms.

§  Handles Cash In Vault operations, ATM operations, End of day balancing and verification of cash in vault

§  Supervises and reviews passbook reconciliation, Supervises Safety Deposit Box operations, Custodian of Vault record book.

§  Makes disposition of all items in the Refer List and checks with technical deficiencies

§   Coordinates with Trust and Treasury for rates and various placements, Reviews and approves renewal / maturities / termination of placements


§  Prepares Branch reports as assigned

§  Print and maintains files of end of day system generated reports

§  Prepares performance appraisal report for employees discussed with employee

§  Resolves problems and/or conflict in area of operations and elevate the same to next higher ranking as necessary

§  In coordination with Branch Head implements job rotation/cross training other development training

§  Promotes proper office decorum and high performance standards among rank and file employees

§  Disseminates e-mails, notices and IOLs to CSR in relation to their functions

§  Conducts branch meeting and performs other related duties that may be assigned from time to time


§  Ensures completeness of customer information inputted into the system

§  Ensures compliance to AMLA requirements and prepares Suspicious Transaction Report noted

§  Accesses vault, safe, cabinets and drawers as designated holder of locks, keys and combination

§  Reviews report, performs control requirements and affixes initials as evidence of review and verification

§  Ensures confidentiality of own password and user ID

§   Replies query to audit, management audit, BSP, branch control assessment and ensures regularization of document deficiencies/exceptions noted

§  Reports fraud, policy violations and other operational lapses committed by employees, conducts investigation as necessary

§  Ensures that the correct service/penalty charges/fees/computations are collected

§  Handles custody control and disposition of Bank records/documents.

March 1996 –Oct. 2006
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company
Manila, Philippines
Examines, analyzes,  and  evaluates if trade documents/transactions presented/received complies with internal Bank policies/procedures, governmental regulations,  as well as international rules/ guidelines and, thereafter, identifies risks, and decides  if documents/ transactions will be accepted for processing/booking/FXsale consummation / final payment transfer execution. Handles, analyses, and provides technical assistance/solutions on over-the-counter/ email/ phone trade inquiries/issues/concerns of clients, branches, and marketingofficers. Ensures prompt release of processed trade documents to internal/external clients as well as efficient delivery of letters/important trade documents to government offices such as Bureau of Customs and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, as well as to other local banks. Handles efficient record-keeping of trade documents files/records to maintain confidentiality. Prepares and monitors timely submission of periodic internal/external regulatory reports; monitors and reconciles trade outstanding account balances.

Duties and Responsibilities for Import Department :

·         Receives from clients/AOs/branches the  applications for the issuance/ amendment/cancellation of:

-Documentary Credits (DC) –  Import,  Domestic, Standby

-Bank Guarantees (BG)

-Credit Line Certifications with Undertaking (CLCU)

-Shipping Guarantees (SG)

·         Examines & evaluates completeness of documentation requirements and decides if transaction can be booked

·         Analyzes and evaluates soundness of terms and conditions indicated  the DC/BG/CLCU/SG application and makes appropriate revisions in compliance with local regulations, international rules and standards

·         Determines, analyze, and evaluates if shipping documents presented by suppliers comply with exact requirements, terms & conditions of the issued LC and finally decides if payment can be effected to supplier.

·         Reviews and analyzes terms & conditions indicated by importers in the LC application & re-constructs final wordings and conditions, as may be necessary to cover bank risks & comply with international regulations.

·         Determines/ evaluates and decides if document discrepancies declared by negotiating bank are in accordance with international regulations, otherwise, initiates refusal document.

·         Executes timely settlement/re-pricing of Import/Domestic Bills obligations/ Trust Receipt Loans

·         Ensures security/collateral documents (TR Agreements) are properly turned-over/retrieved to/from Securities Unit

·         Examines/evaluates non-LC shipping documents received  and decides if eligible for FX sale

·         Investigates and prepares reply to queries received from foreign correspondent banks


Duties and Responsibilities for Export Department :

·         Reviews, examines, evaluates and  decides if terms & conditions indicated in the  Export LCs/Amendments/ Transfer Requests received via swift, telex, and mail from foreign and domestic banks is acceptable before final Export Advice / LC Confirmation/ LC Transfer to second beneficiary/ies is effected.

·         Examines, analyzes, evaluates and decides if  shipping documents presented by exporter for negotiation exactly complies with the terms & conditions required in the export LC.

·         Advise clients on necessary documents to be corrected/revised/replaced in order to ensure negotiation of “clean” documents

·         Prepares export negotiation offering slip for routing and approval to appropriate approving bodies.

·         Prepares transmittal letter of export bills negotiated for mailing to the issuing bank through our designated courier banks.

·         Monitors, evaluates, and decides if  payments received in settlement of  outstanding  foreign/domestic export should be applied to an outstanding export or packing loan obligations or can be released outright.

·         Monitors outstanding unpaid export bills, initiates necessary follow-ups/tracers, refer to marketing units, if further actions would be needed.

·         Verifies and prepares bank certification for Export Proceeds and Remittances received.

·         Ensures that necessary security/ collateral documents  (e.g. export LCs, Letter of Guaranties) for outstanding unpaid advances are safekept with Credit Group for control purposes.

·         Reviews, determines, and decides if  request  for reclassification from Export Bills sent for Collection to Export Bills Purchased can be executed.

·         Reviews and reclassifies matured Export Bills Purchased to Past Due status and generates notification letter for the account officers and branch heads.

·         Investigates, analyzes, and decides on correct adjusting entries (in coordination with Specialized Acctg Division) for the immediate reconciliation of subsidiary ledgers balances or resolution of float items.

·      Assists/ advises/ provides resolutions to clients, marketing officers, & branches on inquiries/ concerns/ issues related to export transactions.

·      Investigates, evaluates, and prepares reply to inquires/ issues of foreign correspondent banks.

·      Ensures proper segregation, distribution and filing of processed transactions (LC/Amendment advised, Export Bills negotiation and Settlement of Export proceeds received).

·      Monitors pending LCs for processing, outstanding export bills and settlement of export bills.

Aug. 1992-March 1996
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company
Manila, Philippines

Compiles settlement data and submit checks, drafts and other items to Clearing House Association for exchange and settlement with other member banks, sent items into bundle list items and total amount, using adding machine or calculator with add list.  Post total to clearing house settlement sheet, mail or delivers items to clearing house (Outward checks), accept items from clearing house that have been drawn on our bank and posts total on settlement sheet (Inward checks), Totals debit and credit columns and computes net balance, submit sheet to clearing house for verification, Maintain telephone contact with bank personnel and others to locate missing checks, correct error and reconcile differences in records.


Essential skills

·         Experience in the overall branch banking operation

·         Strong customer orientation

·         Good interpersonal and communication skills

·         Excellent team player

·         Highly-organized, efficient, dedicated and responsible.

·         Fast learner, can work under pressure, willing to work beyond regular office hours

·         Flexible, customer–oriented and control–oriented

·         Computer literate and can operate the usual office machines

·         Knowledge in International Trade Operation  (documentary credits LC, DP, DA, OA imports and exports) Demand Guarantees  and Issuance of Stand-by LC including ICC implementing rules publication.


·         August 2010     Promoted to Assistant Manager in my capacity as Branch Operation Officer

·         March 2007      Promoted to Junior Assistant Manager in my capacity as Branch Operation Officer

·         October 2006   Passed the Officers Development Program

·         October 2004   Promoted to Supervisory Level (Trade Processing/International Operation Division)

·         October 1998   Promoted to Lead Processor (Trade Processing/International Operation Division)

·         March 1996      Promoted to Lead Clearing Clerk (Cash And Commercial Division)





June 1988-Oct. 1991
Far Eastern University
Manila, Philippines
·         ACCOUNTING


June 1984-April 1988  Isabela Colleges Foundation         Cauayan , Isabela, Philippines

·         HIGH SCHOOL


Personal Information


·         Birthday                                24 November 1971

·         Civil Status                           Married

·         Nationality                            Filipino

·         Passport no./Expiry date      EC6305005 / 02 JANUARY 2021

·         Emirates ID no.                    784-1971-8328797-4


General Manager

Gulf Mechanical & Steel Workshop

Ras Al Khor 1, Dubai, UAE

Tel. +971-055-750-22-23



Sales and Marketing Manager

ABC International Ltd.

Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, UAE

Tel +971 04 881 85 33



Finance Manager

Exceed IT Services

5/F West Tower Abu Dhabi Mall

Mobile +971-555517227

Tel +971-02-6781100



Deputy Head, Human Resources Management Group

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company

Manila, Philippines

Tel. (632) 898 8000 / 857 0000

Fax (632) 817 6248



Head, Employee Services Division, HRMG

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company

Manila, Philippines

Tel. (632) 898 8000 / 857 0000

Fax (632) 817 6248


I hereby declare that the above given information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.