Ferdinand O. Domingo Pipe fitter




976 P. Burgos St. San Roque Cavite City, Philippines

MOB 00639357756226/TEL. 0063465274406

[email protected]

Job Position applied for: Piping Foreman

Career Objective;



To be part of the company wherein my skills will be great help and where I can pursue challenge of my career that helps broaden my knowledge as well as enhance my professional Growth in the chosen field of specialization.


To contribute in a company growth and development by fulfilling my duty and responsibilities efficiently and effectively as an employee and to work toward the enhancement of my Personality and advancement of my career.

Work Experience:

Abu Dhabi Ship Building

Mussafa Industrial Area P.O. Box 8922

Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

Position: Pipe Fitter Foreman

November 22, 2005 to June 09, 2011

Supervise a crew of employees responsible for the installation of marine
piping systems such as water and sewer piping on a ‎navy ship vessel
Ø Reviews construction plans to determine design and specifications regarding the
placement of ‎underground pipe systems‎.‎
Ø Schedules crew work activities and assists employees regarding desired labor
methods and proper use ‎and maintenance of equipment and tools‎.
Ø Supervises crew work activities, monitors progress and quality of work and assists project ‎management assuring project specifications are met‎.
Ø Advises employees of work areas requiring safety attention and assists project
management in ‎maintaining a clean workplace‎.‎
Ø Maintains an adequate supply inventory to support crew activities and monitors
timely delivery of ‎necessary materials‎.‎
Ø Assists project management in accurately recording material quantities used an
labor‎/‎equipment cost ‎distribution data‎.‎
Ø Coordinates work activities with other project supervision to maintain
Ø Conducts regular safety meetings with employees addressing work areas or
conditions requiring ‎attention and stresses compliance To Company and regulatory
safety procedures‎.‎

Work Experience: