George Lakanilao Diaz Fabricator/ Machine Operator

Horlance, Diera , U.A.E.
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Email Add: [email protected]

Mobile no. +971508059818

Position Desire: Fabricator/ Aluminum Installer/ Door Maker/Machine Operator





l  To become an asset of the Company in achieving its goals and objectives.

l  To be trained with the high level standard of performance in fulfilling the assign task.

l  To seeking ambience when my knowledge can be shared and render  my intellectual abilities and services to the organization in the most effective way could be productive to both organization and myself.






Fabricator / Machine Operator   EFP Middle East Product LLC     April 2014 – Present

Dubai , UAE


Metal Polisher/Fabricator       ALICO Aluminium Light. Corp.   January 2007- March 2014

Sharjah, UAE                                               7 years


Machine Operator                      Cheng Feng Ind. Corp.                       March 2004 – 2006

Tainan, Taiwan                                       2 years

Metal Finisher                            Mitsubishi Motor Corporation        August 1995- May 2003

Philippines                                             8 years




I’ve been woked in Aluminum and Glass |Industry for more than 10 years.  I working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as Fabricator. Metal Polisher, Mirror Finish & Brass Finish work, Unitized Curtain Wall, Door & Maker, Fabricator, Assembler & Glazing works, Composite Cladding panel, 4 face Automatic Crimping machine & single face crimping machine operator. DMS  Double Mitre Saw  and etc.










Shoba Project Subcon (Sliding Door & Windows) Dubai
Dubai Frame (Gold Backpan Frames) Dubai
Al Gurair (Cladding Composite Panel) Dubai
Chfadwick Project Subcon) (Skylight Adia Glass) Abu Dhabi International Airport
Gartner Project Subcon (Diagonal Louver) Saudi
Waagner Project Subcon (Star Frame) Abu Dhabi
Riyadh Metro – Subcon Riyadh ( Asseble Louver) Riyadh
Unitized curtain wall- subcon National  Aluminum Co, Dubai





Aluminum Fabricator / Machine Operator

EFP Middle East Product, Dubai, UAE



·        Lay out and fittings of metal steel structure.

·        Knowledge in drawing details.

·        Fabrication of steel flat forms, rapter girder and Lay out of base plate ,anchor bolt.

·        Fabrication of steel doors,panel and frame. Handling tools like circular saw ,grinder , magnetic drill, hydraulic drill, drill machine and also milling machine.ark welding and saw using.

·        Fabricate of conveyor,staircase,catwalk,aluminium and stainless using tig welding.

·        Star Frame, I preparation the Material Mlullion and transcom angle bracket pressure plate cover clip & long screw 8mm by160mm, Using the air drill and airtighter,air Saw, Plastic Hammer, right angle, Measurement meter, Roape for Alignments & pencil.

·        I worked in Unitized Department . Assemble Aluminun Fix & Sliding Doors windows & Screen Doors and Window preparation the Shuco profile & Materials, Sliding, Fly sreen use airdrill,airtighter, Hack Saw right angle, scissor for cutting the fly screen.



Machine Operator

EFP Middle East Product, Dubai UAE

·        I operate DMS Double Meter Saw, Elumatic machine.

·        Cutting all kinds of profiles. Base on the cutting list.

·        Sound technical skills and ability to fix problems with any type of machines

·        Ability to work for extended hours and physically fit.

·        Sound understanding of the working mechanism of the tools or the machinery they are handling .

·        To operate common machine shop equipment such as millers, lathes, grinders, or drill presses after they are set up by more skilled machinists.


Alico Aluminum Lights Projects

·        Bridge Water (Strick System & Unitized curtain wall)

·        Rose Tower ( Unitized Curtain wall)

·        Novotel Tower (Unitized curtaing walling)

·        Etisalat Tower (Unitized curtain wall)

·        Landmark Hotel ( Unitized curtain wall)

·        Park Place Tower (Unitized curtain wall)

·        Convention Center(Unitized curtain wall)

·        Al Futtaim Tower ( Unitized curtain wall)

·        South Harboor Plaza (Unitized curtain wall)


Metal Polisher – 2 years

Alico, Aluminum & Light Industries Corporation Sharjah, UAE



Making Mirror Finish & Brass Finish for stainless & Alumimun.
Grinds, files, or sands surfaces of metal items, such as automobile bodies and household appliances, using hand tools, power tools, and knowledge of metal finishing techniques:  Examines and feels surface of metal to detect defects, such as dents, scratches, or breaks in metal
Removes dents, using hammer and dolly block, and fills uneven surface with molten solder.
Smooths surface of item to specified finish, using handtools and powered t
May polish metal surface, using powered polishing wheel or belt.
Fabricator Door Maker / Machine Operator Crimping Machine  ( Unitized Department)

Alico Lights Industries Corporation


Fabricate & Assemble unitized curtain wall & panel, sliding doors & window shutter louver’s panel & hand drailling stainless steel.
Assemble  sliding doors window shutter & fabricate louver’s panel.
Operate sharing Cutting Machine (Cutting sheet metal) use measurement meter tape & pencil or marker.
Operate Double Cutting Machine. I Will set to size dimension if it what we need sampling cutting 90 degree’s or 45 degree’s I using measurement meter tape & pencil
Fabricate Aluminum composition cladding panel. I Lay out size measurement & fix angle bracket. I use air drill, air tighter, air rivet gun, plastic hummer meter right angle & pencil.
I assure to cut the material Profile by given my superior as per drawing.








2 years Certificate Technology Course

Automotive  Mechanic


School Award:   3rd  Class Mechanic  year: 1990-1992






DRIVING/ FORCLIP OPERATOR /ASSEMBLER /FITTER/WELDER/ AUTO MECHANIC /MACHINE OPERATOR know how to used the machine in fabrication such as Cutting mahine manual,DMS Double, Sherring Machine. Mitre Saw. Milling Machine ,Drill Machine , Splitting Machine .Mighter Machine,Band Saw, Punching Machine ,Crimping Machine 1FACE and 4 FACE  Automatic Crimping, Buffing such as Metal Polisher, using vertical Grinder ,bar cutter, brass polish and morror polish.





Date of Birth                            :           October 16,1972

Place of Birth                           :           Angono, Rizal

Religion                                   :           Roman Catholic

Civil Status                              :           Married

Nationality                               :           Filipino

Sex                                          :           Male

Age                                          :           46

Languages                              :           Tagalog, English




Passport No                            :           P6015952A

Place Issue                             :           PCG DUBAI

Date of Issue                           :           13 February 2018

Date of  Expiry                        12 February 2028





1990 to 1992 Automotive technology Two Years Certificate Technology at Rizal Technologycal Polytechnic Institute Morong, Rizal Philippines

 To become an asset of the Company in achieving its goals and objectives.
 To be trained with the high level standard of performance in fulfilling the assign task.
 To seeking ambience when my knowledge can be shared and render my intellectual abilities and services to the organization in the most effective way could be productive to both organization and myself.


2014 to the present Fabricator, Machine Operator at EFP MIddle East Product llc, Dip 1 Dubai Investment Park 1 Dubai UAE

my experience here in company almost 4 years and 10 months. for position of fabricator and machine operator

2008 to 2014 Fabriator, machine operator at ALICO Aluminum Lights Indutry Corporation llc Sharjah UAE

iI have 7 years of experience in this company , for the position of fabricator and machine operator

1995 to 2003 Metal polisher at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation Cainta ,Rizal Philippines

metal polisher is my role in this company , i have 8 years experience , my role is to repair all light dents and hamps , using ball hammer grinder chissel ,belt grinder , etc