Harmeet Singh Virdi Storage and Backup Lead


Harmeet Virdi

34 Crawford Drive, Brampton, Ontario-L6V 2C7                                                                                     289-952-9057                                                                                           [email protected]
Profile Summary

Experienced and tech-savvy person with over eight years of relevant experience looking to leverage extensive background in storage management/implementation, disaster recovery and backup into a position as Storage and Backup Specialist.


·         Strong hands-on with EMC, Hitachi, Pure, Isilon and Netapp Storage products in implementation and support for many clients including Govt. and private organisations

·         Extensive knowledge on disaster recovery and business continuity solutions w.r.t. implementation, support and designing as per project requirements

·         Good knowledge with backup products like Commvault, Netbackup, EMC networker in providing support and troubleshooting routine issues

·         Excellent skills with Brocade and Cisco fibre channel switches w.r.t. firmware upgrades, zoning and troubleshooting issues

·         Competent in disk provisioning and reclamation activities which include meta creations, lun mapping and masking, discovering new storage on ESXI, HP-UX, Linux and windows servers

·         Strong ability to communicate between different teams and vendors in order to complete activities like host integration, migration activities, DR drills and hardware replacements on time

·         Well versed with ITIL processes such as change, incident and problem management

·         Performed on-call duties and supported the team 24/7 for any third level escalations


Technical Skills

EMC, Hitachi and Netapp Storage:      HDS G1000, VMAX, DMX, VNX, Clariion, FAS 2040, 8040, IsilonG6

BC/DR Solutions:                               Snapmirror, Truecopy, Timefinder Mirror/Clone, Replication Manager, VNX Snapshots, SRDF (sync, async, adaptive copy), Mirrorview

Storage Softwares:                             Hitachi Device manager, NMC, OnCommand System Manager, Symwin, Powerpath, Symcli, ECC, SMC, Unisphere, Networker

Platform/OS:                                      HP-UX, Linux, Windows

Backup:                                             IBM 3592, SL8500 and Virtual tape library

VMWare:                                            vsphere 5.5

SAN Switches and FCIP Routers:        Brocade ED48K, DS 300B, B24, MDS 9513/9710, 9222i, AP-7420B


Professional Experience

I.T. Analyst (Lead – Storage and Backup)

TCS Canada, Toronto                                                                                                 Sept 2016 to Present


Team management

·         Working as a Storage and Backup lead for a leading pension plan client in Canada, managed team with onshore and offshore resources

·         Answer team member questions, helps with team member problems, and team member work for quality and guideline compliance

·         Manage inventories and stock, including keeping detailed records of inventory use and sales, and advising management on ordering where necessary

·         Assist management with hiring processes and new team member training

·         Conduct regular team meetings to update members on best practices and continuing expectations


Storage and Backup

·         Maintain existing and design roadmap for future for storage and backup products

·         Manager Storage and Backup environment with overall 4 PB storage

·         Write and execute Service Improvement plans and prepare Standard Operating Procedures for Storage and Backups technologies

·         Create capacity planning based on historical trends and forecasted business needs so as to maintain adequate level of services

·         Manage Storage products like Hitachi G1000, VMAX40K, NetApp, Pure, Isilon for the client

·         Create and manage pools, storage groups, aggregates, volumes, LUNS on EMC, HDS, NetApp, Pure storage arrays

·         Look into routine activities like storage provisioning/reclamation from SAN and

·         CIFS/NFS creation and management of existing shares from NetApp

·         Manage Disaster recovery solutions like True copy, SRDF/S, snapmirror

·         Performed regular Disaster recovery testing for our databases, applications to validate RTO for SAN and NAS environment

·         Configured new ISL connections between DC-DR

·         Created and implemented backup policies and procedures to adhere the standards defined with mutual agreement by business

·         Manage multiple Backup solutions like Commvault and products like Netbackup and Backupexec

·         Configuration of new Isilon Gen 6 systems as backup target

·         Decommissioning of Storage arrays like NetApp and Pure systems. Isilon and VMAX to be followed

·         Configure Isilon as per Commvault best practices so as to provide best performance

·         Performed Commvault/SP upgrades for Commvault servers and over 1000 clients involved

·         Performed migration of production application and database from EMC VMAX 40K to Hitachi G1000, via VMware vmotion and virtualizing EMC behind G1000

·         Installation and configuration of HORCM instances for SRM implementation.

·         Configuration of SMTP Journaling for email archiving.



·         Good knowledge on vmware and performed regular activities like migration of VMs across dadtastores/hosts.

·         Discovering/configuring of new storage devices on in vmware


ITIL Processes

·         Work on different incidents in Storage and Backup environment

·         Create incidents for other teams for issues impacting production systems

·         Manage/work/assign problem tickets in order to find root cause and prevent from re-occurrence

·         Create/assign/work on different change requests as per business requirements and policies



SAN Admin

IBM Canada (3 weeks)                                                                                           June 2016 to June 2016



Senior SI Engineer

Wipro Limited, India                                                                                                  Dec 2011 to Feb 2016


EMC Storage Implementation, Administration and Support

·         Strong hands-on and technical in-depth knowledge of storage systems including EMC VMAX, DMX, VNX and Clariion for providing support to over 10 clients

·         Proven professional with experience in implementation, providing administration and support for EMC mid-range products like VNX and NAS within client deadline and SLA

·         Skilled in project deployment/provisioning/reclamation activities with HP-UX, Linux and windows based systems

·         Worked closely with server teams for host integration with storage products like VMAX, DMX, VNX, etc and troubleshot issues in storage infrastructure

·         Completed activities like capacity upgrade for symmetrix along with CX4, VNX and I/O module upgrade for VNX storage using USM

·         Managed volumes and file systems in NAS (Network Attached Storage). Configured NAS for NS-480 and VNX storages and created file systems for unix and windows server in the environment using NFS and CIFS protocols

·         Performed commissioning and decommissioning of storage arrays which include physical connectivity, power up, initialization, zoning, configuration and storage reclamation, removing zones, disconnecting physical cables, dismantling of storage respectively

·         Performed on-call duties and provided 24*7 support for any third level escalations


Netapp Storage Implementation

·         Implemented and configured Netapp Storage FAS2040 and completed storage related tasks such as physical connectivity, zoning, allocations

·         Completed critical OS migration activity from one raid group type to another within FAS2040

·         Performed capacity upgrade for Netapp storage products such as FAS2040 and FAS2240


Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity and migration

·         Implemented SRDF/A between DC (Data Centre) and DR (Disaster Recovery) sites 2000 KM apart using FCIP router AP-7420B and replicated more than 100 TB of data

·         Created scripts to capture consistency group lag, monitoring DC-DR replication behaviour and re-establishing suspended RDF groups in order to minimize DC-DR lag

·         Monitored and provided support for SRDF and streamlined issues faced due to link fluctuation

·         Performed data migration from one symmetrix to another using SRDF/ACP for testing and development setup of our client

·         Configured local replication using Timefinder/Clone by created Device Groups for backup purpose

·         Implemented and configured mirrorview for a client using ISCSI protocol which included link connectivity, domain joining, DC-DR storage connectivity and replication

·         Configured snapmirror for a client for Netapp gateway N6040 with IBM storage at backend

·         Conducted routine drills for disaster recovery and business continuity


Fibre Channel Switches

·         Configured and provided support for Brocade SAN switches B24, DS-300B and ED48K and completed zoning and host integration for superdome, blade as well as rack mounted servers

·         Configured AP-7420B FCIP routers for SRDF implementation and given 24*7 support


Code upgrade and server patching

·         Proactively planned and upgraded firmware’s of VNX, Clariion, symmetrix to latest version using USM

·         Applied enablers such as thin provisioning, mirrorview, etc as per requirement and EMC guidelines for VNX storage systems using USM

·         Completed patching and firmware upgrades for HP-UX, Linux, Windows servers and worked with server teams to resolve issues related to software’s such as powerpath, symcli, networker


Backup implementation and support

·         Provided support for networker on 24/7 bases and troubleshot issues pertaining to backup

·         Conducted routine activities of backup monitoring, creation/labelling of tapes, adding tapes to tape library for backup environment comprising of SL8500, DL5200 and DL740

·         Maintained and created backup schedules, managed policies, backup scripts, etc

·         Worked with database and application teams for performing routine backup and restore activities for data consistency check

·         Successfully contained largest data backup window within 24 hours by implementing simultaneous manual cloning instead of single cloning session


Hardware replacement activities

·         Worked on hardware replacement activities for products like DMX using symwin and VNX, Clariion, Disk Library and San switches

·         Proactively replaced storage hardware products like disks, SPS’s, storage directors, storage adapters, disk library engines, LCC cards and cables as per EMC guidelines

·         Worked with suppliers and vendors for hardware delivery that can be made on timely manner in order to minimize production impact


Reporting and training

·         Performed routine capacity and storage planning and submitted detailed report to management about capacity utilization

·         Created reports for existing and modified DC storage environment, such as available storage, consumed storage, server wwn, DC-DR connectivity, etc

·         Followed the customer guidelines for allocation and reclamation of storage and kept storage documents updated

·         Provided training sessions for EMC storage administration and disaster recovery solutions in order to share knowledge among team members

·         Conducted knowledge management chat sessions and created various storage related documents and shared within team

·         Delivered KT/training to team members and client as per requirement



·         Worked as a change planner and represented standard/normal/emergency changes in CAB and TAB meetings for getting it approved

·         Worked on Incident Management, Change Management using BMC remedy and co-ordinated DC activities with EMC CE

·         Resolved issues which involved host team and coordinated with them to reduce business impact


Engineer-System Administration

Computer Sciences Corporation, India                                                                    Aug 2008 to Nov 2011


EMC Storage Administration and support

·         Administered and managed EMC storage solutions like EMC VMAX, DMX and Clariion, Celerra

·         Performed allocation and reclamation of luns using symcli for symmetrix product range and Unisphere and Navisphere for Clariion and VNX

·         Followed the customer guidelines for allocation and reclamation of storage and kept storage documents updated in client database

·         Monitored the storage during office hours for any unwanted events


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

·         Implemented disaster recovery solution using SRDF and RPA (Recover Point Application)

·         Configured Timefinder mirror for routine testing of development setup for our client


Fibre Channel Switches

·         Completed zoning of new servers with Cisco MDS 9513 and 9222i using GUI as well as command line

·         Provided support for storage infrastructure for Cisco MDS SAN switches



Masters of Engineering (Equivalent to Canadian Education, accessed by WES)

Punjab Engineering College – Chandigarh, India                                                                                   2008


Bachelor of Engineering (Equivalent to Canadian Education, accessed by WES)

Institute of Engineering & Technology – Ropar, India                                                                            2006