Jayson Alcaraz Bauyon Quality Inspector


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San Isidro, Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

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To obtain a position where I can share and gain my knowledge and experienced in the field of quality control and manufacturing and ability to work well with people and to be able to work effectively and efficiently.



Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

P.O Box 8373 Riyadh 11662

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

January 29, 2012 to January 3, 2018


Position: Quality Control Supervisor

Date of Inclusion: January 29, 2012 to January 3, 2018

Duties and responsibilities:


·         Supervise the activities of the Quality Control Group.

·         Ensuring the inspections is performed according to procedure.

·         Ensuring that the inspections are performed by qualified and trained inspectors.

·         Ensures that the instruments used by QC Inspectors to perform various measurements and

inspection process are in good condition and their calibration status and they are aware of

methodology of equipment and its utilization

·         Train and qualify inspectors for designation.

·         Prepares report regarding Quality Control activities.

·         Review and verify the Non-Conforming Report that being raised by the QC Inspector.

·         Supervises departmental documents including drawings, work instructions, Inspection

plans, files and reports.

·         Resolves minor problems of defective products in coordination with the production. Also report immediately to the products Quality control unit head for any outstanding problem related to quality.

·         Ensures that defective products are identified and transferred to Non-conforming area until disposition.

·         Prepare monthly QC defect reports and quarterly analysis of defect reports.

·         Discuss reports daily quality related issues to QC Manager.

·         Assign reliable QC Inspector depending on criticality of area of inspection.

·         Evaluate QC inspector’s performance.

·         Prepare inspection documents required by customer.

·         Assist third party inspector during inspection.


Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

P.O Box 8373 Riyadh 11662

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Position: QC / Fabrication and Welding Inspector

Date of Inclusion:  June 5, 2007 to January 28, 2012


Duties and responsibilities:


Fabrication Inspection / Assembly


·         Support the machining/production personnel by inspection of materials that meets the standard criteria and tolerances before assembly.

·         Make sure that all parts are being installed properly by its drawing plans, tolerances and guidelines.

·         Performs inspection activities during in-process and final stages as applicable to his location and confirms the result meets the acceptance criteria / Specification.

·         Reviews inspection documents thoroughly such as drawings, route cards, and technical instructions.

·         Prepares inspection reports as per inspection test plan.

·         Implements Inspection test plans and communicated inspection/testing instructions issued to QC inspectors during various inspection processes.

·         Make defect reports for defective products.

·         Check the fitment and alignment of weld joints, groove angle, and root openings during fitment inspection.

·         Maintain the dimensions of assembled parts in conformance with the customer’s specifications.


Welding Inspection


·         Inspect weld parts for visible weld defects as per AWS Inspection Criteria.

·         Make welding report through welding procedure specification.

·         Inspect the welded parts through welding acceptance criteria.

·         Identifying and verification of welding joints for. Preparation of the necessary documents such as drawing, weld log sheet – WPS, request form.

·         Check the fitment and alignment of weld joints, groove angle, and root openings during welding inspection.

·         Follow the inspection procedure through inspection and test plan (ITP).

·         Check the weld size as required in the drawing by means of welding gauge.

·         Monitoring of the parts that being weld for any visible weld defects as per AWS Standards.

·         Prepare daily welding parameter records.

·         Conduct routine inspection as per required by ITP.

·         Raise non-conformity report if necessary.

·         Perform visual & dimensional inspection regularly.

·         Conduct final inspection prior to releasing of product.

·         Perform dye penetrant testing if required.





Binan, Laguna, Philippines

Position: Quality Control Foreman

Date of Inclusion: November 9, 1998 to June 2, 2007


Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Supervise duties and responsibilities of in-process QC inspectors.

·         Maintain the accuracy of the measuring instrument through proper usage and periodically cleaned.

·         Make automatic program (CNC) for coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for easy and convenient dimensional inspection of the product.

·         Review inspection data made by QC Inspector.

·         Monitor sampling process as per Inspection procedure and specifications.

·         Ensuring that the inspections are performed by qualified and trained inspectors.

·         Maintain the good quality of the product through proper inspection by following inspection procedure.

·         Train newly assigned inspector in using precise measuring instruments such as Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), micrometers, Trinocular Measuring Machine (TMS) and Profile Projector.

·         Assign QC Inspector for designated inspection jobs considering its criticality and

Inspectors experience.

·         Discuss inspection reports and non-conforming reports to department head.

·         Maintain the accuracy of jigs that being used during inspection.


Evaluation Inspection of New Product:

·         Inspect / evaluate new product prior to test run by the production department.

·         Gather 100% dimensional data of the parts prior to trial as stated in the technical drawing.

·         Record and review dimensional results.

·         Assure that all dimensional results meet the required allowable tolerances.

·         Discuss results to department head.

·         Prepare and submit trial samples and inspection data to customer for their approval and reference.





Binan, Laguna, Philippines

Position: Metal Press Machine Operator

Date of Inclusion: January 23, 1998 to November 8, 1998


Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Operate metal press machine (Stamping) such as Aida & Amada brand with the capacity of 45tons, 80, tons, 110tons & 160tons.

·         Operate metal press machine manual or automatic.

·         Set different kind of dies as per production requirements.

·         Make daily production report.

·         Periodically check the product’s dimensional & visual appearance during production.

·         Maintain housekeeping.

·         Daily check of machine’s preventive maintenance check list.

·         Report immediately to supervisor in case of discrepancy on the product that being produced.

·         Check all the safety sensors prior to start of production.

·         Produced parts or products as per given work order.





·         Knowledge in using precision measuring instrument such as:

CMM  -Coordinate Measuring Machine (Geopak and Geopak-win)                                     TMS            – Trinocular Measuring Scope (Profile Projector)

·         Ability to use measuring instrument such as caliper, micrometer, height gauge, pin gauge, block gauge, standard dial indicator, welding gauge and thickness gauge.

·         Computer  proficiency (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Networking and Internet)

·         Ability to read / interpret technical drawing or shop drawing.

·         Accredited inspector of Epson Philippines.

·         Knowledge in welding inspection.





AOTS (Association For Overseas Technical Scholarship)

Yokohama and Hanamaki,

Iwate, Japan

May 14, 2003 to March 24, 2004
Inspectors Accreditation

Epson Precision Philippines
Lipa City, Philippines
August 28, 2000
8 Disciplines Seminar

Clarion Manufacturing Corporation of the Philippines
Rosario, Cavite

August 26, 2004
CMM Seminar (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

MESCO and Mitutoyo Asia Pacific Muntinlupa City, Phil.

August 17, 2004

Mesco Muntinlupa City, Phil.

July 20-22, 27-29, 2005
Safety Orientation & RoHS Awareness

Juntec Corporation Philippines

March 17, 2005
ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Awareness

Juntec Corporation Philippines

June 29, 2002
RoHS “Restriction Of Hazardous Substance” Training

Juntec Corporation Philippines July 11, 2006
Fire Fighting Training & Lecturing Program

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

Riyadh, KSA

April 27, 2008
Fabrication Inspection

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

Riyadh, KSA

October 13, 2007
Welding Inspection

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

Riyadh, KSA

February 1 to 28, 2009
NDT Examination Level I

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom Co.

Riyadh, KSA

January 1 to 31, 2011

Vocational (Short Course)

Industrial Mechanics

Don Bosco College Seminary

Don Bosco Manpower Training Center

Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna1996 – 1997

Secondary School

Governor Feliciano Leviste Memorial National High School

Lemery, Batangas1992 -1996


Lemery Pilot Elementary School

Lemery, Batangas1986 – 1992


Birth place:Lemery, Batangas
Birth date:March 1, 1980
Marital Status:Married