Jaco de Jager Farm Manager





Christiaan Jacobus (Jaco) de Jager



Personal Details

Address:                    Schuilplaas Farm, Amersfoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Tel:                             087 5501 762

Cell:                            083 227 9130 / 083 321 5982

Email:                         [email protected]

Date of Birth:           13 March 1977

Summary of Career

·        18+ years farming experience


·        Grade 12: Morgenzon Agricultural Academy

·        3 year Agricultural Diploma with Higher Certificate : Potchefstroom College of Agricultural


·       Soil Science, Pasture studies, Agronomy, Horticulture, plant production, Animal Science: Beef and Cattle

Work Experience

1 January 1999 – present:             De Jager Farm ; Schuilplaas Farm, Amersfoort, South Africa

·        Managing/Supervising/Training and working with 25 permanent workers and 150 seasonal workers

·        Take soil samples for analyses to prepare for planting

·        Planting of wheat, corn, soya beans, beans, berries, carrots, cabbage, beetroot, pumpkins, butternuts, forage, sugar graze, new apple trees

·        Calibrating of plant-, spray- and spreading equipment

·        Applying fertilizers, gypsum or limestone

·        Spraying of herbicides and pesticides

·        Maintenance, repair and servicing of equipment

·        Weeding, transplanting, thinning or pruning

·        Harvesting wheat, corn, soya beans, beans

·        Driving tractors, harvester with GPS, trucks, forklifts

·        Working with Irrigation System (pivots, sprinklers, micro system)

·        Silage cutting

·        Time Management during peak season


·        Loading and off loading of silage, service truck and cutter

·        Cutting and pruning of trees

·        Managing of Apple Orchard

·        Audit assessment of  farm (health, safety, quality for exporting)

·        Marketing of fruit

·        Welding, drilling, basic electrical work

·        Burning ‘field fire prevention’ grids


·        Managing stud mutton merino sheep and cattle

·        Artificial Insemination of sheep/cows

·        Accurately mixing of feed

·        Handling complications in Calving-  and lambing season

·        Vaccinating sheep/cattle


·        Problem Solving hands on

·        All other farm duties, etc.



·        Fishing

·        Hunting, shooting ranch

·        Golf

·        Basic woodworking





1996/1999 3 year Diploma in Agriculture at Potchefstroom Agricultural College


1999/current Farm Manager/Supervisor at Self-Employed