Hayat Gul Security Manager

Dubai, UAE Ahmad Jan Ahmad Jan
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Universal Security Services Dubai UAE
From 26th June 2016 till present
 Managing one the big security company operating in Dubai and planning to start the
operation in Abu Dhabi
 Communicate to clients on the security guard performance, replacement, schedules, work
and other security guards related matters
 Draft training of the security guard according to client and work requirements
 Interview and recruit security personal according to client and site requirement
 Provide onsite and internal training to new coming security guards and refreshers to the
current in Security team

Go for site survey’s for new deployment and check for the scope of work and write the job
duties and responsibilities
 Plan DPS training for the new Security guards and for those who are on renewal of visas
 Process DPS IDs for the security guard in DPS portal
 Meet the client and discuss the security related matters, take action according to client
requirement and company policies and procedures
 Schedule meeting with site supervisor for the sites to discuss the progress at work and give
advises how to further improve the security personal performance
 Managing the patrolling supervisor team to check on their site visits and feedback
 Advise the site supervisor to follow the to work on the new procedures which is the site
 Interview Security Guards/Supervisor new hiring and performance evaluation

Do Skepe interview for new hiring from abroad Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Philippine
 Coordinate with HR department for new hiring, cancellation and get update on the DPS
card requirements
 Coordinate with the camp Managers for the Accommodation related matters
 Prepare the attendance for the site Manager signing to send it to their head office for
contract payments
 Follow up with clients on the payments of the contracts and also for the security Guard
trainings from certified trainers
 In charge of the full operation of the company, people like patrolling supervisor, site
supervisor, drivers, camp boss, camp coordinators and all the security and cleaning staff
report to me
 Do purchasing for the company needs, staff needs and making orders for uniforms, shoes
and renting accommodation for the security and cleaning staff
 Managing the office staff as their office Manager
 Make petty cash request for the approval from the company Director and owner
 Update the Director and the owner of the company on progress of the different running and

coming projects
 Heads the weekly/monthly meetings with company staff on their department aims and
 Go site visits to check on the security and cleaning staff about their work and to meet the
client management to rectify the issue related to staff work and requirements
 Do site surveys for new project to quote and additional requirements on the current sites
 Closely working with all the company staff to fulfill needs according to their requirement
and company policies

 My current job is customer service based in one of the very prestigious shopping mall in Dubai;
I meet and greet customers and guests from around the globe in order to facilitate them. But
I am basically security professional. Other of my job descriptions are listed below.
 Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah 1 Dubai UAE
 Mercato Shopping mall is multipurpose shopping center in the heart of Jumeirah area.
 Member of Middle East Shopping Council an international shopping council, Mercato is
destination hub must-see for expatriates, locals and visitors alike


31/3/1998 to 31/03/2001 Master of Urdu Literature at University of Peshawar Pakistan

Currently of have been in Security Guarding Profession for 15 years


26/07/2016 to present Security Manager at Universal Security Services