Ikechukwu Mgbowula Medical Graduate


2055 Avenue O, Ottawa, ON. K1G OB1
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A dedicated and hardworking Medical Doctor and Nursing student with over 5 years of experience working in the clinic and community setting. Extensive experience clinical practice, research methodology and dealing with patients with various disease conditions. Ability to remain calm and focused in a busy fast paced, ever changing environment. Efficient in clinical assessment, evaluation and possesses effective interpersonal and communication skills with strong attention to detail.

– Diploma in Practical Nursing in Canada
– Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Degree

Practical Nursing Diploma 2018 – 2019
Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada.
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 2004 – 2012
University of Jos, Nigeria.


The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada. January 2019- April 2019 & July 2018
Student Practical Nurse Placement (Medicine & Maternity Unit Respectively)
– Applied the nursing process in promoting optimal physical, psychological and emotional health of the clients.
– Utilized the critical thinking skills in clinical practice setting and perform some psychomotor skills necessary to promote adaptation of the client.
– Participate effectively as a team member to support clients’ achievement of their expected health outcomes
– Applied principle of verbal and non-verbal communication in achieving therapeutic communication, while interacting with the clients, health care team and others.
– Assesses clients across the life span, in a systematic and holistic manner
– Plan safe and competent nursing care, based upon a thorough analysis of available data and
– evidence-informed practice guidelines
– Select and perform nursing interventions using clinical judgment, in collaboration with the client and, where appropriate, the health care team, that promote health and well-being, prevent disease and injury, maintain and/or restore health, promote rehabilitation, and/or provide palliation
– Demonstrated ethical, professional guidelines when interacting with clients

Ottawa Public Health Sexual Health Clinic November 2018- Ongoing
Clinic Assistant Volunteer
– Preparing harm reduction supplies (e.g. sterile needles, alcohol swabs, etc.) for distribution to clients
– Creating and Retrieving client’s chart and attaching designated forms for clinical programs
– Ensuring that clients charts are properly labeled
– Attaching numbered tickets to client’s registration forms
– Stamping laboratory requisition forms

Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. October 2018 – Till Date
Peer Tutor (Practical Nursing).
– Assisting students in becoming a more successful and independent learners
– Helping students set academic and personal goals, and monitor progress towards those goals
– Providing and helping students to integrate effective learning and study strategies
– Providing individualized content and skills development tutoring to assigned students
– Create and maintain a tutoring schedule convenient to both tutor and tutee
– Maintain strict confidentiality to all student information, material and discussions shared in the tutoring relationship.

Elizabeth–Bruyere Hospital, Ottawa, Canada. August 2018
Student Practical Nurse Consolidation
– Ensured patient’s health promotion through interviewing, assessing, teaching and providing caring interventions to people with health care needs.
– Applied the principle of nursing process in head-to-toe assessment of patients.
– Used Meditech Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) to accurately documentation of patient’s care and treatment data with utmost confidentiality and established policies.
– Assisted patients with activities of daily living such as bathing, feeding, rehabilitative exercises.
– Actively participated in clinical discussions and review of patient’s care.

Carefor Health & Community Services October 2018- January 2018
Personal Support Worker (Casual)
– Calling client prior to visit to book appointment and confirm availability time
– Serve as a correspondence between the client and my organization, relaying clients’ concern and observation to my organization
– Caring in a community setting for people who are ill, elderly and the disabled, or those in need of help with daily task.
– Making sure clients are comfortable, safe and enjoy emotional and physical well-being
– Providing bedside and personal care to clients and help them with ambulation, bathing and grooming
– Spend time providing social interaction with clients, listening to their talk, and chatting with the clients to make client feel cared for.

Chapel Hill Retirement Residence, Ottawa, Canada Nov. 2017 – Till Date
Personal Support Worker (Part Time)
– Working with elderly and vulnerable populations in residential home
– Providing resident-focused care in accordance with organization policies, physician’s care plan, and resident plan of care.
– Providing care and services to the residents with respect to their activities of daily living
– Observing, reporting, and recording resident condition and follow care plan as directed by the director of care.
– Participating and contributing to activities to enhance resident’s quality of life such as risk assessments, and infection control programs.

York Public School, Ottawa, Canada. May 2018 – June 2018.
Student Practical Nurse Placement (School)
– Applied principle of teaching and learning in demonstrated health promotion in children
– Demonstrated verbal and non-verbal communication technique while assessing children’s health
– Assessed the student’s health status such as Visual Acuity Test, Vital signs check, Anthropometric measurements
– Identified health promotion/health maintenance resources available to the students
– Assessed student’s learning needs and provides appropriate health teaching strategies that will enhance the client’s learning
– Participated in and contributed to nursing and health care team development

Garry J Armstrong Nursing Home, Ottawa, Canada. Feb. 2018 -April 2018.
Student Practical Nurse Placement (Long Term Care)
– Exhibited empathy while providing care to elderly residents in the Nursing home in line with the organization policies
– Assisted the residents especially with activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing,
– Actively participated in departmental morning review of resident’s care
– Actively participated in the clinical presentation of patient cases with instructor
– Provided individualized resident’s focused care in line with each resident’s need

weSpeak Ottawa (Clinical Research)
Peer Recruiter
– Participated in peer recruitment exercise for the weSpeak research project.
– Used Eligibility criteria to screen participants to ensure their eligibility in participating in the research.
– Explained the concept and reason for the research to prospective participant
– Supervised the participant filling of the administered questionnaires.


Cardiocare (Cardiology) Specialty Hospitals, Abuja, Nigeria. Aug 2016 – June 2017
Medical Officer / Personal Physician
– Demonstrated strong medical knowledge thorough the evaluating patients by taking detailed medical history and physical examinations
– Demonstrated good clinical knowledge and skills through diagnosis and treatment of patient clinical conditions after due review with the consultant cardiologist.
– Effectively use of interpretative skill by ordering laboratory tests, interpreting and correlating the results to aid in best patient treatment.
– Assisted and participated in cardiac evaluation procedures such as Electrocardiography, Echocardiography and other cardiovascular work-up investigations.
– Used strong interpersonal and communication skills to refer patients to other specialists to ensure the best quality of care was received.

Limi Hospitals & Maternity, Abuja, Nigeria. January 2015 – June 2017
Medical Officer / Personal Physician
– Took patient medical histories, examinations, and carrying out diagnostic procedures and investigations.
– Evaluated patient’s physical and mental health in both emergency and outpatient setting.
– Demonstrated ability to remain calm and focused in a fast-paced ever-changing busy hospital and emergency unit.
– Demonstrated good and effective clinical judgments while working at the emergency unit by triaging of patient and ensuring prompt attention to real emergency situations.
– Performed minor surgical procedures such as wound suturing, skin lesion biopsies, circumcisions, incisions and drainage, etc.
– Assisted consultants during major surgeries such as caesarean section, hysterectomy, appendectomy, laparoscopy, etc.

Penthouse Clinic Ltd. Abuja, Nigeria. March 2014- December 2014
Medical Officer
– Attended to inpatients and outpatients of the clinic
– Assisted consultants in diagnosing, treating and discharging their patients after review of cases with managing consultant.
– Conducted patient rounds to monitor compliance to medication, progress and recovery
– Performed minor surgical procedures such as circumcisions, manual vacuum aspiration, incision and drainage, wound suturing, etc.)
– Assisted consultants in the operating theatres during major surgeries such as caesarean section, hysterectomy, appendectomy, herniorrhaphy, etc.

Lagos State Health Service Commission, Lagos, Nigeria.
House Officer January 2013- January 2014
– Worked on rotational basis in medical, surgical, emergency, pediatrics, O&G, orthopedics departments
– Took patient’s medical histories, examined patients, documented their medical histories, ordered laboratory tests, and other diagnostic procedures
– Admitted patients after review with senior medical practitioners and consultants
– Accompanied registrars and consultants on morning and afternoon ward rounds, which is an avenue for teaching and learning.

– Customer Services Standard Course
– Health Promotion Foundation Course
– Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)
– First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
– First Aid, CPR Instructor Course (In Progress)
– Health Equity Impact Assessment Course (HEIA)
– Responding to Domestic Violence in Clinical Settings
– Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) in Dementia Care
– International Conference on Harmonization-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP)
– Health Canada Division 5 – Drugs for Clinical Trials Involving Human Subjects
– Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2:CORE)

REFEREES: Available Upon Request.