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George Tomales Dolar Telecommunications Technician


George Tomales Dolar


B9 L31 Calle Escolta, Ciudad Grande, Market Area

Santa Rosa City, Laguna



Mobile Phone: +639219384867

Home Phone:  +63495084537


E-mail address: gtdolar@yahoo.com






Date of Birth                           : February 22, 1964


Place of Birth                          : Bgy. Tagapo, Santa Rosa City of Laguna


Sex                                          : Male


Citizenship                              : Filipino


Civil Status                             : Married


Name of Spouse                      : Melinda Gonzal Dolar


Occupation                              : Plain Housewife


No. of Children                       : Three (3)


Religion                                   : Born Again Christian

(Full Gospel)















As a highly skilled, talented and accomplished professional with diverse experience in implementing and analyzing technical programs in the field of telecommunications, I assure you my proficiencies to be an asset to the betterment of your company and to share efficiently my knowledge with my peers. With humility and confidence, I am what you need for your telecomm team.



Key strengths:

Possess in-depth knowledge of various telecommunication systems
Ability to install, maintain and configure telecommunication equipments
Possess good organizational, problem solving and management skills
Ability to read and interpret electronic circuit drawings
Familiar with jointing technique, copper cable fault -location, fiber splicing, usage of fusion splicing machine and termination techniques
Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
Knowledge of basic operating systems like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
Good team player with excellent customer service skills.
Handled the tasks of supporting service technician in maintaining the standard of telecommunication systems
Ensured that the telecommunication equipments are under the supervision of concerned IT telecomm person
Reviewed the technicians daily technical log and submitted a weekly report to higher IT telecomm personnel
Assisted senior staff in telecomm department in various telecomm projects
Supervised, maintained and supported telecommunication systems in compliance with the policies and procedures of the company
Monitored and supervised a team of telecomm professionals



Address:  Dammam – Al Khobar High way, Saudi Arabia

Duration: October 14, 2014 to October 15, 2016


Senior Telecommunication Technician

Aramco Project.


Job Description:

§  Operates and maintains Transmission Equipment such as Alcatel Main Street Model 3645, 3600, Alcatel SDH 1660.

§  Installed E1, Analog, DSL, The High Speed Internet Access lines for business customers within Aramco Industrial, Residential Complex.

§  Coordinated with customers and central office staff in order to troubleshoot problems that arise.

§  BTS installation and its associated structured cabling such as feeder cable.



§  Knowledge of network cabling (CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, Fiber, Copper Cable) and appropriate techniques for installing them. Termination and testing of new cabling and troubleshooting. Build closets (mount and install backboards, cross connects, racks, cabinets, patch panels, fiber optic).

§  Monitoring and understanding of infrastructure diagrams, plans and specifications. Knowledge of test equipment such as otdr, power meter, multi meter, transmission test set ( TIMS ).

§  Knowledge of telephony circuits and trunks.

§  Provide installation and troubleshooting of various telephone and data network.

§  Completed all works on time in order to satisfy the customers.

§  Assigned to more difficult projects because of ability to think through the problem ahead of time and excellent planning skills.



Address:    Brgy. Reformista, Limay, Bataan , Philippines

Duration:   February 1, 2014 – June 2014


Telecommunication Technician

for Daelim Expansion Project in Refinery Master Plan 2 of Petron National Oil Corporation

Job Description:

§  Installed CAT 5, CAT 6 and fiber optic structured cable distribution system, installation of  work area locations, cable installation and termination including organizing forming, dressing, and labeling cables for Petron National Oil Corp. expansion project in Refinery Master Plan 2.

§  Control cable line checking, dressing and termination for the following system:
a. Scada cross connection system.
b. Load shedding connection system.
c. Marshalling panel connection system.
d. Motor control center connection system.

§  Supervised and participated in the installation and loop checking of all copper cable to be used in power plant in the expansion project of Petron National Oil Corporation.



Address:   Tripoli, Libya

Duration:   August 19, 2012 – December 31, 2013


Communication Technician

Assigned in Waha Oil Company as Communication Technician in Dahra Oil Field Libya.

Job Description:


·         with company vehicle issued

·         with Libyan driver’s license


§  Installed and repaired outside telecommunication cables and associated equipment, works in harsh weather conditions to fix or replace equipment, climbs poles and ladders while lifting heavy objects, works in confined spaces, dig trenches for underground conduit or direct bury cables, maintain tools, supplies
§  As Field Senior Technician, mainly in charge with HF, VHF, UHF Radio/ Repeater, PABX System, LE34 Bosch Microwave Radio Link, PA System, NDB, VSAT. Assist Lead Engineer for communication availability for all sites and provide report for communication availability.


§  Installed  CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6 and fiber optic structured cable distribution system, installation of  work area locations, cable installation and termination including organizing forming, dressing, and labeling cables to industry standards.



Address:   Al Tawar Team, Dubai Region, Al Nahda Exchange

PO Box 400

Al Qusais, Amman St. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Duration:  April 19, 2008 – July 24, 2011


Customer Service Technician

Job Description:

§  Installed and repaired outside telecommunication cables and associated equipment, works in harsh weather conditions to fix or replace equipment, climbs poles and ladders while lifting heavy objects, works in confined spaces, dig trenches for underground conduit or direct bury cables, maintain tools, supplies.


§  Al Twar Team Lead Technician for FIBER TO THE HOME expansion project.


§  Team Instructor for Fiber Optic Drop Cable Splicing and Organizing Inside the Optical Distribution Frame.


§  Supervised and participated in the installation and maintenance of all fiber optic transmission system.


§  Installed  CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6 and fiber optic structured cable distribution system, installation of  work area locations, cable installation and termination including organizing forming, dressing, and labeling cables to industry standards.


§  Installed and repaired FIBER TO THE HOME Line and Copper Cable Line.


§  Provided line connections from exchange to business, residential customer and petrochemical company of Dubai, Emirates National Oil Corporation including pots, adsl and other data services.


§  rolled copper cable, fiber optic cable, splicing, termination for subscriber side including petrochemical compound of Emirates National Oil Corporation in Jebel Alih, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


§  Identified,/repaired fault sources in the cable network inside and outside residential, business and petrochemical compound from the exchange towards the points.


§  Tests circuit from end to end.



Address           : Solaimania-Dabab St.,

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration          : July 30, 2005 to July 30, 2007


Telecom Technician

Job Description:

§  Team Leader


◦   with company vehicle issued

◦   with company mobile phone issued (Mobile number: 0553112816)

◦   with Saudi Arabia driver’s (License number: 2218068829)

§  Radio and Telecommunications Equipment Installer with huge experience in installing fixed and mobile radio transmission and receiving associated communications equipment, and assisting Telecommunications Technicians and Senior Telecommunications Technicians on more difficult jobs when required. Exceptional familiarity with inside and outside cable plants, fiber optic cable and E-1 carrier systems. Deep working experience with mobile radio equipment, microwave communications equipment and telephone switching equipment.

§  Installed Huawei OSN 3500 SDH Fiber Optics Transmission System for Saudi Telephone Company in Riyadh, Dammam, Dhahran, Alkhobar, Jubail, Jeddah and Quassim Aramco.

§  Installed Huawei Technologies GSM 3G base transceiver station in Dammam, Aramco petrochemical compound and Alkhobar.

§  Circuit work order integrator for Saudi Telecom Alcatel BTS project  in Eastern Province.

§  Network Integrator for Saudi Telecom Huawei Technologies 3G project in Taif.


















Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)

Department     : North Parañaque / Taguig Exchange

Address           : Along Dña. Soledad Ave., Better Living, Parañaque,  Metro Manila

Tel. Nos.          : 823-0188 / 823-3988 / 824-1010

Duration          : August 18, 1986  to March 1, 2003



Plant Combination Man IV

Service Order Coordinator for Taguig Exchange.

Job Description:

§  Cable Tester – for copper cable testing with other Outside Plant Cable Technician.


§  Cable termination to activate lines such as pots, adsl, leased line and others.


§  Visual inspection of rectifier, battery check up, generator, diesel fuel for generator.


§  Inventory of mdf supplies such as jumper wire, patch cord for odf and other supplies.


§  Service order Dispatcher for other Customer Service Technician in the area.


§  Read-through the daily activity sheet  of my subordinates such as mdf technician and clerk at the end of the day.


§  Direct reporting to the Area Manager for the monthly report.


§  Acceptance of newly installed PCM/ PDH fiber optic transmission system.


§  Outside plant acceptance of newly installed primary and secondary copper cable, cross connect cabinet, secondary distribution point, ASLMUX equipment and other subscriber installation.


§  Setting up new telephone connection as per the customer orders.


§  Installing new internet connections as per orders received in offices and homes.


§  Repairing and fixing any kind of cable problems faced by the customer.


§  Maintaining the necessary paper work.


§  Operates and maintains:

a.       PDH fiber optic transmission system

b.      ASLMUX equipment

c.       ADSL (Nokia)

d.      Other multiplexer such as 1 plus 3, 1 plus 8 & 1 plus 12

e.       E1 up to 565 mbps

f.       ICMS Operator

g.      SDH (STM-1, STM-4)





December, 2001          Station Installation and Maintenance Cross


PLDT Dansalan


March 19, 2001           Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Training

to April 6, 2001           PLDT Dansalan


September, 1999         ICMS General Provisioning Course

PLDT Makati City


August, 1999              Fax Plus Operation and Maintenance

PLDT Makati City


October, 1998             Touching Lives Seminar

Island Cove Resort, Kawit, Cavite


May, 1998                   Access Subscriber Loop Multiplexer (ECI)

PLDT Makati City


February, 1998            CZ 3000

PLDT Makati City


January, 1998              Introduction to Digital Transmission Technique

PLDT Makati City


August, 1997              Dynatel 955/965

PLDT Makati City


February, 1996            Fiber Optic Cable Maintenance

PLDT Makati City


January, 1996              OP Cross Training

PLDT Makati City


November, 1995         AT&T SLC 120, 240 and Combimux

Transmission System

PLDT Makati City


July, 1994                    TDM Fiber Optic Transmission System

PLDT Makati City


February, 1994            Fundamental of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

PLDT Makati City


July, 1992                    Quality Customer Service Improvement Team


PLDT Makati City

April, 1991                  PCM/TDM Operation and Maintenance

PLDT Makati City


September, 1989         First Aid Lecture and Demonstration

PLDT – Malugay St., Makati City


July, 1989                    Basic Digital Techniques

PLDT – Malugay St., Makati City


June 30, 1986 to          Basic COE Frameman Course

July 11, 1986               PLDT – Malugay St., Makati City


August, 1985              Pilipinas Shell Youth Leadership Training

Development Academy of the Phils.

Tagaytay City






Technological University of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines

General Radio Communication Operator Course

June 1982 – March 30, 1985



Santa Rosa Educational Institution

Santa Rosa City, Laguna

June 1977 – March 1981



Santa Rosa Elementary School

Santa Rosa City, Laguna

June 1971 – March 1977








I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.