Jessie Dacut, Albeza Food & Beverage Manager

Suriname, South America
Banquet and restaurant operationsCookingExpertise in HOtelresorts

Dear sir/ Madam,


Please and kindly include my profile with your needed positions which my knowledge and expertise may suitable with your organization.


Expertise Summary:


·         Presently working at Hotel Krasnapolsky Paramaribo, Suriname South America as Food and Beverage Manager

·         More than 15 years working in Food & Beverage as management asset and its achieving goal

·         Pre- opening F&B Manager from Shogun Hotel in Pasay City, El- Nido Resorts, Apulit Island Resorts in Palawan and South Palms Resorts, Panglao Bohol

·         Good motivator in all aspect and primarily for staff development and enhancement training

·         Very good in labor and cost cutting strategy

·         Perfectly know staff and roaster scheduled and its needed functions for positive results

·         Conduct training with Minimum Quality Standard (MQS) regularly particularly pre-opening staff and its needed program for enhancement skills and self-esteem

·         Attend brainstorming program with all department head in which attribute all planning, promotions in season

·         Expertise in Hotel, Restaurant, Resort, Function and Kitchen Lay-out

·         Perfectly know Hotel, Restaurant, Resort, Functions and Catering operations

·         Expertise in Menu Engineering and promotions in season and its implementation

·         Perfectly know reporting in Profit and Losses (P&L)

·         Perfectly know Hotel, Restaurant, Restaurant and Functions FORMS operational

·         Resource full in all manner in which positively answer in return

·         Perfectly know how to handle staff, meeting with staff and very easy to adopt with its culture and customs

·         Know how to speak Arabic and perfectly know the culture and importance on it

·         Very eager to learn and willingness to learn new ideas as well


Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jessie D. Albeza

Food & beverage professional



1993-1997 Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration at Philippine Maritime Institute

Graduated with high score of grades and schoolar!


September 2015-Present Food & Beverage Manager at Hotel Krasnapolsky, Suriname South America

Development and Implementation of the Business Strategies

Participates in the development and implementation of the business strategies of the hotel which are according to the business strategies, mission, vision, and values of the corporation.
• Participates in the development of the business strategies of the hotel
• Develops and implements the strategies for Food and Beverage, Marketing and Sales that will support the achievement of the goals of the hotel.
• Monitors on a regular basis the status of the strategies and makes the necessary and appropriate adjustments
• Develops the annual budget in conjunction with the other members of the executive team
• Keeps abreast of the trends, systems, practices and equipment for the preparation and F & B service in hotels and restaurants through continuous search and Reading of the literature and visits.

Achievement of the Financial Objectives of the Hotel

Achieves the financial goals through the development and management of the marketing strategies of Food and Beverage.
• Analyzes the sales and the competition on a regular basis and develops strategies to increase market share.
• Develops and implements the Sales and Marketing Plan for F & B.
• Develops and implements new offerings and prices in the menu based on the competition, trends in the market, costs, etc.
• Complies with the Sales and Marketing standards of the corporation

Maximization of the Results of the Operation

Maximizes the profits by directing the operations of F & B
• Develops and implements the procedures of operation and standards that support the associates in their efforts to provide excellent service and work as a team.
• Analyzes on a regular basis the results of the business and takes the appropriate action to improve the results.
• Uses his experience and incorporates the best practices to provide excellent service in a cost effective manner
• Determines the quantity of staff scheduled for work according to the anticipated volume of business.
• Develops recommendations in the annual budget and implements the approved budget, monitoring the revenues and costs on a regular basis, taking the corrective action when necessary.
• Analyzes and controls the costs through the compliance of the operational standards with respect to forecast, budget, scheduling of associates, control of payroll and costs.
• Evaluates regularly the quality of service of Food and Beverage and implements strategies to improve areas that need to be improved
• Establishes goals for each of the departments within the Food and Beverage Department and supervises the head of each.
• Conducts weekly meetings with the staff of F& B to discuss among others:
(a) All the financial results and profit of F & B
(b) Projected business
(c) Results and problems of operation
(d) Changes in the procedures
(e) New management policies
(f) Improvement of quality
(g) Improvement of sales
• Ensures that the departments comply with the policies of the company with respect to hygiene, health and safety.

100% Guest Satisfaction

Creates 100% guest satisfaction by providing genuine hospitality and exceeding guest expectations
• Communicates and demonstrates the vision of service excellence
• Ensures that the associates provide genuine hospitality and work as a team
• Promotes teamwork to help the guests and associates
• Looks for opportunities to improve the guest experience soliciting their feedback and reviewing the reports of management and developing strategies to improve the services of the department and of the hotel.
• Provides the associates with the materials, training and working environment to enable them to provide excellent service and to stimulate teamwork.

Selection, Training and Development and Communication with the Associates

Provides the information key the associates need to perform their job effectively
• Orients the associates to the department and provides them with training necessary to understand expectations and to perform their responsibilities
• Communicates the performance expectations and provides continuous feedback to the followers
• Provides the necessary coaching to achieve the performance objectives and reach the maximum potential of the associates

April 2015 t0 August 2015 Food & Beverage Banquet Service Manager at LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR ,PHILIPPINES

Over all in charged for all functions and events held, Handle 10 different function rooms in the resort including the new Hotel de Oriente Conference Hall and has a capacity of 2,000pax, APEC SUMMIT HOST 2015 of this June and Handle 201 Head of State Members and Delegates and its special high end events and program, Head over all for Banquet operations, Planning and coordination with other department concerns.

October 2014 to March 2015 Food & Beverage Manager/ General Administrative Manager at NY ONE INTERNATIONAL INC. The Buffet International Cuisine Inc.(Philippines)

Handling full operations for F&B as well as all aspect of the building as General administrative Manager, BEO or Banquet Event Order signatory before releasing to the concerned department, handling different outlet which is restaurant dining buffet section open from Lunch time and Dinner time and has a capacity of 450pax , With three function room has a capacity of 300pax,180pax,100pax and outside catering, Developed standard operations for dining section and maintain the high standard of service, established training for both dining section, Staff scheduling from f & b, Valet and security department, Head of maintenance and engineering department, author for dining and catering management training program which include to the selections packages for SCHOOL TOUR PACKAGES for marketing sales department promotions segment and i am the one taking care for discussions as a speaker and instructor, direct reporting to General manager.

October 2013 to August 2014 Food & Beverage Manager at South Palms Resorts, Panglao Bohol, Philippines

Pre-opening F@B Manager and In charge for developing for food and beverage department, Established all set up both restaurant/dining and bar section, Included function room which is one has a capacity of 200pax and 1 function room has a full capacity of 100pax, Advertising and promotion in season, kitchen lay out and dining lay out, established all forms and needed both dining section and for function operations used, staff training with {MQS} Minimum Quality Standard according to South Palms standard, Menu Standard and Menu Engineering, Brainstorming with all department heads for developing the resorts as a competitive resorts.

April 2012 to September 2013 Food & Beverage Manager at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern, Philippines

Handling F&B operations. Over all in charge in all F&B outlets such as Dining Section, Coffee Shop, Pool Bar, Lobby Bar, Two function room one has a capacity of 200pax and the other one has a capacity of 180pax,P&L preparations, Conduct training for F&B, Menu Engineering, Promotions in Season . Also handle both kitchen department and develop and established staff into a good and discipline individual.

December 2011 to March 2012 Food & Beverage-OIC at 7Stone Hotel Boracay, Philippines

Acting as Food & Beverage Manager, over all in-charge for F&B department, Functions and special events at the beach, Room Service, Menu Engineering, P&L report, Staff training, directly report to the owner and attend daily operations meeting with other department heads.

November 2010 to July 2011 Food & Beverage supervisor at El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines

Over all in charged for daily operations from the resort club house and other outside resorts activity, Review all guest list for their confirm activity from private lunch and private dinner, And Island hooping booking, Monthly P&L report, Menu engineering, Food costing and labor costing. Pre-opening F&B at APULIT ISLAND RESORT, and transfer then handling two resorts for operations both MINILOC ISLAND RESORTS and LAGEN ISLAND RESORTS.

September 17, 2008- October 30, 2010 Food & Beverage Supervisor at Shogun Hotel, Philippines

Pre-opening F&B Head, Over-all in charge in all aspect of Food and Beverage department, Established Lay out from Dining section, Banquet & function room and Kitchen department, Developed all food selections from dining section to function and banquet food selection, Established all forms needed from dining section to banquet operations, Established all equipment’s from kitchen and banquet section for operations, Established all collaterals and flyers from banquet and for hotel used, Head of both Kitchen Dining section, P&L report, Menu costing and Labor costing both for Banquet menu and Room menu, Develop room service menu, I am directly reporting to General Manager and acting as hotel OIC from time to time.

September 2005- June 30, 2008 Events and Venue Manager at Wedding Resources & Events Management Corp. Plaza lbarra Branch, Philippines

Scope & General Purposes of Job:
– Ensure Achievements of sales target and net income for each month and for the year.

– To manage together the senior events specialist the function room space and garden venue as a profitable unit and set performance standards according to business plan.
– To ensure unkeep and control of all department resources.

Main Duties:
1. To assist the General Manager with the preparation of the annual operating budget which will form part of the business plan.
2. To maintain the operating equipment par stock.
3. To keep breakage and loss of operating equipment minimum.
4. To ensure all operating equipment and FF&E items are maintained properly and that any breakage or loss is reported to the HR Officer/ Accounting.
5. Monitors all cost in recommend measure to control them.
6. Ensure that assigned property and the banquet operation achieve the forecasted profit.

1. To ensure that all standards are adhered to.
2. To managed food and beverages operations.
3. To conduct a daily pre-service briefing and a weekly department meeting with all designated employees.
4. To ensure that coordination meeting prior to function with all required department is held.
5. To maintain given food and beverage standards.
6. To coordinate closely with the Executive chef and Captain Waiter in the day to day operation, the implementation of the new menus.
7. To liaise with the Executive chef on all matters concerning food production and quality.

Housekeeping & Engineering
1. To check all rooms before the guest arrives to ensure all set-ups are up to the company standard.
2. To conduct daily facilities tour of the assigned properly.
3. To ensure that cleanliness of all banquet facilities and venues are maintained including all banquet storerooms, back-of-house areas, and warehouse and bridal suites.
4. To coordinate with Support Services/Maintenance Personnel for the cleanliness of the property.
5. To coordinate with engineering for the repair or equipment and FF&E.

1. To coordinate with the purchasing officer on departmental procurements concern price, quality and quantity.
2. To initiate requisition for materials and supplies needed to unkeep the operation and present them to the General Manager for approval.
3. To provide the purchasing Officer with detailed purchase specifications for all items that are required for all banquets.
4. To maintain all venue records and form as a prescribed by the company standards.
5. To keep the office organized and files up-to-date.
6. To ensure that daily sales report, monthly forecast and banquet event orders are prepared/ issued as required.

Personnel and Management
1. To plan and implement effective skills training programs in coordination with the HR Officer and Department Trainers.
2. To assist in the Training and development of events specialist and F&B services staff in order to enable them operate independently within their own profit centers.
3. Responsible and maximizing employee productivity and boosting employee and in maintaining discipline.
4. To ensure courtesy and grooming guidelines are followed.
5. To conduct annual performance appraisals with all designated employees.
6. To monitor and approve staff roster, vacation and attendance record.
7. To maintain and control staff level according to manner.

1. Identify market needs of the property’s clienteles.
2. Monitors and analyzes the activities, trends of competitive catering, events, venue, hotel banquet department and restaurants.
3. Updated all events specialist and F&B services staff with the latest market needs, trends and ensuring that their product meets these requirements.
4. Plans and implements effective sales and promotional activities to ensure maximum revenues.
5. To assist the executive chef in developing menus, “specials” and buffets *(where applicable}.

Customer Services
1. To maintain positive guest contact, obtain feedback and follow up on suggestion.
2. To handle all guest complaints properly report any occurrences in departmental log book.

Security, Safety and Risk Management
1. To familiarize himself with the safety, emergency and first aid procedures.

1. To respond to changes in the F&B Department as dictated by the industry and company.
2. To conduct himself in an exemplary manner at all times before all designated employees and reflects a positive image for the company.

July 8, 2001-May 15, 2004 Restaurant Supervisor at Lolo-Alsham Restaurant- Riyahd Saudi Arabia

Scope & General Purposes of Job:
– Handles the main operation of dining section and to maintain given food and beverage standard.
– Experienced and capable of handling of six (6) different nationalities such as:
Filipino, Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Bangladesh and Sudan.
– Ensure smooth running of the operations personnel as well.
Acts as a host of the dinning section and handles guests complains. Also as part of this organization and also handles outside catering and in-charge for set-up, lay-out and design banquet table and chairs including buffet section based on Banquet Event Order agreement.