Helen Mondares live in caregiver

changing beds and cleaning up of toysdryingi do laundry including washingkolding and ironing

aspiring to obtain a position as caregiver/ acaregiver i should establish a way on how we can communicate and interact with our patient easily,and give them extra consideration in the things that they do.


1981 1987 B.S Biology(undergraduate) at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation(formerly VMEI)

all the information provided by me on this application/resume is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that i authorize my previous and present employers,school listed as refetences to give any information regarding employment or educational record.

2004 certified caregiver at primacare and training center

i took up my caregiving course in the year 2004


2007/2011 nanny/housemaid at H.E Shiekh Abdullah Al Sabah

i give the child psychological and physical support,changing diapers,give him nutritional foods

2018 up to present presently home caregiver at Miss Jesse Datuin

presently woking as a caregiver to Mr.Jesse Datuin,63 y/o and a person with dissability,my duty is to give him medecine 3x a day with adifferent prescription,give him bath,wash his clothes and give him nutritional food