Jealyn B. Sufciencia

Block 7 lot 8 Phase 3 Dela costa 3

San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

Contact #: 09062794458

Email Address: [email protected]


To further my professional career that will leverage my experience to impart my knowledge effectively to English learners.




– Excellent verbal and written skill

– American accent

– Execute lessons that befit the students’ level

– Proficient proofreading skill to improve the students’ with their writing skill

– Versatility on computer issues; MSOffice, Excel, Powerpoint

– Patient, drive and versatile





Acadsoc Shenzhen Limited Company       On-line English Teacher

Unit1404 West Trade Center,

West Ave., Quezon City


Job description:

–          Teach every student for 25 minutes or 50 minutes using the given lesson materials in the student’s page.

–          Guide the students in reading the passages for them to pronounce all the words properly.

–          Explain the different grammar rules for the student to create better sentences for the vocabularies.

–          Facilitate understanding to all the vocabularies and expressions in the class by giving them some activities that are related to the lessons.











JADE Phone English                                   On-line English Teacher

Culmat Bldg. E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.            ,

Quezon City

–          Call the students on time via a phone and conduct classes for 10 to 20 minutes.

–          Check the students’ lesson by telling them the topic to avoid confusion because the students are always prepared for the class despite their busy schedule at work.

–          Execute the lessons interestingly and with openness to make the students be more confident in expressing their ideas.

–          Elaborate the definitions of the idioms and give some examples to help the student to understand them and to use them in sentences well.


David Online                                                 On-line English Teacher

3rd floor Estuar Bldg., Timog Avenue,                        August 2008 – 2010

Quezon City

–          Execute the lessons properly and explain the gist in simple sentences for the student to catch up with every topic easily.

–          Communicate with the students clearly and give more time for the students to talk in the class to assess their understanding and knowledge about grammar.

–          Build rapport quickly to make the student feel comfortable in sharing his/her ideas in t he class since the class is mostly for 10 minutes only.


Kuk-Che Uhagon Call Center                     On-line English Teacher

4th floor Estuar Bldg., Timog Avenue,                        August 2007- August 2009

Quezon City


– Call the student on time via phone and conduct a satisfying class in 10 minutes. and

– Establish rapport with the students to make them feel comfortable in speaking English and to help the student to express their ideas more because the class is for 10 minutes.

– Speak in upbeat manner to help the student to speak up more in the class because it’s through and the student can’t see their teachers.






TESOL Certificate