Hamza Salaar Electrical Engineer


Hamza Salaar

Electrical Engineer (BEE)
Citizenship : Pakistan ▪ Date of birth : 04-Nov-1993

Tel :      +971 525830878

e-mail : [email protected]

Flat#103, Alfardan building, Almaya Super Market, Satwa-Dubai


An adaptable and responsible graduate seeking an entry-level job in Electrical/Electronics-Engineering where he can contribute to the workplace and to his self-growth.


Key Skills/ Courses
1. Power (Power Generation Systems , Power Transmission , Power Distribution, Power Systems Analysis)
2.Electronics (Analog Electronics , Network Analysis , Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, FPGA circuits designs, VLSI design)

3.Telecommunication ( Signals & Systems, Digital Signal Processing, EM Waves, Computer Networks and Controls Systems)
4. Technical Languages: C++ , Assembly language


1.    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) from Air University, Islamabad 2012-2016 with CGPA 3.01

2.    Completed F.Sc from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education from Fazaia Inter College Chaklala (2010-2012) with 83.1% marks.

3.    Completed Matric from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education from Fazaia Inter College Chaklala (2008-2010) with 73.4% marks.


1.      NTDCL  Pakistan(2-months):

NTDC is government organization which handles all the Power transmission network of PAKISTAN. I worked in the protection department of NTDC’s 500KV grid station in Rawat. My major work was on different type of relays and instrumentation transformers.

2.      PAC Kamra(3-weeks):

PAKISTAN AERONAUTICAL COMPLEX offers engineering services to defense forces of PAKISTAN. Its main service is the complete overhauling of an aircraft. PAC has many factories depending on different types of aircraft related tasks.


Certifications and Projects
Has completed the following projects

Final Year Project:  Design and Development of Grid-Tie-Inverter

This project has an immense industrial importance, this project stresses on use of renewable energy resources in a constructive way. By generating DC power from a solar panel or any other renewable source, inverting this DC power in to the AC power, This AC power is then fed back to the electrical grid through reverse metering thus reducing the billing and contributing excess power to the electric utility.

Achievement:  Only this project in our batch projects was selected and funded by ICT R&D(Information and Communications Technology Research and Development).

Semester Projects:

1.      Digital Stopwatch using DLD circuits

2.      Power Amplifier

3.      DC Power Supply

4.      DC Motor direction control

5.      Temperature sensor using 8051 microcontroller.

6.      Digital Security lock using 8051 microcontroller.

7.      Dancing flower using Analog circuits.