Good day,
My name is Joanna Daño. I am twenty four years old, and in addition to completing
my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, have worked during the early part of my career as a waitress, bartender, and customer service representative. As one of nine children, I am deeply thankful and appreciative of the efforts my parents made to raise all of us to lead successful, productive lives. No matter the difficulty, my father, who worked as a fisherman and an entrepreneur, and my mother, who reared us, strived to instill within us a strong work ethic, and a desire to always do our best work. It is with this attitude that I would like to apply for this position.
Working for this institution would enable me to become a truly global citizen – learning a new country, a new culture, and truly a new world. I truly hope for the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as an employee. Moreover, in combining my educational knowledge culminating with a associate’s degree, as well as commitment to excellence in serving in any job position, I seek to always do my best work, in an manner of respecting and assisting one another, in exchange for sponsorship and acceptance into your program. Upon reading my resume, and this cover letter, I hope that you views the skills and experience I have to offer, and the way in which I offer them, in the same way I do.
Joanna Daño