Jan Albert M. Dolendo Auto Electrician/Technician

Jeddah Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A)
Auto AirconTechnicianAuto. electriciancomputer technicianElectronic Technician
  •   Five (5) years’ experience as Auto Electrician abroad, Average command in English Written and Verbal                                communications.
  •   Preventive Maintenance in Electrical Heavy Equipment such as Crane, light vehicle.
  •   Have knowledge in Computer Technician and Networking and Appliances like T.v and radio and washing machine all        kinds of electronics system.
  •   Computer Literate knows in Microsoft office Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  •   Knows how to Repair Computer and Formatting and Networking.
  •   Knows how to Repair Auto Air-conditioning and Charging System and Vacuum.
  •   Basic knowledge in hydraulic and Pneumatic.
  •  Knows how to read Schematic diagram and Black diagram
  •   Have full knowledge in handling Electrical tools and testing equipment.
  •   Can read and interpret complicated electrical drawings and schematic diagrams
  •   Have an ability to diagnose causes of failures of complicated control system
  •   Fully aware and implement of all electrical safety and precautions
  •   Can work independently with minimal supervision
  •   Ensure attention to detail with an emphasis on quality and safety
  •   Analyze and resolve worker problems and recommend solution.
  •   Relate to the public and to a costumers in a professional, courteous and respectful manner appropriately responding to their complaints. 





    Maranon Electronic & Air Conditioning Repair Shop                   Electronic Technician,On the Job Training (OJT)                                Davao City,Philippines                                                                                        June 13 2002

    Responsible for the following:


  •   Responsible for Electronic Repair and fabrication and installation of Cable trays as will as conduits.


  •   Troubleshooting, all kind of Electronics components and instruments


  •   Responsible for Repair and Troubleshooting Air-conditioning and Electronic components


  •   Knows how to read the Multitester ,Digital tester  and clamp tester


    Technomart Computer Sales& Consumer Electronics                                              Computer Technician

    Davao City, Philippines                                                                                         July 2006 – June 2007


    Responsible for the following:



  •   Installation of Computers & Troubleshooting


  •   Knows how to Sale the parts and costumer to prove to buy it and explain


  •   Install program of computer and formatting


  •   Knows how to troubleshooting the networking


  •   Knows how also to network and Crimp the UTP cable and RJ45


  •   Knows how to setting the Switch and Router



                  REZAYAT SPARROW                                                                                                Auto Electrician/Technician

    Alkhobar, Dammam Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                                                              2008-2013 of August

    Responsible for the following:


  •   Responsible for Repairing Electrical power tools and equipments.


  •   Knows how to read the schematic diagram and black diagram


  •   Responsible for the operation routine maintenance, optimization and troubleshooting of all utilities equipments.


  •   Maintain records and make prescribe reports, institute and implement preventive maintenance program for critical

    problem of heavy equipment’s


  •   Installation and Calibration computers and monitor


  •   Responsible for Assembling Electrical Heavy Equipment’s Components


  •   Electrical maintenance supply in Saudi American Refinery (SAMREF)


  •   Electrical maintenance strategies provide for safe equipment operation.


  •   Ensure Electrical maintenance strategies for equipment reliability and meet scheduled work target.


  •   Electrical inspection, preventative maintenance and condition based monitoring program.


  •   Involved in servicing damages of electrical equipment such as alternator motors, starters, Fuse, lighting fixtures, panel

    board and other Auto electrical utilities. I knows how’s to repairs alternators, starters motors dis assembly and assembly


  •   Knows How to operate the Mobile Crane, Raftering Crane pneumatic or hydraulic or Telematics operation.


  •   Checking for terminals of Electrical wires and fuses and solenoid and relays Any Damages


  •   Knows how to repair AC air-conditioning  system and checking also leak and check also pressure switch and AC compressors and knows how to charging system of prion and Vacuum


    AMA Auto Electrical Shop

    Davao City,Philippines


  • Responsible for the following:


  •   To Maintain Also All Vehicle Costumer


  •   To Check all Electrical Problems Costumer


  •   To Check Airconditioner of Vehicle


  •   To Fix and Repair all Electrical Problem and Aircondioner

    (From August 2015 to April 2016)

    Future Products Establishment

    Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A)


  •   To rewire the car to put connection of electronic tint


  •   To dis assemble the window door panel side by side and dashboard to making wiring


  •   Maintenance electrician and industrial electrician






  •  Mr. Rodulfo Cansancio                                                                                                            DRANHS Teacher



  •  Mr. Lito Rivera                                                                                                               Supervisor of Crane Operation

    (Rezayat Sparrow Crane Hire LTD. KSA)


  • Mr. Alben Aguio                                                                                                                 TESDA Instructor/Professor


Year Start June 06, 2002 Year End March 30, 2005 Diploma Technology 3 years Major Electronics Technology at University Of Southeastern Philippines