Jerald demetillo Accountant

Microsoft OfficeSAP

➢ Monitors cash flow of company
➢ Manages bank accounts and balances
➢ Maintaining financial records
➢ Handles cash management system.
➢ Dealing with distress customers.
➢ Petty Cash Custodian.
➢ Cashiering from CLUB OZONE
➢ Monitors daily inventory
➢ Prepare the following reports:
✓ Weekly/ Monthly Inventory.
✓ Account Receivables Ageing Report.
✓ Assets Inventory

Reconcile and clear customer account.
➢ Fallow up collection and overdue balances.
➢ Dealing with distress customers.
➢ Analyze customers account for blocking to ensure and keep collection on time.
➢ Respond to sales & other division in concern with documentation.
➢ Prepare the following reports:
✓ Weekly Customer’s Ageing and Credit Mgt. Report.
✓ Other Account Receivable Monthly Reports.

➢ Supervised Local Purchasing, Prepares Quotation/ Comparisons per Item request.
➢ Prepares Aging reports of PURCHASES/ PAYABLES & RECEIVABLES.
➢ Process advances/ due invoices of various accounts/ suppliers.
➢ Prepares billing/ update statement of account of various Suppliers.
➢ Evaluate documentation submitted by Local Purchasing Accountants & other sister company requests
➢ Check tariffs charged by courier based on table rates.
➢ Prepares closing of books every month end.​

➢ Prepares Analysis /Aging of Accounts payables & submits to Manager
➢ Prepares check for daily billing.
➢ Prepares Accruals, reversals on a monthly basis.
➢ Prepare reconciliation of Accounts receivables & Accounts Payable.
➢ Prepares Bank Reconciliation on a Monthly Basis.
➢ Prepares Financial Statement of Westmont Clearwater Realty Inc., Suntrust Home Developers Inc. & TRUSTFUND of Megaworld Corporation


2003- 2007 Bachelors Degree at The University of Manila