Haitham Noori Ibrahim Civil Engineer,Project Manager,Road construction and Earthworks,Estimation,Project management

UAE Haitham Ibrahim
(MS Project).  Pricing & Tendering.  EstimationBudgetingcashflow calaculationsCost evaluationDrainageElectricityQuantity SurveyingResidential complexshoring and dewatering).  Construction of Multy story buildingssteel shedsTanneries.  Industrial Buildings.  Electrical Hydropower plants project management.TelecommunicationVillas.  Reinforced Concrete retaining walls.  Construction of steel structures ware houses Projects Management  Construction Management.  Operation Management.  Planning and Scheduling engineering



Date of Birth                         : 1962 Baghdad – Iraq.

Sex                                          :  Male

Marital status                        :  Married with three  children.

Religion                                  :  Muslim
Nationality                             :  Iraqi
Languages                              :  English  &  Arabic
Residential  Address             :  AL Shamkha 20/St.17/Abu Dhabi/UAE
Cell Phone: 00971 558924619,   00971 50 7457734
E-Mail: [email protected]
[email protected]



Ø  Member of Iraqi Engineers Association since 1985.

Ø  Member of Inistitution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in UK as an (IENG) memebership No 73477306 since Jan,2015.

Ø  Having CIN Pass for Oil fields in Abu Dhabi.

Ø  Member Of Iraqi Baghdad Chamber Of Commerce since 1989.

Ø  Member of Iraqi American chamber of commerce since 2005.

Ø  Member of Iraqi Contractors Association since 2005.

Ø  Member of Iraqi Traders since 1989.

Ø  ISO training certificate for QC(National Foundations Co) 2009.

Ø  Holder of    Emirates driving license. (UAE)since 1998.

Qatari driving license.   (Qatar)since 2013.

Omani driving license.(OMAN) since 2001.

Lebanese driving license.(LEBANON)since1994.

Iraqi driving license.(IRAQ)since 1980.


Ø  MBA(Master of business administration USA Atlanta University/Sarhjah Branch/UAE).2011-2012

Ø  B.S.C in Civil Engineering ,Grade/good.

1980 – 1985 Baghdad University.
Ø  IELTS Test Certified Grde 6,Class B1.

Ø  ISO Certified




Ø  Ms Office, Ms Project,Primavera,different design programs.

Ø  Many computer civil engineering and mangement programs.





Summary  of work

Posts Helded

Ø  Projects Management

Ø  Construction Management.

Ø  Operation Management.

Ø  Planning and Scheduling engineering,(MS Project).

Ø  Pricing & Tendering.

Ø   Estimation,Quantity surveying, Budgeting,

Cost evaluation,cashflow calaculations,s curves

and financial / physical progress reporting.

Ø  Contracts management and Administration..

Ø  Solutions of Contract’s Arbitrations.

Ø  Business Development Mangement.


Fields of work

Ø  Earthworks and Roads Construction.

Ø  Infrastructure “ Water , Electricity, Telecommunication,

Drainage, Sewerage and Storm system & Box culverts” Piping system.

Ø  Oil fields site arrangements and preparations.

Ø  Oil & Gas pipe lines Earthworks with EPC Contractors.

Ø  Reinforced concreter Bridges.

Ø  Enabling works (Piling ,shoring and dewatering).

Ø  Construction of Multy story buildings,Residential complex,Villas.

Ø  Reinforced Concrete retaining walls.

Ø  Construction of steel structures ware houses, steel sheds,Tanneries.

Ø  Industrial Buildings.

Ø  Electrical Hydropower plants project management.




Carrier History


UAE /Abu Dhabi

Projects Manager  DesertmanTransport &Contracting co      Abu Dhabi/UAE

From Oct, 29th.2014  up to date

I worked with this company as a Projects Manager, My scope was  handling Technical & mplementation  companies` projects,I also  involved in planning, following up, representing the company in front of clients,consultants, managing site progress plans  and maintain solutions for proper process ,I have handled proposals, variations,claims , nagotiation to reserve and defends companie`s rights .

I was involved in pricing and tendering ,do technical evaluation ,represent the comppany in final nagotiation during stage of awarding .

I prepare legal contracts ,subletting and finalise subcontractor`s proposals ,negotiation agreements and follow up certification of payments.

I have succeded to maintain a new effective management system to maintain information transfer easily and smoothly through the many channels of sources for easy decision  making and upgrade the level of control.

I worked as an advicer who built the new companies` business startegic plan  through the most competitive market in UAE specially Dubai and Abu Dhabi,I also involved in  commercial matters that lead better cost control of the compani`es expenses and overheads.

I helped DMTC to possess a good rank among other competators during awarding process ,.I have opened a new business line to DMTC by involving their company in asphalt and infrastructure work and succeded to get them 2nd class contracting category in Abu dhabi contractor`s classification and ministry of planning.

I manage to made DMTC got a joint venture agreement with very good reputed companies (e.g:China state,Orient contracting co,GTC,AlReyoum co) and got subcontracts awarding from other big companies (e.g:ACC,Chinastate,GS,SKEC,Zublin,…etc)

DMTC is one  of  biggest companies in Abu Dhabi /UAE Having more than 420 equipments (Trailers Trucks,Excavators,Dozers,Graders,Shovel,Buses,Cranes…etc) with more than 700 employees .

During my service till today I have successfully achieve to got the below mentioned projects awarded and I have run managing them :-


Al Dabiya Development facilty Phase III

DMTwas awrded earthworks as a Tier subcontractor for ACC(Subcontractor )under main contractor Tecnimont ,Client is ADCO and the project value is US 2.2 Billion.

Please follow the websites:-








Barakah Nuclear plant project Phase II

DMT was awraded earthworks as a Tier subcontractor for ACC(Subcontractor )under main contractor KEPCO (a joint venture in between Korea energy co ,Samsung and Hyundai) ,Client is ENEC Emirates Nuclear Energy Co) and the project value is  US 20 Billion.


Please follow the websites:-





-Habshan- Ruwis Gas pipe line

-Excavation for pipe line,prebedding,postbedding,Berm for Gasco (Tarif to

Madinet Zayed and Ruwis to Mussafah) 94 KM,Client GASCO

We were the subcontractor for ESSAR co,our project scope value is  AED28 millions

Out of US$ 55 total project value and  it is finished.

Please follow the websites:-







-Earthworks,Infrastructure,Roads and bridges for new Midfield Terminal

Complex at   Abu Dhabi Airport.

Our Subcontract Project Value  AED 20 Millions we were the subcontractor for Earthworks,infrastructures ,roads and bridges works under the main contractor China Estate (CESC),the client is Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC),The consultant Is (AECOM).

Please follow the websites:-


The below projects I have manage and run but it was awarded before I join :-


-Musaffah –Tarif main highway expand  327 km US$ 272.3  Million

We were doing two sectors of this project under main contractor Larsen & Turbo JV Dalama co with Bridges approaches.AED 30 MILLIONS

Please follow the websites:-



-Fence works for ADCO Habshan to Rowais (AED 7 MILLIONS)


-GS KP-170 to 204 Ruwais to Mussafah Project.

This project is to supply and install fence for the locations listed above.(AED 5



-Study ,apply,negotiate many tenders for different clients:-

Public sector  (Musanada,ADCO,ADNOC,Abu Dhabi Muncipality,Western region muncipality,TIDIC,Dubai Muncipality, ….etc)


Oil & Gas companies(Gasco,Takreer,Ad Gas, Dolphin,SK ,GS,Hyundai,Dodsal,ESSAR,
Roads and construction contracting companies(Larsen & Tubro,Wade adams,Arabian contracting co

(ACC),Samsung,Hyundai,SK,GS,Embergilo,Odbrech, China state,Orascom,Ghantout,Wahat Al







Construction Manager            GFA Consulting Ltd            Kajaki/Afghanista

From Feb ,22nd.2014  up to Sep,30th.2014

I worked with GFA Consultant Ltd an UAE / Dubai based co as a construction manager for a project at kajaki/Helemand Province/Afgahanistan,the project’s location

is at very dangerous area(red zone) and its under attack of Taliban nevertheless  we manage to execute.

The scope of work is to instal a new additional electrical hydropower plant for existing kajaki dam.It includes design and install a new unit using available equipments delivered by others, ,refurbish and carry on installing and constructing the complete unit,

My part is planning ,technically an physically following up the construction procedure, ,managing and coordinating with the subcontractors,following up construction at site and reporting to the project manger and chief of party.

The project is donor funded by USAID

More details can be found on below websites:-


Value of the project is reach to US$ 100 Millions.
















Projects Manager                  Extreme Piling Tech                         Doha/Qatar

From Oct,1st.2012 up to Jan,21st.2014


I worked in Qatar/Doha for a Piling contracting firm as a Projects Manager to follow up all the projects of the company myscope was also to get new .

My durty can be classified as follows:-

Ø  Following up all the  projects held by the company.

Ø  Coordinating with clients and consultants ,solve

all issues that have taken place in order to

maintain smooth flow of work performance.

Ø Instructing the project’s managers and following up

the plans according the schedules.

Ø  Variation orders .

Ø  Attending project’s meetings with the clients and consultants.

Ø  Progress reportings (Commercial and physical Updates)(Weekly,Monthly), advise for changes.

Ø  Cost evaluation,Budgeting.




Ø  Cash flow and Scurves.

Ø  Construction management

Ø  Technical Advicing.

Ø  Estimation,Tendering & Pricing.

Ø  Negotiations with clients for new projects .

Ø  Final negotiation for offers of new contracts.

Ø  Contracts management.

Ø  Supporting business development department in presenting the company  in a most good  qualified experienced way.


Projects executed

1-Enabling works fo AlNamaa Real Estate

(3B+G+M+10Th floor) Building ,the works include design and construct 300 lm secant piles diameter

600mm,45000 m3 excavations ,dewtaering by deep wells.Value QRS 5 Millions.

Please follow the website:-









2-Enabling works for CBQ Boulevrad (4B+G+M+7th floor building)the works includes

design and build  370 lm Diaphragm wall 22 m deep and casting 212 piles 900 mm diameter

along with 100,000 m3 excavation,dewatering and final grading,testing of piles and maintain shotcrete,Value QRS 21 Millions .

Please follow the websites:-


3-Enabling works for piling at Pearl Qtar villas,the work include design and build piling works 600mm diameter ,dewatering works .Value QRS 3 Millions.

Moreover I have been involved in geotechnical studying ,estimating,tendering,pricing  and offering for more than 63 tenders for govermental and private sectors, and was involved in many technical and contract’s negotiations for new oppoertunities and contracts to the company.







UAE/Abu Dhabi

Project Manager                    Advance pipe line service                  Abu Dhabi/UAE

From Jan.2012  up to Aug,2012

Rehabiltation for existing sewer net inside Abu Dhabi

I worked with Advance pipeline servoices as a project manger for rehabilitation the existing sewerlines inside Musaffah and Abu Dhabi the capital .

The methology used was the most modern type that will avoid the traditional way for rehabilitation or replace the xisting pipes (Cuttingasphalt,dewatering,excavation,

replace the pipe,and backfilling with compaction and reasphalt again)this process was highly expensive and

time consuming plus enviromental affects on the existionp population and economy.

The new methology used was enviromental friendly and it don’t need all theses is using CCTV to get actual condition of the pipes and arrange a system for rehabilitation by using robots and special lining materials.

The work detailed as below:-

-Coordination with the pumpstations for stop pumping

Or procedd based on the schedule and program.

-Isolate portion of the sewer net by locking existing
sewerlines using special process for cutting the flow and
bypass it to previously arranged manholes so as to keep
the flow running while mainenance action.

-Cleaning the existing lines by special high jetting

machine truck to maintian dry clean condition of

existing sewer pipe.


-Start CCTV for the existing lines and record the actual

condition of the existing pipes .


The video film will be evaluated by the consultant and

final decision will be followed either by lining the pipe

with new GRP liner or the pipe consition is applicable

with no any further action.

-If the decision is to rehabilitate the pipe by Lining,a

GRP liner will be arrnanged suit the diameter of the

pipe ,a process for lining the pipe will be held using a

robot system and CCTV will be applied to insure the

quality of the lining after installement.

I have worked for rehabiltate more than 10 km inside Abu Dhabi and Musaffah and the work was totally appreciated by the Consuktant(Dorsch engineering)and the sewer department of Abu Dhabi ADSSC.

Please follow the website:-



Contract No. O-1203
Abu Dhabi Island Networks and Pumping Stations Operation and Maintenance Contract


Piling Construction manager      Dubai Foundations Co later         Abu Dhabi/ UAE

known as National Fundations  CO

From Mar,2008 up to Dec,2011

I have worked with this company as a construction manager for doing piling works,my duty was to

Follow up projects step by step.planning the procedure of projects and carrying out necessary solutions for delays and procurement arrangements along with supporting  in  tenders pricing,negotiation with the clients,consultants and follow up the projects along with planning .

We got many contracts with Tamouh Investment Co L.L.C  inside Al Reem Island/Abu Dhabi

The works were design and build the piles for multy story buildings ,towers ,villas with different sizes .

Companies like SPK,ISZL Consortium,were also our clients and we have done different piles diameters


600mm-1200 mm,shoring and dewatering along with excavations were encountered in our scope of work.

We done shoring marine works at Al Reem  islandin abu dhabi  as we install 1500 lm, 600 mm sheet piles on sides of the marina.

Also we done a 300 m dock at the sea in abu dhabi ,by using 600mm reinforced concrete piles with steel casing and a marine vessel.

Total work done AED 60 Millions.






Managing Partner                    Bazyan Co (an iraqi firm) joint           Baghdad/  Iraq

venture with SMS   Co(Kuwaiti  co)

Which was subtituated by AL Kawafil Co

From Nov,2006 till Feb,2008

I have worked with this company as a managing partner,A new batching plant were supplied and errected by the partners at Taji camp( 45 KM North baghdad) to be used by CORP OF ENGINEERS to supply USA Army a

long with multinational companies with necessary concrete of high standards quality.

Companies like FLUOR ,KBR,RMS,WASHINGTON GROUP,TWI, along with many different companies have been supplied of concrete from that batch plant .

My duty was to arrange the concrete mix design and manage the supplies to all the customers,perform the concrete test and follow up the concrete batchplant work.



We got a lot of contract for supply and errect concrete walls T walls,Guard towers and barriers of different types(Jersey,bunkers,alaska walls,…etc) which was used to protect iraqi’s government buildings,towns,citizens

inside iraq from the terrorist actions ,bombs and projectiles.



Marine work was to establish a new boat dock at Al Taji camp for military use,the work was to arrange a slope level ground and cast concrete on the shore and under the water to maitain a plat form deck for boats.




The projects in total was worth US$ 6 Millions,the work was under JCC (Joint contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan) which belongs to USA Army.




Executive Director                    Green Colour for                                      Baghdad  / Iraq

General Contracting Co  (GCGC CO)

From  Juy 2005 till Oct  2006

This company was established by me and took the jobs

listed below starting from the latest ones:-

1)Design and construction of two ware houses inside

400 MW Southrern electrical power plant in Baghdad.

This job was to design and construct two steel ware housesinside 400MW Electrical power station plant  southern of baghdad,the job was held by Al Hurra Co as a main contractor for all plant and I worked with my

company GCGC CO as a subcontractor ,the client was Ministry of Electricity(Iraq).

The workwas to  design the two ware houses,construct the ware houses complete from earthworks to final finish cladding .

The walls and roofing was constructed by sandwich pannels on steel frame structures.

Carry out  cabling and mechanical works inside the power station ,arrangement for concrete bases for transformers,gas turbines along with water connections,and perform

maintenance works.

Work worth US$ 350,000.




2) Rehabilitation of Ramadi youth center and modify it  for the use of iraqi police  as a police station.

The work was to renovate the existing Youth center at Ramadi Province north west 90 KM of baghdad to be used asa new police station .

The work consisting of civil,electrical,mechanical works complete with maintenance of existion utilities.

The project took 6 months at the time were ramadi province under huge serious condition and military operations.

The project worth US$ 300,000.









3) Route causeway Rehabilitation

This work was to rehabilitate existing road usually used by USA army at Al Mishahda/Taji 45 KM North of baghdad ,the   project



took 2 months and worthUS$ 200,000, supervised by Coorp of engineers.


4) Construction of several villas inside baghdad

This work was to design and construct 2 villas inside baghdad for the use of different families ,the job was inside Baghdad and worth US$ 340,000



Project Manager                     Interglobe                                               Baghdad/ Iraq

From  15th April 2004 till Jun 2005


1) Construction of two oil pump stations in side Baghdad for

Ministry of Justice

This work was consisting of design and construct two oil pump stations inside Baghdad for the use of Ministry of justice

The work worth 2 millionUS$ and was including earthworks,concrete foundations,metal cladding ,errection of

petrol pumps and reservoires complete with gauges and meters,fire precaution,electromechanical works and maintenance.


2) Rehabilitation  of existing 10th floor building  at Green

Zone  for the new iraqi intelligence system(INIS)under

supervision of US AID and CIA. .


This project was worth 3.5 Million  US$ it was designated to rehabilitate 10th floor existing building to be used for the new

iraqi intelligence system newly formed under supervision of USA AID and CIA system.

The project was modifiyed and end with 15Million US $ and was highly recommended by USA Intelligence and iraqi

government ,the work include rehabilitation of the main existing building ,supply and errect new partitions with gypsum boards ,new

false ceiling,new doors and windows,all civil building works with new finishing,rehabilitate cooling and heating system with new chillers and air fans,supply and errect a highly secured

new telecommunication and network system(Computers networks,VOIP Systems,internet,highly new security protection

systems,access control,new electrical power systems,UPS System, supply and install complete power station with  2 no.

2000 KW generators ,water supply arrangement complete with pumps ,carrying out maintenance works for all facilities,civil and electromechanical, supply and install new furniture ,bullet proof







glass,and use these new systems along with security walls T Walls and barriers).

The work includes modifying the structure for the use of

intelligence system.

The work was highly proffessional for use by the client and include importing equipments , instruments and training outside iraq.




PROJECT MANAGER           Shanfari Trading & Contg. Co.             Sultante of Oman

From  15th March 2000 up to April 2004

1) Design &Construction of Road Connecting Khaluf Village To Sinaw-Doqum Main Road.

This Project is 26 Km Length Ashalt Road Contains Irish

Crossing different types with Box culverts, drainage system And  pipe ducts. Worth R.O.1.4 Millions Equiv To 3.64 MillionUS$.


2) Construction of Road of Rima–Kahil– Lakbi – Sawqrah.

This Project is 124 Km  length Asphalt Road Contains

Irish Crossing different types with pipe culverts, drainage

system and pipe ducts.

The work was include in some part of the road protection of sea side by making break water in the sea using reinforced concrerte units along with side protectin by rip rap,the marine work was by sea vessel with a hi up,and its also maintain a


solid plat form on marshland closer to that portion to maintain for new port .

Worth  R.O. 4   Millions    Equivalent  To

10.4 MillionUS$




PROJECT MANAGER            Tammeem General Enterprises              Sharjah,  U. A.E.

From June 1997 to March



1)   Construction of Roads for low cost housing for Umm

Funneen village for Sharjah Municipality.

This work includes Construciton of 35 Km. Internal roads with complete systems of infrastructures.

“ Telecommunication, Water, Electricity, Drainage & Street Lights”

WORTH  10 MILLIONS Dhs Equiv To 2.7 MillionUS$.

2)Construction of 10 Oil fields and                    Sharjah  U.A.E.
access road for Amoco  /  BP.                                                                              WORTH  10 MILLIONS Dhs Equiv To 2.7 MillionUS$.









3)Construction fo Dubai Centeral Post Office yard with all



WORTH 1.5 MILLIONS DhsEquiv To US$.  409






PROJECT MANAGER              Estiphan Co. for Enterprises & Commerce               Lebanon

From  1993 to 1997


1) RehabilitationOf OldSaida Road with its infrastructure.



2)Rehabilitation of 125Km Internal Roads and public network

for Bourj Hammoud Suburb.

The work include maintain the infrastructure(Sewerage,Storm water net,Electrical,Street Lighting,Tel networks,Side walks and Roads)



3)Construction of 2 Reinforced concrete bridges & 3.5 KmReinforced concrete retaining walls erecting potable water system for Afqa city, Northen Lebanon and 25 Km

Asphalt Road.









RESIDENT ENGINEER              Madi & Partners Consultancy                                    Jordan

From  1992 to 1993


1)   Construction of Qadusuya Cement Factory road

North of Amman

WORTH  1.2 MILLIONS  J.D.Equivalent To 1.7 Million US$

This project was designed and construction of main road inside the factory for the use of heavy trailers and trucks carrying raw material to the crusher .

The job was held by the factory under oursupervision and took 7 months












CONTRACTOR                         Haitham Bureau for Contracts & Commerce              Iraq

From  1990  to 1992


1) Constrcution of two Industrial tanneries with its

Roads,yards and infrastructure in Nahrawan southwest

Of Baghdad.




CIVIL ENGINEER                  Contracts & Admin. Department                                  Iraq


From 1989 to 1990

This work was joint venture between Bechtol and Iraqi ministry of industry  as one company called (TECHORP) .

I worked in contracts administration department in the project listed below:-

1)         Petrochemical Complex 2 in south west of Iraq (Abu Skhier)for (TECHORP)(Technical Corporation)

Ministry of Industry . “ Contract Management”


Ø  Tendering  & Pricing.

Ø  Quantity Surveying.

Ø  Design & Estimating the B.O.Q.

Ø  Solving contractors problems and Claims.

Ø  Supervision


RESIDENT ENGINEER              Iraqi Military Service                                                        Iraq

From  1985 to 1989


1)            Military work in Al Taji Camp.

Ø  Resident engineer for Road Work, Reinforced works,

Military warehouses & steel sheds.

Maintenance for power plant,water pump

station,electrical cables,and carry out all maintenanace

services for Taji Camp.

Ø  Quantity Surveying

Ø  SupervisionContracts