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·         Registered Nurse – PH RN License # 0817491

·         IV Therapist-  PH card no. 13-022388

Seminars/Certificate of appreciation

·         PNA Local Elections, Davao Chapter – December 9, 2015

·         PNA National Convention 2015 – SMX Lanang Premier, October 20 and 22, 2015

·         PNA 27th House of Delegates’ Meeting – SMX Lanang Premier, October 21, 2015

·         Isolation Precaution and Hand Hygiene – SPMC, October 13, 2015

·         Lactation Management Training – SPMC, July 23-24, 2015

·         Science of Tissue Management Workshop (Energy & Wound Closure) – SPMC, June 8, 2015



January 2015 – March 2016             Southern Philippine Medical Center

Davao City, Philippines

Auxiliary Registered Nurse

Surgical Intensive Care Unit (Heart Center Institute)

·         Takes a report on the patient and check all infusions and contraptions with the outgoing nurse.

·         Does a complete assessment of the patient and documents the assessment.

·         Checks all equipment used for a patient (like ventilator and chest/wound drains).

·         Attends rounds and makes referrals to the consultants and does adjustments according to physician’s instructions (like changing infusions or ordering naso-gastric feeds).

·         Reassesses patient for any significant changes in vital signs.

·         Performs ECG tests and interprets basic ECG results.

October 2015 – December 2015                Southern Philippine Medical Center

Davao City, Philippines

Auxiliary Registered Nurse

Coronary Care Unit (Heart Center Institute)

·         Provided telemetric care by monitoring a patients vital signs using electrocardiograms.

·         Provided pre- and post-op care to patients for angiogram and angioplasty.

·         Managed hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, and other heart conditions.

·         Interpreted laboratory results or cardiac tests.

·         Managed cardiac medications and other therapies as per doctor’s order.

·         Assisted in providing a basic life support when the situation called for it.

·         Provided education to patients on health maintenance and disease prevention.



July 2015 – September 2015                     Southern Philippine Medical Center

Davao City, Philippines

Auxiliary Registered Nurse

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Heart Center Institute)

·         Provided age-appropriate and culturally appropriate care to patients.

·         Monitored patient vital signs, continuous cardiac and respiratory monitor readings like patient’s hook to mechanical ventilator.

·         Administered infusion therapy, including: IV fluids, antibiotics, and electrolytes.

·         Assisted in providing a basic life support when the situation calls for it.

·         Inserted and discontinued intravenous fluid access according to physician’s order.

·         Provided education, information, and emotional support to patient and family members.

March 2015 – June 2015                            Southern Philippine Medical Center

Davao City, Philippines

Auxiliary Registered Nurse

Intensive Care Unit (Adult)

·         Planned, implemented, and evaluated health care services for patients suffering from cardiac disease, brain injuries, and accident victims.

·         Monitored patients’ progress in order to watch for sudden or subtle changes in medical condition that might require emergency intervention.

·         Assisted in providing a Basic Life support when the situation calls for it.

·         Provided regular status update to patients and their family members so they could make informed decisions regarding treatment.

January 2014 – January 2015                   Southern Philippine Medical Center

Davao City, Philippines

Auxiliary Registered Nurse

OB Emergency Room

·         Assessed urgent medical care for pregnant women.

·         Assisted admitting patients and takes medical histories.

·         Facilitated laboratory test, administers medications and intravenous line.

·         Educated pregnant women about sexually transmitted diseases, birth control or prenatal care.

·         Participated in staff meetings.

Pediatric Ward

·         Assisted pediatricians and staff nurses by assessing patient’s needs and providing initial patient care.

·         Helped families deal with a child’s illness or injury and offered information on nutrition, diet and good health habits.

·         Documented a patient’s symptoms and medical history for the physician to review.

·         Administered medication and intravenous line.

·         Participated in staff meetings.

Internal Medicine

·         Administered medication and counseled patients and families according to physician’s instructions.

·         Documented patient admissions and discharges.

·         Monitored vital signs of patients.

·         Coordinated and regulated patient flow and schedule.

·         Administered intravenous line.

·         Participated in staff meetings.

Orthopedic Ward

·         Assessed patient pain-management needs.

·         Prepared the patient’s pain-management schedule and ensures timely administration of medication.

·         Administered intravenous line.

·         Participated in staff meetings.


September 3, 2013 – Present at free time   Missionary of Charity (MOC)

Davao City, Philippines

Volunteer Registered Nurse

·         Performed physical exams and documented health histories.

·         Taking care of the needs of the elderly like starting intravenous infusions, administering oxygen, monitors blood sugar levels and consulting with the MOC Sister in charge and the physician.

·         Provided counseling and health education.

·         Administered medications and wound care

·         Interpreted patient information and make critical decisions about needed actions.

·         Directed and supervised care delivered by other healthcare personnel caregivers and nurse aides.


Jan 22, 2007 – Dec 2, 2012                      Synnex-Concentrix Corporation

Davao City, Philippines

Technical Support Engineer for Linksys and Netgear Products

·         Provided answers online to clients by identifying problems; installing devices and troubleshooting internet connections.

·         Accommodated client disabilities by recommending devices and techniques.

·         Updated job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities and trainings.


Feb 1997 – June 1998                             Greenwich Pizza Corporation

Davao City, Philippines

Store Manager

·         Operational management: organized stock and equipment, ordered supplies and oversaw building maintenance, cleanliness and security.

·         Financial management: planned and worked to budgets, maximising profits and achieving sales targets set by head office.

·         People management: recruited new staff, trained and developed existing staff, motivated and encouraged staff to achieve targets, and coordinated staff scheduling.

·         Worked to ensure standards of hygiene were maintained and that the restaurant complied with health and safety regulations.

·         Ensured high standards of customer service were maintained.


June 1998 – June 2004

Davao City, Philippines

Entrepreneur – Sole Proprietor

1992 – 2004                                                   Star Fitness Gym

Davao City, Philippines

Aerobics/ Weights Instructor

·      Demonstrated the correct way to use exercise equipment

·      Monitored the misuse of equipment

·      Planned routines, chose appropriate music, and chose different movements for each set of muscles, depending on participants’ capabilities and limitations.

·      Gave instructions to participants in maintaining exertion levels in order to maximize benefits from exercise routines.


March 2008                                      Brokenshire College

Davao City, Philippines

Bachelor of Nursing.


October 2001                                    Ateneo de Davao University

Davao City, Philippines

Master of Business Administration.

March 1997                           University of Immaculate Conception

Davao City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Marketing