Florencio Enriquez Service Technician/Team Leader

Computer literate Hardware and software

Florencio G. Enriquez Jr.

8104 Katipunan St. Brgy. Commonwealth

Quezon City

Mobile Phone: +968 96140239

Email:  [email protected]





Objective: To obtain stable job related to environment with development-oriented institution that can offer challenge to my proven abilities & experience in the field of automotive technology where my high regard of loyalty, combined with my capacity for work & diligence to job security, satisfaction & unlimited promotional prospects.




Work Experience


Company: Man Automotive Concessionaires Corp.

Position:Jr. Clerk/Parts Expediter/Computer Maintenance

Dates:February 2001 –November 2005

Responsibilities:Preparing pre-requisition slip, Computer maintenance/ making minor programs, billing clerk, making parts estimate & send to the customer via fax machine, talking to the customer or Service operational Manager for the approval of parts estimate.


Company: Ford Aljazirah Vehicles Agency

Position:Specialist Technician/Service in Charge/Service Advisor/Costing/Warranty Clerk

Dates: November 2005 up to May 05, 2016

Responsibilities: Performing on troubleshooting and diagnosing using diagnostic equipment VMM (Vehicle Module Measurement) and IDS (Integrated diagnostic system)

Performing in-coding and programming control unit using ISTA, Check and diagnose the battery condition using Battery Tester Removing and replacing batteries

Performing troubleshooting and diagnose alternator charging by checking on measuring test on Multimeter or Battery tester

Troubleshooting, removing and installing and repairing power window, light, sun-blind, xenon light, short circuit, (burn wire) and other defective control unit Electrical troubleshoot on airbag lights on (reset, re-wiring, and replace control unit), can-line (K-CAN, PT-CAN, F-CAN) by checking power supply and most ring

Knowledgeable in electrical trouble shooting check and utilized battery high current drain by using diagnostic equipment GR-590 (Group Tester-590) or multimeter

Perform electrical check on wiring, air conditioning system like compressor a/c not working, auxiliary fan, and evaporator sensor and control unit

Perform diagnose and replacing parts, refrigerant failure (compressor a/c, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, pipe hose and additional auxiliary fan)

Removing and installing interior, exterior parts, heater assembly and full down dashboard of the car

Discharge and charge A/C gas on the system using machine equipment (ECHOTECHNICS) recharging machine

Knowledgeable to use auto electrician tools like crimping pliers, cable wire stripper cutter, circuit tester, ratchet crimping tool, radio removal, battery tester, multi meter, insulation tape, cutter pliers

Doing (PDI) pre delivery inspection on a new car (check under chassis, filled water delete transport-mode, reset oil service 10,000 km, check tire pressure, functional and torque all tire bolts before handling of costumer.


–          Perform research on warranties and prepare customize warranty papers for work.

Review all warranty claims and administer it with warranty awarded.

Coordinate with manager and prepare repair order for authorization as per warranty requirement. Assist various departments and fulfill all warranty requirements.Prepare documents for all warranty papers and mention repair order number and date of replacement.Manage all warranty claims, resubmit claims of required and ensure appropriate action before submitting to Main Branch.


–          Ascertains automotive problems and services by listening to customer’s description of symptoms; clarifying description of problems; conducting inspections; taking test drives; checking vehicle maintenance records; examining service schedules. Verifies warranty and service contract coverage by examining records and papers; explaining provisions and exclusions. Develops estimates by costing materials, supplies, and labor; calculating customer’s payment, including deductibles. Prepares repair orders (RO) by describing symptoms, problems, and causes discovered, as well as repairs and services required; obtaining approval signatures; entering RO into service database system.

Maintains customer rapport by explaining estimates and expected return of vehicle; obtaining customer’s approval of estimates; obtaining and providing contact telephone numbers; answering questions and concerns; arranging towing and temporary transportation.

Maintains automotive records by recording problems and corrective actions planned.

Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading manufacturers’ publications. Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.

Keeping   maintenance smoothly and efficiently.


–          Promoting   teamwork. Maintaining discipline. Maintaining high morale operations   running getting the right person on the job at the right time. Maintaining the quality and quantity of work. Checking and inspecting jobs and personnel. Preventing accidents and controlling hazards and hazardous material. Using and storing materials economically. Maintaining good housekeeping on the job. Keeping records and preparing reports. Planning and scheduling work. Training personnel. Procuring supplies and equipment to perform the work. Inspecting, caring for, and preserving equipment. Giving orders and directions. Maintaining liaison with other units, departments, and divisions.


Company: Dhofar Automotive, Zubair

Position: Technical Advisor/Foreman/Job controller/Cost clerk/Warranty clerk/Quality controller.

Dates: Sept. 03, 2017 up to present.

Responsibilities: Distribute and balance the workload among employees in accordance with established work flow or job specialization, assure timely accomplishment of the assigned workload, provide your team with the company’s vision and the objectives, Lead problem solving and collaboration, Lead creativity and continuous improvements in   workflow

Assure that all team members have the required information and training to effectively work performance and meet customer satisfaction, Keep discussions focused and ensure every member are aware to fix right at the first time and build up a winning team, Distribute and balance the workload among employees in accordance with established work flow or job specialization, assure timely accomplishment of the assigned workload, Estimate and report on expected time of completion of work, Check on work in progress or spot check work not requiring review (e. g., filing or direct services) and review completed work to see that supervisor’s instruction on work sequence, procedures, methods and deadlines have been met, Instruct employees in specific tasks and job techniques and make available written instructions, reference materials and supplies, Resolve simple, informal complaints of employees and refer others to supervisor,  Report to supervisor on performance, progress and training needs of employees, and on behavior problems.







Basic Computer Science – TESDA, NCR, Quezon City (May – August 1998)
AutomotiveMechanic – Quezon City Polytechnic University, Novaliches Quezon city (June – October 2000)


Computer skills: Hardware & Software, Computer troubleshooting& repair, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Word.
Good interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills.
Procurement, Purchasing


English: Reading (Good) Writing (Good) Speaking (Good) Understanding (Good)

Arabic: Reading(Good) Writing (Basic) Speaking (Fair) Understanding (Fair)

Tagalog: Reading (Excellent) Writing (Excellent) Speaking (Excellent) Understanding (Excellent)