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Professional Summary

Committed Staff Nurse in providing quality and standard nursing health care service to all patient regardless of nationalities, age and financial status.



>Bachelor Degree in Science of Nursing

> Philippine and UAE MOH Certified Licensed Registered Nurse

> HAAD Passer Registered Nurse

>5 years work experienced in Medical Surgical, Emergency, OPD as Staff Nurse

>4 years work experienced in special unit of Dialysis Department as Staff Nurse

>Infection Control Coordinator Practitioner

>Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner ad IOSH Certified


>Substantial ability to operate dialysis equipment
>Strong ability to collect and evaluate patient data
>Ability to transport/lift patients to dialysis set-up
>Profound knowledge of dialysis procedures
>Proficient in the use of MS Office software applications
>Excellent observational and organizational skills
>Solid patient/doctor communications abilities
>Very good problem solving abilities





OBJECTIVES: To secure a challenging Position in a Prestigious Health Care Entity wherein I can Share and Practice my work experienced& knowledge to achieve the vision and mission of the company.




1)      AL Sharq Hospital

Al fassel Area 8505. UAE Fujairah

Dialysis Staff Nurse and Infection Control Coordinator

October 8, 2016 to Present



Duties and Responsibility:


§  Assess the patient health condition prior to dialysis treatment and note findings and record them at the patient file.

§  Check vital signs and weight and note the weight gain for UF Goal.

§  Assess the doctor during patient assessment and carry-out order.

§  Prime and set-up the machine prior to dialysis treatment

§  Assess the access site check for infection, bruit and thrill prior to insertion of needle.

§  Explain the procedure and establish safety of the patient

§  Connect the patient with the machine and set-up the doctor’s order and start the treatment.

§  Monitor the patient during the treatment and trouble shoot machine’s alarm.

§  Check post dialysis weight and health condition of patient.

§  Provide medication and diet education to the patient.

§  Scheduling of the patient for the next treatment.


Infection Control Coordinator:


§  Conduct inspection to the designated assign area’s or unit and ensure compliance of infection prevention and control.

§  Monitor staff nurses, doctor, Allied health performance in adherence of infection control.

§  Ensure every procedure and routine duty at the assign areas is following the infection control policy.

§  Provide instruction and warning for non-compliance staff

§  Provide debriefing and meeting to all staffs, doctors and allied  health staffs and raise issues found during inspection for improvement of issues found.

§  Inspect hygiene and sanitation on every unit assign.

§  Ensure machine and equipment use are sterile and safe to use.

§  Ensure storage area of medicine, supplies are in allowed temperature.




2)      National Marine Dredging Company

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Senior Male Staff Nurse

March 8, 2011-August 4, 2014


Job Responsibilities:


Received Patient and take vital signs, medical history and perform physical assessments and record findings on the Chart.
Assess the doctor in provision of emergency care and procedure
Administer medication in all routes IV, Oral and injections.
Monitor the patient at the E.R after medication given
Triaging the patient and refer them to designated doctor based on their health complaints.
Maintain daily medical files of patient on the system
Received injured and severely ill patient and provide nursing intervention while waiting for doctor
Provide nursing action on critical condition while waiting for doctor’s help.
Operate the machine like ECG, AED, Suction Machine in time of emergency.
Respond code initiated and perform rules and responsibility
Protect the rights and confidentiality of the patient.
Make daily endorsement after duties to colleagues and highlights necessary issues for special attention and care.
Daily coordination with Immediate Superior and report incidence will occur on the assign area.
Assist Doctor in performing minor medical procedure in the assign unit
Respond Emergency code initiated and report to the area to help.
Maintain Nursing Station clean and organized all the time.
Escort transported patient to onshore hospital via ambulance helicopter
3)      Mayor Joaquin G. Macias Memorial Hospital

Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte Philippines

Staff Nurse

Renal Dialysis and Medical Surgical Staff Nurse

February 15, 2009-March 01,2011


Job Responsibilities:


Received patient from E.R for admission and review chart for urgent orders and carry-out them& record on patient chart.
Triaging the patient and refer to designated doctors based on their health complaints
Asses health condition and take vital signs and record them in the chart
Provide nursing intervention on critical and emergency cases while waiting for doctor
Perform Nursing procedure like Wound Care &Dressing, wound suturing,NGT Feeding, blood transfusion, suctioning, nebulisation, insertion of IV and treatment,
Operate dialysis machine entire treatment
Carryout doctors order in dialysis unit
Monitor patient closely and record assessment and evaluation patient condition.
4)      Lifeline Hospital

Elektra Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Designation: E.R/Triage Male Staff Nurse

Designation: E.R/Triage, RENAL UROLOGY

Inclusive Years: 01/2008-10/2008




Received Patient in the E.R and Assess the Patient and take patient data
Take vital signs and other parameters and record in the patient chart
Triage the Patient based on health needs and categorized them, then refer to the designated Doctor.
Provide nursing intervention to relieved pain
Assist Doctor in provision of emergency medical care
Administer medicine as prescribed/ordered by Doctor
Perform nursing procedure like Blood transfusion, IVF Therapy and insertion, wound dressing and others,, nebulization, suctioning
Maintain right of privacy of patient
Provide health teaching and adviced
Operate ECG and AED in emergency cases
Maintain sterility and infection control of the unit
Coordinate with paramedical team while treatment is on going
Perform nursing rounds and check patient status and condition, concerns
Provide health and medicine teaching upon discharge

4)      Lavina General Hospital

Valencia City, Mindanao Philippines

Renal Dialysis, Medical Surgical Staff Nurse

Sept. 15, 2006-Nov. 15, 2007






Received patient at dialysis unit and take vital signs and weight

Assess the patient head to toe and record findings

Orient to patient the treatment procedure

Ensure safety and quality performance rendered to patient

Operate machine during entire treatment

Carry out doctor order

Maintain the safety and hygiene of dialysis machine



5)  Medidas medical Hospital

Valencia Bukidnon

E.R, Medical Ward Staff Nurse

June 10, 2005- Sept 10 ,2006




Received Patient in the E.R and take vital signs

Perform nursing assessment and record findings

Assist the E.R Doctor in emergency treatment and procedure

Carryout doctor’s order

Administer medication

Perform nursing rounds in the unit

Provide health teaching





June 2001 to March 2005 bachelor science in nursing at saint paul college
Oct 20 1990 to April 11 1991 hotel and restaurant management at joji ilagan career center


October 08 2016 to October 08 2018 Staff Nurse at al sharq hospital AL FASEEL fujairah UAE
March 08 2011 to May 2014 Staff male nurse at national marine dredging company
Nov 2007 to October 2008 staff nurse at lifeline hospital abu dhabi UAE
september 15, 2006 -November 15, 2007 staff nurse at lavina general hospital mindanao philippines