Henry Celebrado DIa Material Sourcing Specialist (Tenders & Procurment)


Henry Dia
P.O. Box 54867 Jeddah 21524,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel..: 00966 126431145 ext. 120
Cell: +966 (0) 582514313
Comp. email: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]

Professional Summary
Highly skilled and detail-oriented personnel with excellent record of successful multi-tasking and customer service. Able to work effectively as part of a team as well as independently.

Core Qualification

• Exceptional experience in Material Sourcing, industrial procurement, process engineering, design & construction, production & planning, commodity procuring, supply & subcontract works sourcing, costing and customer service.
• Strong familiarity with processes, procedures and methods
• Knowledge in designs and applications using AutoCAD 2015.
• Sound skills in interpreting technical drawings and specifications
• Superior strategic thinking skills
• Remarkable ability to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment
• Outstanding proficiency in material and subcontract works analysis
• Good grasp of Quality Standards & Regulations.

Material Sourcing Specialist
Rasa Al Arabia Commercial Group
Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
January 24, 2017 to present

• Sourcing new local and international suppliers as well as subcontracting companies.
• Implements plans to assure orders meet specified quality and delivery times and to minimize the total cost of purchases.
• Prepares & evaluates costing analysis for specific bids of suppliers.
• Establishes supplier base in conformance with guidance from Category Managers.
• Handles requests for information, quotations, proposals, and bidding processes.
• Evaluates current and potential suppliers in coordination with Supplier Quality Teams.
• Negotiates with suppliers to meet quality, delivery, and cost objectives.
• Executes contract negotiation and development in coordination with Sourcing Manager and Contract Specialists.
• Drives the parts and process qualification in coordination with Supplier Quality Teams.
• Works with Sourcing Manager/ Sourcing Leader to guarantee supply for all portfolios.
• Establishes and maintains rapport with all levels of supplier personnel and internal customers.
• Identifies opportunities and implements actions to achieve efficiencies.

Procurement and Planning Support/ Sr. Secretary
(CCC Main Office Oman) Consolidated Contractors Company Oman LLC
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
October 9, 2011 to September 30, 2015

• Review all documentation at the awarded project as well as tenders to develop a comprehensive list of material requirements.
• Evaluate Technical submission/ pre-qualifying documents from the relevant suppliers and Subcontractors.
• Identify screens and recommend pre-qualification of suppliers so that ranges of suitably competent sources of supply are available.
• Follows materials purchase requisitions including all relevant documents & records (e.g. Bills of Quantities, technical specifications, drawings, and quality and safety requirements.
• Seek quotations from local & international suppliers, negotiating prices where appropriate.
• Carry out arrangement for the technical & or commercial evaluation of bids from suppliers to ensure that specifications are met.
• Coordinate suppliers so that materials could be acquired in accordance with requirements.
• Liaise with others within the main office and projects & with external parties, e.g. subcontractors, suppliers& shippers to ensure efficient & timely receipt of required materials.
• Perform engineering task such as reviewing Prime Documents, BOQs, Specifications and Drawings.
• Prepare Material Comparison sheets, Approval Slips, Letter of Intent and Contracts Agreement.
• Prepares request for quotation and several inquiries required for projects and tenders.
• Coordinate suppliers and several companies with regards on procurement matters i.e Quotations, Contracts Agreements & Material submittals.
• Follow-up quotations, submittals and other material & planning transactions.
• Manage bookkeeping records and control of documents with quality records.
• Initiate business letters and independent correspondences.

Project Support for Procurement/ Site Secretary (Projects Based)
(CCC Projects) Consolidated Contractors Company Oman LLC,
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
October 2007 to October 2011

Projects Involved:

• Advance Earthworks & Reclamation of the Salam Resort and Spa,
Yiti, Oman

• Construction & Rehabilitation of As Seeb Internal Roads
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

• Design & Construction of the Dualization of 18th November Street
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

• Construction of the Rerouting of Road Network of Royal Opera House
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

• Design and Construction of the Third Lanning of the Main Road from Al Mawaleh to Bait Al Barka Roundabout
Muscat Sultanate of Oman

• Undertake full responsibilities in procurement processes as below:
• Request for quotations
• Comparison sheets
• Quotations review
• Suppliers & Subcontractors prequalification documents review
• Follow-up quotations and other related matters.
• Letter of Intent
• Contracts Agreement
• Material & Subcontractor’s Approval Quality Documents

Process Specialist (Mineral Water Processisng)
Al Mazyona Mineral Water Co. SAOC
Nakhal Road, Barka
Sultanate of Oman
June 2005 to July 2007

• Operates, troubleshoots and maintain the following industrial machineries:
• Blow forming machines (Which produce thousands of small, medium, and large sizes of empty plastic bottles of mineral water)
• Filling machine (Fills empty plastic bottles of mineral water from the blow forming machine)
• Capping machine (Fixing caps covering the fully filled bottled of mineral waters from the filling machines)
• Labelling machine (Brand labelling of bottled mineral water after capping)
• Packaging machine (The final process after passing from the above processes)
• Conducts monthly preventive maintenance for all the machines.

Production Supervisor (Plastic Thermoforming)
Primepack Technologies
LISP II, Calamba Laguna
June 2003 to January 2005

• Design and implement procedures and processes that contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the department.
• Responsible for the smooth day to day production process.
• Ensure timely production output and on time delivery.
• Identify all issues in team and provide continuous support to all members according to operating standards on everyday basis.
• Supervise effective working of production personnel and prepare effective production schedules and ensure compliance to all company policies.
• Administer all work according to QRQC principles and recommend strategies to improve processes and reduce goals.
• Maintain records of all data attendance and provide effective training to all staff members.
• Coordinate with equipment and process teams and ensure compliance to all protocols and maintain product quality.
• Prepare vacation schedule for all employees and ensure no effect to production.
• Manage and prioritize all production processes and implement all production plans.
• Ensure compliance to all local policies to achieve all production objectives and provide appropriate feedback to all employees.
• Develop and maintain effective relations with all company employees at various levels of organization.
• Prepare necessary paperwork and administer all records on spreadsheet and maintain records of all documents.
• Analyze staffing requirements and ensure efficient compliance to production schedules and budget for all production process.
• Evaluate and maintain all department budgets and analyze all variances for same.
• Maintain and provide support to all 5-S program and prepare training program for all status boards.
• Ensure compliance to workplace policies according to safety objectives.

Process Supervisor (Thermoforming)
Primepack Technologies
LISP II, Calamba Laguna
December 2002 to June 2003

• Originator of cycle time maximization from the normal running time to the maximum cycle speed (From 24 second to the fastest record of 6 seconds) resulting to an excellent production output. Meeting the required delivery on time or advance than the actual forecast.
• Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of production departments in processing materials or manufacturing products in industrial establishment, applying knowledge of production methods, processes, machines equipment, plant layout, and production capacities within the department.
• Reviews production orders or schedules to ascertain product data, like types, quantities and specifications of products scheduled delivery dates in order to plan department operations.
• Plans production operations, establishing priorities & sequences for manufacturing products, utilizing knowledge of production processes and methods, machine equipment capabilities and human resource requirements.
• Prepares operational schedules and coordinates manufacturing activities to make sure production quality of products meets specifications.
• Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to make sure minimum costs prevent operational delays.
• Inspects machines and equipment to make sure specific operational performance optimum utilization.
• Develops or revises standard operational and working practices observes workers to make sure compliance with standards.

Asst. Production Supervisor (Thermoforming)
Primepack Technologies
LISP II, Calamba Laguna
February2002 to December 2002

• Responsible for assisting the production supervisor and monitoring program schedules.
• Assist quality control process and solve technical problems related to all activities on the floor.
• In the cases of breakdown, I ‘am responsible to report the same cases to higher authorities, such as production managers.
• I usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Examining products.
• Observing the operation of machines.
• Maintaining cleanliness.
• Monitoring measurement specifications.

Production Machine Operator (Thermoforming)
Primepack Technologies
LISP II, Calamba Laguna
May 2000 to February 2002

• Operates high speed sophisticated machines by managing settings and conducting tests to ensure a successful operation in the production process.
• Select & load specific raw materials for production and ensuring a good combination of these materials so that they complement each other.
• Inspect equipment in use through troubleshooting, checking for any problems and fixing immediately if any, in order to prevent breakdown in the course of work.
• Monitors all activities going on at the work site, records them for accuracy, clarification, and verification, and reports to the supervisor.
• While the machine is in operation, I monitor it closely to detect any signs of malfunctioning that may affect the quality of work and tackles it immediately to avoid it getting worse.
• As one responsible for production, I usually ensure that all production materials are never in shortage.

Production Staff (Injection Molding Machine Operator)
PTON Corportation (Precision Plastic Injection)
Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA)
Rozario, Cavite
June 1998 to May 2000

• Arrange machine at the beginning of work procedures to ensure that everything is in order.
• Test the machine before main work begins to be sure that it’s in good condition for production.
• Clean up machine parts after every work procedure.
• Set all machine operation information such as speed, size and shape into machine before it begins running.
• Set parameter settings.
• Insert all production materials in the various parts of the machine where they are supposed to be to enhance production output.
• Ensure that machines are calibrated and recalibrated before and after production procedures.
• Troubleshoot machine problems to determine actual faults.
• Strictly adhere to client job specification and ensure good quality work.
• Ensure timely preparation and availability of all production materials to avoid shortage during production.
• Report to supervisor(s) regularly, keeping them updated on production activities and progress.
• Study blueprint from work layout to ensure accuracy in production task.


Completed the 2D/3D AutoCAD Course
Microcadd Institute Inc.
Monumento Campus
Monumento, Caloocan City
Date Completed: March 07, 2016

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
(Major in Architectural Drafting)
Sorsogon State College
Sorsogon City, Philippines,
Date Graduated: 1997

Secondary Education (High School Diploma)
Osiao National High School
Sorsogon City, Philippines,
Date Graduated:1993

Achievement/ Professional Certification

Autodesk Certified Professional Certification
91% certification Exam Passer
International Certification by Autodesk

Trainings/ Seminars

Values Orientation Seminar
Failure Mode & Effect Analysis
Statistical Process Control
Seven Tools & Quality Control
Internal Quality Audit


2D/ 3D AutoCAD operation
Planning & Scheduling
Computer Operation


Computer Literate
Fast Learner
Can Work Under Pressure
Willing to Learn

Personal Information
Birth place, Sorsogon City, Philippines
Status, Single
Nationality, Filipino
Religion, INC (Christian)
Language, English & Filipino