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Jean O. Pastolero

5005A 14th St. Sto. Niño, Parañaque City


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Ø  Find a job where I can use my education, skills and experience for corporate development and be able to work in a company where my personal and potential growth, responsibility and commitment are required.

Qualification Profile

Ø  Publishing Specialist/Content Analyst with almost fifteen years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which provides intelligent information in publishing with client in United States, India, and Europe. Responsible for delivering strong results in productivity, efficient improvement, and accuracy. Committed to a quality customer service satisfaction. Meets deadline ahead of time.

Ø  Organized and skillfull typesetter which layout journals, articles and newsletter.

Ø  Proficient in use of HTML, SGML and Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint).

Ø  Intermediate technical skills on Web-based applications and Data Entry.

Ø  Know how to use Document Type Definition (DTD).

Ø  Experienced with Visual Basic, LATEX, and Foxpro.

Ø  Proficient in 3B2 Software’s with v6.06, v8.07 (Both Advent) and v9.1 (Arbortext), Servant Salamander, and Acrobat Reader.

Work History

Publishing Specialist/Content Analyst                                                                                               August 2003 – Present          SPI Global                                                                                                                                                                                          PITC Bldg., Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño, Parañaque City

Job Descriptions

Ø  Responsible for analyzing the proper layout of several Journals base on Company’s Standard Procedures, Client Requirements, Specifications, and Special Instructions in an acceptable format. This includes:

·         Proper placement of figures and tables with regards to its citation;

·         Balancing spaces between displayed equations and list;

·         Completeness of data and inline equations.

Ø  Proofreads produced proofs against source document.

Ø  Carry out modifications and corrections.

Ø  Responsible for troubleshooting systems and/or data problems.

Ø  Familiar in production/support workflow process.

Ø  Responsible for accuracy, completeness, and quality of work.

Ø  Attends orientation and meetings, listens to instructions being disseminated and ensures that these are    well understood.

Ø  Informs superiors of any discrepancies encountered while doing the task.

Ø  Ensures that the company’s quality systems procedures and system security management are implemented within the division.

Ø  Complies with the company’s Code of Conduct and to all existing company policies.

Ø  We inspire success in quality standards that:

·         Surpass customer expectations through continuous improvement;

·         Promote proactive collaboration and empowered teams;

·         Create value-adding processes based on systemic approach;

·         Build equitable and beneficial relationships with various internal and external stakeholders.


Educational Background


1998 – 2002                                                                                                                                                                         Bachelor of Science in Information Technology                                                                                                   West Visayas State University


Personal Data


Nickname             :               Jean Pastolero                                      SSS                         :               3379834564

Date of Birth        :               February 21, 1981                               TIN                         :               000227144189

Place of Birth       :               Iloilo                                                       PhilHealth             :               110250369689

Height                    :               5’3”                                                        Pag-IBIG               :               104002594122

Weight                   :               60 kgs.

Civil Status           :               Single

Religion                 :               Catholic

Father’s Name     :               Jerry Pastolero Sr.

Mother’s Name    :               Cynthia Pastolero


References can be supplied upon request.