Jezriel Gulay Paran Freelance Programmer/IT Technician/ Rose Farmer

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Computer applicationsFarmingInformation Technologyprogramming and networkingSales

To work in the field of Information Technology/computer applications/Sales/agricultural farming where my skills, experience and knowledge in defferent fields will be utilized efficiently for the success of your company.


June 2010/March 2014 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Central Mindanao University

Bachelor’s/College Degree in Information Technology | University
town, Musuan, MaramagBukidnon 8710, Philippines

Completed my degree on-time with no incomplete grades, Failing grades, retaken subjects, and no disciplinary actions or bad records from the institution.
Academic Scholar
Developed my final thesis using Development tools interfacing with
biometric-Finger print device to automate organization process with optimum data integrity and security


April 2015-Present Farm owner at N/A

After my previous work, I engage myself in Rose flower production with the aid of my father which is in the business for more than 20 years. I personally do farming works, strategic work planning and sales/marketing.

April 2014-Present Freelance Programmer at N/A

In Relation to my field of study, I also work as a freelance computer software developer in my town along with my permanent work. I develop desktop application software in windows for small organizations, businesses and institutions that fits their needs.

Nov. 2014 - APRIL 2015 Office staff - Supply chain Department at Granvia Sur Distribution Inc.

I worked as product distribution control. I am responsible in making purchase requests, invoicing, stock monitoring, inventory and the stock movements.

April 2013- May 2013 Intern – Network Technician at Education E-Lamp Inc.

IT Department intern, I was exposed minor system hardware/software troubleshooting and maintenances, System cloning, data backup and data restoration, Network System Installation and configuration, network load and speed monitoring and all IT related works.