Jessica Research Technician


Jessica Head

7237 Cherokee Ct

Riverdale, GA 30296


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l  Experience collecting, handling, and archiving Good Laboratory Practice Specimens (GLP)

l  Proficient with designing, editing, and implementing protocols

l  Superb aseptic technique when collecting, preserving, and identifying specimens

l  Provides technical expertise before, during and after preclinical trials

l  Dedicated employee with the ability to quickly learn new concepts and skills

l  Backed by a solid work history, reputation as a team player, and a passion for helping and educating others

l  Maintains client and laboratory confidentiality regarding all preclinical trials

Education, Certifications and Training
08/04 to 12/08
B.S. in Animal Science

Euthanasia Certification from American Humane Association Curriculum (May 2009)

Dekalb Animal Services and Enforcement Academy (July 2012)

National Cruelty Investigation School (NCIS) –Level one (September 2012)

Georgia Animal Control Association (G.A.C.A) Academy (November 2012)

ASP Baton Certification (November 2012)

Professional Experience
T3 Labs — Atlanta, GA

Necropsy Technician
06/15 to Present


l  Responsible for training employees on departmental standard operating procedures, assessing skills such as dissections, preservation of tissue, shipping of animal and cadaver specimens, recordkeeping, and data collection involving gross necropsy procedures

l  Maintains, revises and creates standard operating procedures that will enable the necropsy department to operate safely, efficiently and effectively

l  Collaborates with veterinarians and program managers in regards to scheduling, ordering supplies and providing anesthesia and surgical support at the discretion of the veterinary staff

l  Proficient in the use of sterilization equipment and performing equipment decontaminations

l  Works with human blood, body fluids ,tissue and other potentially hazardous materials

l  Collects tissue, bones and organs from human cadavers for physician and research training programs



T3 Labs — Atlanta, GA

Veterinary Technician I

07/14 to 06/15

l  Calculates and formulates drug dosages for animals on study

l  Monitors anesthesia during minor and major surgical procedures

l  Cannulates arteries and veins for access during procedures and for post-operative care

l  Performs preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care for animals

l  Administers oral and injectable medications per veterinary orders

l  Documents and records using GLP, USDA, and AAALAC standards

l  Autoclave instruments needed for sterile surgical procedures

l  Collects fecal, urine and blood samples for analysis

PetSmart — Atlanta, GA

Overnight Pet Care Specialist
07/14 to 01/15

l  Monitored animals for signs of illness or injury after business hours

l  Prepared food and medications for upcoming shift relief

l  Sanitized play areas and cleaned linens for next shift

l  Provided environmental enrichment and companionship for animals at clinic

Lifeline Animal Project — Avondale, GA

Veterinary Assistant
06/12 to 07/14

l  Assisted veterinarians and other technicians in a high volume spay/neuter clinic.

l  Prepares dogs and cats for Sterile Surgical Procedures

l  Collects fecal, urine and blood samples for analysis

l  Administers oral and injectable medications

l  Perform technical skills including but not limited to: patient restraint, calculating drug dosages, anesthesia administration/monitoring, and surgical prep.

l  Monitor and treat animals with illnesses at Dekalb County Animal Services under direct supervision of the head veterinarian.

Dekalb County Animal Services — Decatur, GA

Lead Animal Control Officer
06/12 to 07/13

l  Supervised, directed and evaluated assigned staff by implementing various protocols and procedures to ensure the well-being of both officers and animals

l  Enforced the provisions of federal, state, and local ordinances applicable to animal control activities

l  Obtained evidentiary information, prepared for and testified in court

l  Handled animal nuisance and employee complaint phone calls




Fulton County Animal Services — Atlanta, GA

Animal Control Officer
01/11 to 06/12

l  Enforced city and county ordinances regarding animal welfare

l  Conducted welfare checks and assisted with initial stages of cruelty and bite case investigations (i.e. gather documentation and preliminary evidence for further testing and evaluation)

l  Provided assistance to the community, and law enforcement agencies (i.e. evictions, vicious animals, and etc.)

Fulton County Animal Services — Atlanta, GA

Veterinary Technician
01/09 to 01/11

l  Assist veterinarian with pre and post-surgical and medical procedures. This included the sterilization of instruments, intra-procedure assistance as well as post-operation monitoring and animal care

l  Participated in offsite functions (rabies clinics and adoption events) that educated the public in regards to the importance of animal health screenings and their overall well-being

l  Collaborated with other departments (adoptions, front office and field staff) to coordinate scheduling, procedures and client meetings to improve the overall collaborative efficiency of the facility

Zoo Atlanta — Atlanta, GA

Intern for Bird Department
06/08 to 08/08

l  Assisted zookeepers in daily feeding , husbandry, and maintenance routines

l  Organized, planned and implemented daily enrichment activities

l  Observed animals for any signs of behavioral changes or injury

Twin Byrd Farms — Rockmart, GA

Horse Caretaker
01/07 to 12/07

l  Administered shots, medication and medical services as needed

l  Monitored physical and behavioral health of animals and consulted with owners regarding the overall health of their horses

l  Maintained barn facilities by monitoring and inspecting the barn for any potential hazards while also routinely inspecting inventory of grain, hay and supplements to ensure that they were free of any parasites

Berry College Dairy — Atlanta, GA

Lead Dairy Worker
08/05 to 12/08

l  Milked cows and collected milk samples for somatic cell count analysis

l  Monitored heard for disease and illness

l  Provided aid to veterinarian with multiple medical procedures, calf delivery, and administration of medications and shots

l  Participated in heat detection protocols (i.e. applying KMARS and assisting in A.I. procedures)



Southwest Veterinary Clinic — Atlanta, GA

Head Veterinary Technician
05/04 to 06/12

l  Responsible for orientation and training of new staff members

l  Created and implemented new procedures and protocols pertaining to the enhancement and efficiency of the clinic. This included various husbandry and animal handling techniques

l  Managed supply inventory by keeping a current spreadsheet of supplies and drugs that were most frequently used

l  Assist veterinarian with pre and post-surgical and medical procedures. This included the sterilization of instruments, intra-procedure assistance as well as post-operation monitoring and animal care.


Course Work
·          Anatomy and Physiology

·         Medical Terminology

·         Biology

·         Organic Chemistry

·         Genetics

·         Microbiology


Laboratory Equipment and Skills
Hemichron and Hemochron Jr.

HemoCue Plasma Low/Low HB system

OEC 9900 and OEC 9800

Power Injector


Weigh Tape


Dissecting Scope



Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Available Upon Request