Filip Vlavcheski Health Researcher/ Teaching Assistant and Lab Demonstrator

St Catharines Filip Vlavcheski

Filip Vlavcheski

256 Mohawk Road East, Hamilton ON, L2V 3L7 | 905-518-8856| [email protected]


  • MSc in Applied Health Sciences (2018)

Thesis: Inhibition of Free-fatty acid – Induced Insulin Resistance by Rosemary Extract: Investigation of the Mechanisms Involved.

Brock University, St. Catharines, ON

  • BSc Medical Sciences, Honours (2015)

Brock University, St. Catharines, ON


Dean of Graduate studies Scholarship (DGS) (2017)

Library Open Access Publishing Fund, Brock University (2016-2017)

Entrance Scholarship, Brock University (2011 – 2015)



  • Lab Demonstrator – Human Anatomy (2018)

Demonstrated the function and structures of human anatomy in real human specimens and plastic model to better facilitate learning the understanding of the human anatomy.

Responded to student questions, organized trivia learning techniques, graded exams  and quizzes.

  • Lab Demonstrator – Human Physiology (2017)

Helped develop and create the lab manual along with the marking schemes.

Facilitated introductory presentations during lab, graded lab assignments, responded to student emails and questions and concerns.

Supervised students to perform the appointed tasks correctly and accurately.

  • Teaching Assistant- Human Physiology, Endocrinology, Pharmacology, Integrated Cardiac Pharmacology, Pathology  (2015-2017)

Organized and facilitated seminars, developed marking schemes, graded papers, tests and assignments, created exam questions, responded to student questions and emails.

  • Research Lab Student Supervisor (2015-2017)

Trained and supervised undergraduate students in cell culture, lab techniques, usage of radioactivity, problem solving skills, critical thinking, organizing and lab product ordering.

Developed research projects and plans for successful submission of manuscripts, conference abstracts and presentations.


Barnes T., Vlavcheski, F., Elliot McMillan, Katie Di Sebastiano, Joe Quadrilatero1, Evangelia Tsiani., & Mourtzakis M., Glutamate increases glucose uptake in L6 myotubes in a concentration- and time-dependant manner that is mediated by AMPK. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab (APNM). 2018, May 14.

Vlavcheski, F., Baron, D., Vlachogiannis, I., Tsaini, E., (2018). Carnosol Increases Skeletal Muscle Cell Glucose Uptake via AMPK-dependent GLUT4 Glucose Transporter Translocation. Int. J. Mol Sci (IJMS). 2018, Mar 23.

Vlavcheski, F., Naimi, M., Murphy, B., Hudlicky, T., & Tsiani, E., (2017). Rosmarinic Acid, a Rosemary Extract Polyphenol, Increases Skeletal Muscle Cell Glucose Uptake and Activates AMPK. Molecules. 2017 Oct 7.

Naimi, M., Vlavcheski, F., Shamshoum H., & Tsiani, E., (2017). Rosemary Extract as a Potential Anti-Hyperglycemic Agent: Current Evidence and Future Perspectives. Nutrients. 2017, Sep 1.

Shamshoum H., Vlavhceski F., & Tsiani E., (2017). Anticancer effect of oleuropein. BioFactors. 2017 Jan 14.

Naimi, M., Vlavcheski, F., Murphy, B., Hudlicky, T., & Tsiani, E. (2016). Carnosic acid as a component of rosemary extract stimulates skeletal muscle cell glucose uptake via AMPK activation. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol (CEPP). 2016 Sep 22.


Attenuation of FFA-induced skeletal muscle insulin resistance by rosemary extract. Experimental Biology (EB) – Poster Presentation. April 20-24, 2018. San Diego, USA.

Rosmarinic acid, a rosemary extract polyphenol, stimulates skeletal muscle cell glucose uptake and activates AMPK. Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) – Poster Presentation. May 25-27, 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Vlavcheski, F., & Tsiani, E. Rosemary extract counteracts muscle insulin resistance in L6 myotubes. Mapping New Knowledges (MNK) – Poster Presentation (2017), Brock University, St. Catharines, Canada.

Vlavcheski, F., & Tsiani, E. Counteracting muscle insulin resistance with rosemary extract polyphenols. Ontario Exercise Physiology (OEP) Annual Conference – Poster Presentation (2017), Berrie, Canada.

Vlavcheski, F., Naimi, M., & Tsiani, E. Activation of AMPK and Increased Skeletal Muscle Cell Glucose Uptake by Rosmarinic Acid. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Annual conference – Poster Presentation (2016).  October 12-15, 2016, Victoria, BC.


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training, Brock University (2018)

Health & Safety Awareness Training (2018)

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education TA Certificate, CPI, Brock University (2017)

First Aid and CPR C training, LSS (2016)

Safe Material Handling (2016)

Radiation & Biosafety Training, Brock University (2015)

Autoclave training (2015)


English, Spanish, Modern Greek, Latin, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian.


In vitro lab techniques including cell culture, growth, amplification, proliferation, freezing-down cells, storage, glucose uptake assays, GLUT translocation assays, western blot analysis, cell viability assays.

Sterilization and autoclave protocols.

Use of microscope, fluoroscope, wet-slide preparations.

Examination of pathological specimens (tissues, cells, and organs).

General wet lab maintenance including adherence to safe material handling, biosafety protocols, hazardous waste disposal, and cleanliness/sanitation protocols.

Measuring human blood glucose levels

Obtaining quotes and purchasing lab supplies

Contacting company representatives/technical support for troubleshooting

Proficient with literature search engines and reference managers

Proficient with Microsoft Office programs

Experience with ImageJ, Graphpad, iWorx and other data analysis programs

Experience with Sakai (Brock student web portal)



Available upon request





September 01, 2015 - Jan 1, 2018 Master of Science in Applied Health Sciences at Brock University
September 1, 2011 - April 20, 2015 Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences Honours) at Brock University