Geralino Pantoja Caudilla Safety Coordinator (or Advisor)

etc.Quantity Take-offSafety Supervision/Inspection/ReportingSPECIAL SKILLS : Trained & Certified in I.O.S.H. + O.S.H.A.

C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

NAME                          :  GERALINO Pantoja CAUDILLA


NICKNAME/s                       :   Gerry or Eno


NATIONALITY                    :  Filipino




OBJECTIVE                          : To excel full efforts a Proactive H.S.E. / Safety Works, and

to accomplish the Jobs , to attain what is to be done


for the benefits of the Company & Organization as a whole.


COLLEGE EDUCATION    :  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering *Graduate*


SPECIAL SKILLS                 :  Trained & Certified in I.O.S.H. + O.S.H.A., Supervision,

Inspection, Quantity Take-off, Computerization in Micro-

soft Excel & Words, etc.


ORGANIZATION MEMBER: 1.) Saudi Council of Engineers, Riyadh, K.S.A.

2.) Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers

LUF-Lucena City Chapter, Philippines


ADDRESS @ Philippines       :  Lot 7; Blk. 2; Phase 1, Hermana Fausta Village

San Fernando Street, Isabang

4301 Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines


CONTACT MOBILE NOS     :  +639165585113 or +639214167843 (@ Philippines)

E-MAIL ADDRESSES            :  [email protected]  or [email protected]


Almost Twenty (20+) years experienced in H.S.E. Construction Safety in Oil & Gas Storage Plant/Industrials that specialized in Tunnel Construction of different horizontal / vertical structures like Water Treatment & Sewage Plant, Distribution Pumping Station Building, Product Handling & Metering Building, Power Generation Plant, Concrete Sleepers for Oil & Gas Pipes, Concrete Foundations for Electrical/Mechanical Equipments, Road Works, Housing, Beach Houses-Chalets and Site Development, etc.





1.) POSITION                         :  SITE SAFETY ENGINEER


CONTRACTOR CO.         :  EL SEIF Engineering Contracting Company Ltd.

P.O. Box 2774, Riyadh 11461, K.S.A.

NAME OF PROJECTS    : 1.) Haramain Highspeed Railway Station / ESEC-P120

UNDERTAKEN &                   Client: Ministry of Transportation / S.R.O.

ACCOMPLISHED                   Located @ K.A.E.C., Sabir, K.S.A.

2.) Hail Five Star Investment Hotel Project / ESEC-P115

Client: Ministry of Higher Education

Located @ University of Hail, K.S.A.

3.) King Abdullah Financial District Project/ ESEC-P111

Client: Rayadah Investment Company, Riyadh, K.S.A.

3.A.) Pension Building, Parcel No. 3.04

(32 Levels + 4 Basements Parking)

3.B.) Apartment Building, Parcel No. 3.04

(24 Levels + 4 Basements Parking)

3.C.) King Abdullah Conference Center/ ESEC-P121

DATE  EMPLOYED           :  From October 28, 2008 up to August 22, 2015


2.) POSITION                         :   SAFETY ENGINEER


CONTRACTOR/CO.        :  HAMAD AL –KHALID & Bros. Company

17th Floor, Al-Khalajeah Building

P.O. Box 22402, Safat 13086, Kuwait


NAME OF PROJECTS       :  1.) Al-Asfoor Residential Building

ACCOMPLISHED &                 Dubahiyah, State of Kuwait

UNDERTAKEN                  2.)  Hamad Al-Khalid Building

Yarmouk, State of Kuwait

3.)  KEMPINSKI Julai’a Hotel & Resort

Julai’a, State of Kuwait

DATE EMPLOYED       : From May 2000 to March 20, 2008 (Went to Philippines

Due to “Operation Desert Shield “ WAR between U.S ./U.K. & IRAQ)


3.)  POSITION                         :   SAFETY SUPERVISOR, Assistant


CONTRACTOR /CO.       :   ABV ROCK GROUP KB, Riyadh & Abha, K.S.A.


NAME OF PROJECTS     :  1.) Site 1- Saudi Strategic Storage Plant, Riyadh, K.S.A.

ACCOMPLISHED &            2.) Site 6- Saudi Strategic Storage Plant, Abha, K.S.A.


DATE EMPLOYED          :  From September 1995 to February 1999


4.)  POSITION                         :  SAFETY OFFICER, Assistant

CONTRACTOR/CO.         :  IMAD COMPANY For Trading & Contracting

Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

NAME OF PROJECTS     :  1.)  Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SAUDI ARAMCO)

ACCOMPLISHED &                 Construct Tanajib Warehouse Facilities

UNDERTAKEN                         Tanajib, Eastern Province, K.S.A.

2.)  Completion of Homeownership Lots, Increment IX

Phase I, SAUDI ARAMCO, Abqaiq, Eastern Province

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3.)    North  Dharhan Water &  Sewage Treatment


DATE EMPLOYED          : From February 1992 to July 1995



*Conducts H.S.E. Safety Coordination on the Activities of Sub-Contractor;

*Ensure that handling and storage of all materials are conducted in approved manner;

*Conducts Safety Toolbox Meetings as H.S.E. awareness & training s;

*Conducts hazard identifications, risk assessment and recommend the proper Safety actions;

*Prepares “Lifting Plan & Permits” of Mobile & Tower Cranes in the assigned Work Location;

*Prepares “Daily Observations/Comments & Correction Action Report” relating to H.S.E.;

*Assist all related Safety Job functions as per required of the H.S.E./Safety Department;

*Maintains site records, i.e. incident/accident report, safety reports / memo circulars, accident statistics, etc.;
*Conducts safety audits;
*Conducts Safety Orientation, Presides /holds regular safety meetings;
*Presents safety-meeting topic during CLIENT Safety Meetings when required;
* Conducts accident investigations and prepares / submits investigation report;
* Conducts safety training @ all levels, i.e. Work Permit, Fire watch/Standby Man, Basic Rigging, fall protection, hazard communication, respiratory protection, hearing conservation;
*Support and review to prepare task risk analysis & lifting plan;
* Establish an Incentive Program;
*Maintains a ready supply of safety equipment;
*The Safety Coordinator (or Advisor) shall advise management on the following:
(A.) Ways to prevent injury to personnel, damage to plant and / or equipment and fires.
(B.) Ways to improve existing work methods.
(C.) Provision and use of protective clothing and equipment.
(D.) Potential hazards on site.
(E.) Changes in safety requirements.


I do solemnly certify that the foregoing declarations and statements are true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and ability. NOTE: Personal References to be given upon request or required.



Applicant for: Safety Coordinator/Advisor



June 7, 1975/October 31, 1981 A Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (Formerly: Luzonian University Foundation), Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines