Joan Grace Devilleres Gil Pharmacist

able to perform multiple tasks concurrently Stellar reputation for quickly and effectively resolving issues and ensuring customer satisfaction Effective team playercan form meaningful professional relationship Outstanding organizational abilitiesconferencesexperienced collaborating with multidisciplinary groups for best results Excels in challenging and fast paced environments while ensuring high quality of workor special events EditTransferable Skills Computer Design PowerPoint presentations for meetings

Highlights of Qualifications
Registered Pharmacist-August 2017
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
Two-month Internship at Kalingap Pharmacy
Two-month Internship at Adventist Hospital of Davao
Two -month Internship at La Croesus Pharma , Inc. -Manufacturing Pharmacy
Two -month Internship at Adventist Hospital of Davao specializing in Hospital Pharmacy

Job Description:
Receive prescription and dispense drug in accordance to Philippine pharmacy laws and procedures
Assist customers for prescription information and dispensation
Monitor medication inventory for stock replenishment
File hard copy prescription and check in prescription drug stock daily
Order, organize, and maintain retail stock