Jane Sales Manager

Manila, Philippines

Birthdate – August  19, 1971

Education Level – College Degree, Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications

Work Experience:

Service Crew – Dunkin’ Donuts
Executive Secretary – KRM Reinsurance Brokers Phils

Admin Officer – Taishan Insurance Brokers Phils. Inc

Account Manager- Gotuaco, del Rosario & Assoc., Inc (Insurance Broker)

Owner/Manager – Cool World Water Technology ( Purified Water Distribution)

Owner/ Manager – Royal Islands International Travel & Tours ( Travel Agency)
President – Maxispace Inc. – Design, Build ( General Construction) Up to present





January - March 2009 Culinary Training at Far Eastern University,Manila

I am a Filipino looking to have a new life in a new country.  I  have been managing my own business in the Philippines.  However, a lot of challenges in life have prompted me to find an option outside my country.  I have studied Language (Spanish) I also took a a crash course in  Culinary.  I love to cook but I can not claim to be an expert.  My forma training in the class gave me the confidence but I believe that more exposure will  help me develop my skills.  I am willing to learn and be trained. My years in managing a  business adds to my skills in management.