IMELA A. LAGARDE Agriculturist/Agriculture Teacher

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College Instructor
Office Address
Visayas State University – Alangalang Leyte
School Assigned
Visayas State University – Alangalang Leyte
Mobile Number
0916 6817606
[email protected]
Educational Qualifications
PhD in Agriculture Development

Major: Ag. Education, Minor: Horticulture
Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Philippines
21 units
MAgDev    (Master of Agricultural Development) Major:  Agricultural Education, Minor: Agriculture Extension
Visayas State University, Visca, Baybay City, Philippines
BSA   (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture) Major:  Agricultural Education
Visayas State University – Alangalang Campus, Alangalang Campus, Alangalang, Leyte, Philippines
·         College Instructor

·         TVET Teacher in Agriculture

·         Knowledge in Competency Based Curriculum / Training

·         Assessor

·         Teachers Training Learning Materials development

·         Agriculture / Irrigation development worker

·         Agriculture cooperative specialist

·         Rice & Vegetable  Production Value Chain Specialist

·         Farm Practitioner – Plants (Vegetables & rice)
Professional Licenses
2017                 :   Agriculturist Licensure Examination

1990                :  Licensure Examination for Teachers

1992                :   Career Service Professional Examination

1987                :  Career Service sub-Professional Examination


Employment Record
Years of Service
College Instructor
Visayas State University, Alangalang, Leyte
August 2016- Present
TVET Teacher/Trainer  – Agriculture
Federal TVET Agency – Ministry of Education – Ethiopia, East Africa
Feb 2013 – June 2016
Area Coordinator
Local Government Unit, Tabontabon, Leyte, Philippines
Irrigation Development Officer
National Irrigation Administration – Region 8, Tacloban  City, Philippines
1990 – 2010




College Instructor  – August 1, 2016 to present


·         Develop and prepare course syllabus.

·         Prepare powerpoint presentations and deliver topcis for discussion during classes.

·          Demonstration of skills for transfer of technology.

·          Manage farm production projects of students.

·         Assessment and evaluation of students.

·         Preparation of reports, grades and other required documentations.

·         Perform other duties that maybe assigned from time to time.


TVET Teacher/Trainer – Agriculture – Horticulture ( Duties & Responsibilities) February 24, 2013  to June 30, 2016


·         Training  TVET teachers thru competency based training  (CBT)and  teaching them in the preparation of Teachers Training Learning Materials (TTLM).

·         Established technology demonstration farm on crop production to showcase the improved technology of growing  tomato and pepper.

·         Documented and developed value chain rice, tomato and pepper production which include the Value chain AS IS and Benchmark.

·         Developed Training, Teaching and  Learning Materials.

·         Conducted Project Based Training in  crop production  from land preparation, seed sowing, nursery maintenance, pest management, crop maintenance  and harvesting.

·          Coordinated  to government and non-government organizations to participate and support TVET reforms and programs for  assessment and certifications.

·         Assessed  industry workers and trainers  and certify their competency.

·         Developed training proposals for the establishment of demonstration farms for TVET colleges to showcase the technology in vegetable production.  This also serves as their learning laboratory at the same time an income generating project for the school.  Such technology could be transferred to local farmers as source of livelihood.

·         Assisted the Federal TVET Agency  in  the development of assessment tools and curriculum based on competency standards.


Area Coordinator KALAHI CIDSS-KKB    – July 2011 to June 2012

·     Supervise team members and undertake partnership and coordination with project stakeholders to include LGU, NGOs,/Pos and other agencies in close linkage to LGU.

·     Conduct orientation to stakeholders of the project and facilitate commitment, support and participation and take full responsibility that all activities are undertaken on time.

·     Provide assistance to staff in conducting trainings and meetings as resource person.

·     Facilitate conduct of periodic meetings and tactic sessions with the team to update on project status  and address emerging concerns.

·     Keep track of disbursement targets and the timely submission of required and completed documents and reports.

·     Monitor performance of staff members thru review of reports, field visits, and spot check

·     Provide linkage and coordination to LGU, NGOs, Pos for technical assistance, facilitate resolution of issues, monitoring of project activities, project status performance and issuance of policies.


Irrigation Development Officer – September 1990 – May 2010


·         Undertakes formation of Irrigators Associations/ Service Cooperatives and to capacitate them to assume operation and maintenance of the irrigation system.

·         Provide technical assistance and guidance to irrigators association in the sustainable operation of the organization and the irrigation system by conducting capacity building programs and on the job training of leaders.

·         Training design preparation, training conduct and prepare subject materials for presentations according to assigned topics.

·         Prepare and deliver presentations during trainings

·         Institutional development planning and implementation, regular review and assessment to identify constraints and provide needed directions.

·         Develop and strategize activities to generate community support and participation in order to achieve program objectives  in coordination and participation of the farmers group.

·         Develop technology transfer program for stakeholders thru conduct of field trips and study tours to institutions providing improved technologies for possible adoption and replication.

·         Conduct assessment and evaluation to thresh out issues and concerns on project implementation and identify constraints and issues and solutions thru participatory processes.

·         Training facilitation on Simple Bookkeeping, Leadership development, operational and financial management





Organic Agriculture Production NC II

TESDA, Tacloban City


Training Methodology Certificate I

Technical Skills Development Authority


Horticulture NC III

Quezon National Agricultural School (QNAS)

Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines


Horticulture  NC II

TESDA, Calubian, Leyte


Agricultural Crop Production NC I

TESDA, Calubian, Leyte



Goat Milk Processing

Department of Agriculture, Regional Field Office,

Malitbog Goat Center, Malitbog Southern, Leyte

May 11-12, 2017


Trainers’  Methodology

TESDA, Calubian, Leyte

July 18-August 10, 2012


Leadership Trainings for Cooperative Managers

National  Irrigation Administration (NIA), Marasbaras, Tacloban City

August 2004


Project Cycle Management

National Irrigation Administration (NIA)

Agricultural Training Institute, Visca, Baybay, Leyte,  March 24-26, 2003


Leadership Development Seminar Workshop

National Irrigation Administration

Dumaguete City,  December  11-12, 2001


New Business Creation Course

Visayas Cooperative Development Center (VICTO) & NIA

Tanauan, Leyte,  July 9 – 13, 2001


Strategic Development & Planning Workshop

VICTO & NIA,  ATI, Visca, Baybay, Leyte


Seminar Workshop on Simplified Bookkeeping and Accounting for Cooperatives

VICTO  &  NIA,  Tacloban City,  January 17-21, 2001


Trainers’ training on Gender and Development

NIA, Central Office, Manila,  October 12-13, 1998






Computer Literate (Microsoft Word & Excel/ Powerpoint)

Teaching, Training and Facilitating

Simple Bookkeeping and Accounting







Visayas State University, Alangalang, Leyte

Email : [email protected]


2.      Mr. Dario Macamay

Clinical Instructor

Celfon No. +63932-627-3891

Email address:  [email protected]


3.      Hon. Rosario M. Cabillan

Municipal Councilor

San Miguel, Leyte


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