Jeirwin Mora Storee keeper






Address: #08, National Highway, Zone 01 Roma Norte, Enrile Cagayan Valley Philippines 03501

Passport #: PASSPORT #: EC3197199 DATE ISSUED & EXPIRED: 16/01/2015 TO 15/01/2020

EMAIL ADD: [email protected]

CONTACT NUMBER: +63 9366125615/+639954559536

Career Objectives: To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my skills and abilities will have a valuable application and utilization, opportunity of advancement and forcontinues expansion of my personality in the field of work with experimental learning that may lead me to a better and brighter future.


KEY SKILLS: Extensive experiences in Microsoft Excel, Financial spreadsheet and database presentation, skilled in power point presentation, Proficient in Microsoft word, reports and document presentation. Self-disciplined and has a strong written and oral communication skill.



OUR LADY OF SNOWS ACCADEMY, Centro Enrile, Cagayan Valley 3501

​​​​High School Diploma (Graduate), June 1998-April 2002

CAGAYAN STATE UNIVERSITY, Carig Andrews Campus Tuguegarao City Philippines

​​​​Bachelor of Science in Biology, June 2002-Maech 2007

​​​​​​​Major in Biology (Graduate)


​ROYCE NISSAN MOTOR’S INC. Balzain Road, Tuguegarao City

Marketing Assistant, Feb 2008-2010. Repeatedly promoted during my tenure with Royce Nissan Motors, Culminating in current responsibility for coordinating office function and supervising sale’s unit for administrative update. Result


• Able to learn specialized rule’s and regulation as well as communicate affectively both worker and client. Responsible for enhancing work office flow process such updating and maintaining our Department document and databases, increasing responsibilities such; follow up calls for car Insurance processing renewal, and Insurance cost. Assisting my Marketing manager and supporting the team with marketing activities, such launching for new Units of Car, providing support for Marketing events and Exhibitions as required (TEST DRIVE)
• Maintain continuity of care at the take over and hand over report of the unit ensuring that the communication is clear. In charges for supply purchasing and ordering spare parts/accessories for the client request. Also in charges for monitoring unit to be estimated and repair. Preparing necessary paperwork’s to process a “rush request” or “special order” for costumer.
• When assigned to Admin Support Area: Maintain satisfactory attendance to include timelines, may assist in orientation and guiding seasonal staff, and most of all. I review and ensured the accurate records of all department are well maintained, subjected to be determined by the Head Supervisor for review and approval for their requisition sheets for ordering and completing monthly inventory schedules.
FLORENCIO L. VARGAS COLLEGE. AbulugCampus, Cagayan Valley

Science Instructor/Laboratory Technician, June 2011-2012.Hired, Fulltime Science Instructor. Fully participates in discussing the whole syllabus of the subject for all students arising for their vision of their curriculum. Using power point as visual lecture as subjected. Result


• Sharing knowledge and Experience with the student of FLVC Institution. To put my student into a various interrelated speculation of learning’s as well as putting them into a realization of the concept of actual knowledge. In a way to enlightened them the used and effect of science in our daily life.
• To give more exciting challenges than to teach in a four walled concrete. Allowing the student to explore and express their thought without fears. Each class period of mine is an opportunity to shape their future.
• Also responsible in daily Laboratory Assistant mixed chemicals and reagent as well as preparation of Laboratory Apparatuses to be used by student.
TAMIMI SAFEWAY (HYPER MARKET). King Abdul-aziz, Exit 10, Saudi Arabia KSA

Cashier/Store keeper, August 2012-2015. Hired Contract, Finished last November 29, 2014. Dedicated and focused person who excels at prioritizing, completing multi task simultaneously through to achieve project. Result


• As Cashier, I’m organized, trustworthy and thorough with administrative tasks. Responsible for handling company finances including check stand cash,cheque/debit cards petrol and other merchandise at service stations. Responsible for daily report and financials document to be kept on file, such balance taking against register sale’s record for further explanation in every financial transaction for money auditing.
• As Store Keeper, I begin with daily monitoring briefing my team, to build a strong relationship with my fellow workers. We are Responsible for storing and issuing store supplies and product for the food service and to all departments. That may ensure our supply lines stays consistent in providing services.
• We are subjected to log in and out Using (SAF) System Authorization Facility operating system. To intact the daily records and to update the monthly store inventory.
MIRA CATERING CO. Buraidah Al quissim, Saudi Arabia KSA

Store keeper, June 2016-2018. Hired Contract, Finished last July, 2018. Flexible person able to supply the two branches Restaurant for their Lack of stocks. Preparing the seven cycle order to minimized shortages and expired product.  Result


• I strictly appoint my fellow worker to be more fortunate and accurate to check the vendor’s packing slips and invoice. To be more strict in terms of labels and date of all perishable goods to store accordingly and established routine check.
• Responsible also in terms of Varity and quality of Meat to be turn over to the in charges Chef for their production, especially for the Buffet occasion.
• On my daily basis, I ‘am subjected to log in to (SAF) System Authorization Facility to log all the daily transaction for preparing all shipping/receiving products and documents and transport deliveries accordingly. Also provide timely and efficient counter service issues, receive equipment and supplies as required. Entering appropriate data into the computer system (SAF). Also remind my coworker to practice (FIFO) first in and first out, when storing products. In order for me to monitor and maintain ordering for seven cycling days and for 15 days inventory system as well as monthly inventory.





​MANAGER IN-CHARGES, 03-8075-700





​COMPANY OWNER, 0559306999


I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.





05/05/2002 - 05/07/2007 Graduate at Cagayan State University