Jason chavez ricketts I am a very honest and confidential young man, I like to socialize alot with people meet new friends and like to work professionally and smart than not hard.

Barrett town little river p.o st James Jamaica w.l
contructionElectrical EngineeringplumpingTechnicianwaiter


2012-2014 Electrical installation, building technology at Troy high

This is my last high school attended where I have learned a lot more about the world of work.

2009-2012 Technical drawings at Muschet high

My first high school it was so amazing and the people was so lovely but I leave because of my change of address.

2007-2009 G.a.s.t at Greenwood preparatory

The school where I have pass my exam to move on to the secondary school.

2004-2007 Grade 4 literary test at Barrett town all age

My first school attended since grade one it was so cool and beautiful and lot of friends but in grade four(4) my parents move me because I was not quite learning well.


2015 Waiter at Hilton resort & spa

This is where I am currently working now as a waiter, right here at the Hilton resort and spa it pretty cool but now I have decided to upgrade my career.