Jedalyn Apanto-Rafael Admin Head/Regional HR and Operation Adviser at Yinda Technology

Collaborator and ResearcherKey Skills Strong Networking Skills with a Proven Ability to Maintain Collaborative Networks Applied experience as Operation ManagerMarketing and CommunicationsProject Planning and ManagementRecruitment Strategy Extensive Knowledge of Academicregional and international entrepreneurship platforms. TrainerResearch and Operational Requirements. Associate Professor in EntrepreneurshipSales and Marketing key areas. Comfortable Presenting and Negotiating with Senior Staff Strong Human Resource Pool experience. Admin and Operations capability Entrepreneurship and InnovationTeaching Delivery and Lean Startup Methods; Sustainability

A Doctor of Philosophy Management major in HRD with Master’s degree in Education major in Administration and Supervision, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and studied Bachelor of Laws. Completed a Certificate for Teacher Education and acquires National Certificate for Housekeeping and Training for Trainers Methodology under Technical Education and Skills Development Authority- Philippine government program. Professionally: Started as a legal secretary after securing college education. Hence, since 2001, spent the entire time as a college educator.School community coordinator focus in the marketing program of the school. In addition, exposed to different task of the institution, from marketing to student admission, from teaching to guidance counseling, and from classroom to office works. As educator, started as a classroom educator and became the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in a University. Now, In Myanmar, a Programme Developer and a Training Manager promoted to Operation Manager. Programmes taught and developed 1. Trainer for Housekeeping NC II for TESDA program 2. Develop Competency Based Learning Manual (CBLM) 3. Supervise Marketing Team 4. Supervise school admissions 5. Support Implementation of Management Programmes and Initiatives. 6. Develop Programmes for the College/department 7. Identify and establish internal and external relationship of school stakeholders for retention policy. Relevant Professional Qualifications 1. Trainers Methodology (TM 1) – TESDA program 2. Housekeeping NC II – TESDA program 3. Front Desk Training Certificate Relevant Degrees 1. Doctors in Philosophy (Management) 2. Master in Education major in Supervision and Administration 3. Bachelor of Laws 4. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Relevant Experience 1. Over 12 years in Teaching profession 2. Over 7 years as marketing & community coordinator 3. Over 1 year as housekeeping trainer 4. 1 Year as Dean 5. Program Development, Training Management