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Finished with a degree of  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-  Accounting. Year Contract with Sraco –Manpower  Supply to Saudi Aramco, Assigned in Riyadh Pumping Station -6, 3rd Party Project Division as Asst Cost Engineer I. Six (6) months contract  as Cost Engineer in Foster Wheeler –Supply to Chevron Gas Plant project in Bibiyana, Bangladesh. 2nd  in Earth Tech Co, Ltd. Major Contractor in Civil and mechanical works with client Aramco, oil & gas refinery. 3nd worked with Samsung, Saudi, Shybah –Package 4 and 1 client Saudi Aramco. Inlet gas treatment. 4rd, SK Engineering & Construction Ltd. with our prestigious client Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Project (SATORP). Our main project Jubail Export Refinery Project (JERP). 5th, worked as Cost Controller in Planning Dept. in Daewoo E & C Ltd. Drydock Shipyard Pipeline offshore Duqum, Oman. We were using SAP Software Finance, Purchasing module and Logistic. 6th, also in GS/Daewoo E & C Ltd in Industrial city Gas & Oil refinery project in Ras Laffan Qatar with the same position and the same assignment – Finance & Logistics. Furthermore held family business JN Solid Glass and Aluminum Contracting Corp. in the Philippines. We used Excel program on our own system  prior  to that I worked as Cost Accountant in a small and big business enterprises. Completed a year contract as a Cost Project Accountant in Jembas Tecnica Ltd. a sub contractor of Chevron-Texaco and Sonangol in  Soyo, Angola Oil & Gas Co. Offshore. We were using ACCPAC Software assignment in cost status and Accts payable section. Employed with the same position Cost Accountant (Final Settlement) in International Construction firm (Oil & Gas caburn reservation tunnel & refinery) ABV Rock Group KB in Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are using Unix (Fas-Payroll) Software in Finance Dept. Prior to that  I was connected with J.C Tenorio Ent, Inc. in Saipan, CNMI, U.S.A.. one of the biggest department store in the Pacific Island with the position of Cost Accountant by using AS400 Software in Accountants Payable section. Al – Mawarid Electronics, Ltd, who is into production installation and distribution of orbit satellite dish and receiver throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries as an Senior Accountant/Cashiering and Trustees of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, a top banking corporation in the Philippines as Accountant/Cashiering and Stock Transfer Officer.









1.               Sraco Manpower Supply Saudi Aramco – (EPCM) Pumping Station 6 Pipeline  Riyadh,  KSA


Primary Scope of Work:  Appointment Date (April 26, 2014 –April 1, 2015)

SAP –Role Centralized

·                        Monitoring cost control activities and project progress.

·                        Calculating project cost and negotiating price with vendors and subcontractors.

·                        Reviewing, approving, and rejecting purchase orders submitted by teams.

·                        Establishing, maintaining, and controlling project budgets, including       overall cost control.

·             Preparing monthly expenditure forecast and estimating project profitability.

·                        Assisting project manager and finance director in allocating budget for  each  phase of project.

·                        Generating, reviewing and analyzing progress reports and reconciling capital accounting reports.

·                        Update and monitor  manhour daily rotation forecasting, Daily allowances, Invoicing, mob/demob and daily reports.

·                         Performed financial reporting and project management.

·                        Coordinated project control measures and attended project meetings.

·                         Maintained project and cost code information in computer systems and   physical file.


2. Foster Wheeler  (EPCM) Supply Manpower to Chevron, Project – Gas Plant –Bibiyana, Bangladesh Project  Offshore


Primary Scope of Work:

Cost Engineer (EPCM) :  (June,  15 2013 – Dec. 17, 2013)


·                        Update and monitor  manhour daily rotation forecasting, Daily allowances, Invoicing, mob/demob and daily reports Expats, local expats, Filipino categories , local and  contractual employees on site.

·                        Monitor and update monthly Cost summary reports of Subcontractors  change order of materials, growth rates, budget forecasting reports and other work activities incurred.

·                        Monitor and update  daily,  monthly accrual summary expenses incurred  and allocate on their respective accounts code.

·                        Cost breakdown on  work activities  (direct cost) based on their  respective discipline either (civil, mechanical, electrical, piping, etc.) and submit to planning engineer for evaluation and scheduling.

·                        Monitor the variance from Commitment Cost (estimated cost) to actual cost from  the budget forecast monthly.

·                        Summarized the total composition of equipment, labor, materials cost, overhead expenses incurred, subcontractors and temporary works (indirect) accumulative.



3.   Earth Tech Co, Ltd. – Al-Khobar,  KSA   Onshore


Cost Engineer  ( Feb. 28 2013 – June 4, 2013)

Primary scope of work:

·                        Control and monitor financial progress of the project and compute variable cost compare cost to budget cost of the contract price or construction cost.

·                        Compare the budget cost to actual expenses incurred and get the variance or make some adjustment from the project cost while still in progress.

·                        Prepare data entry all daily transaction project cash flow in order to control monthly expenses accumulated up to end of project. In order to utilized the exact actual cost to budget cost in the construction.

·                        Summarized the components of construction such as Materials cost, Labor cost, Sub-con, Equipment cost, Temporary works and  Operating expenses in order to know either would it be enough to our budget.

·                        Established project budget/forecasting based on some inputs from project management and other department for project cost reports.

·                        Control Purchased Order of all Materials and control the physical Inventories daily, weekly and monthly required.

·                        Monitor all the cost of material request (MR) from the engineers to be used for the project site, labor cost per hr. and equipment cost per hr. in order to know exactly the total cost incurred based on progress report work activities on site will be enough for the schedule.



4.      Samsung,  (Shybah, Saudi ) – Onshore

Inlet and Gas treatment Project, Shybah, Saudi


Cost Controller –  (Sept. 24, 2011 – Aug.  11, 2012)


Primary Scope of Work:


·                     Summarized the proposal cost assessment (Area 1 at present and Area 4) of Piping, Equipment and Structural based on direct cost (total manhour, Materials, Labor, Equipment cost and Operating expenses) also for Indirect cost  labor, temporary works and facilities (Temporary office, warehouse, temporary camp (water, lights, & others) and Safety (HSE). Plus Contingency and profit.

·                     Update Cost Breakdown all piping lines and erection work activities depends on sizes diameter inch of all Pipe racks. Allocate all requisition, purchasing, bill payments and all kind of transactions incurred on their  respective accounts code. .

·                     Collate all transactions or work activities of all departments such as civil/architect, mechanical, electrical, piping, QA/QC Inspectors progress reports in order to access cost production report daily to monthly.

·                     Coordinate and deal with Suppliers and vendors on the average of materials, equipments, labor cost and get there terms and conditions contract agreement  work activities on site.

·                     Update Saudization and expats Daily Roster  reports total manhours Direct and indirect workers and submitted to Aramco for monitoring and reconcile purposes.

·                     Forecast budget cost controlling estimated cost,  actual cost, budget cost  and get the variance for monitoring in order  not to exceed in our  budget cost.

·                     Summarized Cash flow forecasting on Materials, equipments, labor cost, subcontractors, and operation expenses will incurred monthly period.

·                     Prepare bills of payment once we updated on cost  production based on progress report daily, monthly and get the percentage of completion on contract prized  of construction.

·                     Prepared financial statement monthly once all transactions already updated based on deductions, retentions and all expenses incurred.


5.      SK Engineering Company Co. Ltd –  Onshore

Jubail Export Refinery Project  (JERP) -Satorp

Jubail Eastern Industrial City


Cost Supervisor (May 3, 2010 – May 10, 2011)

Primary Scope of Job:

·                     Itemized and review the quantity of materials in the procurement dept. and labor cost in the construction project.

·                     Monitor the cost assessment of the sub-contractors work activities based on their progress report in order to utilized some discrepancy on their assessment.

·                     Collate and update cost assessment which are actively working on site specially Civil / Architecture, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and other work activities based on their progress report daily & weekly. And all sub-contractors progress report in order to bill or invoice our  client  the Company.

·                     Review and quantify the assessment  of our sub-contractors cost engineers or quantity surveyor on their measurement either their work activities are correct on actual cost and progress report incurred. After the requisition for inspection (RFI) of work activities specially concrete structures, pipelines and materials used in project site.

·                     Cost Allocate all expenses and purchases incurred for each Department based cost code Accounts or Charts of accounts.

·                     Prepare bill of Payment and Financial Statement one week after the cut- off period (end of the month).

·                     Prepared forecasting on the information of material cost, labor cost (man hour), equipment cost and Admin. (operation expenses- indirect).

·                     Coordinate with Suppliers, vendors and other applicants as our sub-contractors with reasonable specification package  and Sublets (additional works package) that will be sufficient enough  based on materials, equipments and labor cost and that will  quantify measurement of our BOQ (Bill of Quantities).

·                     Conduct a meeting to sub-contractors and client the company (Satorp) based on status of progress and production work condition.



Company Profile:  SK Engineering, has $480M project contract to Saudi Aramco Total Refinery Petrochemicals (SATORP) within two years contract. (JERP) Package 5B



6.  Daewoo Construction E & C Ltd.

Ship Repair Yard and Dry Dock Pipeline Offshore  at Duqum Port PJ,

Sultanate of Oman

Cost Controller –  August 16,2008 to August 17,2009.


Primary Scope of Job:

·                     Prepare material requisition per Department on items and specification   incurred not only materials but also accrued Operation Cost expenses.

·                     Control the entire Purchasing process from negotiations with vendors, purchase requisition through delivery of ordered goods and processing incoming invoices by using SAP software.

·                     Once we posted Purchase order, we create documents as soon as we received the goods by posting into Goods Receipts Purchase Order (GRPO).

·                     When an incoming invoice are received, the related accounts for the vendors are posted in the Accounting.

·                     Post transaction to journal entry which are automatically posted from many transaction such as Accts receivable and Accts payable invoice.

·                     Post Journal entry manually directly to gen. ledger account or business partner sub ledger account.

·                     Prepare letter of credit for our bank accounts transaction.

·                     Prepare bill of Payments monthly based on summary of Progress Report incurred daily and weekly.

·                     Prepare forecasting system quarterly based on actual expenses monthly in order our budget cost will be met.

·                     Prepare Direct Indirect Cost expenses.

·                     Monitor cost expenditures incurred which are suppose to reduce unnecessary expenses will occur.


Company Profile: Daewoo Construction is one of the competitive project not only in Oil & Gas Refinery but also in Drydock Shipyard and pipeline Onshore. We have a contract price of $450 million from Department of Transportation and Communication Gov’t of Oman. Develop roads and building construction near the drydock project, Duqum.


7.   GS/Daewoo Consortium E & C Ltd.   Onshore

Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar


Cost Controller (Project Accountant) – June 21,2006 – Oct 19,2007

·                     Based on contract, to facilitate services to our valued client (Qatar Gas) as follows:

a)      Facilitate services for all requested items of our client such as office supplies, vehicles, porta cabin for office use on site, etc.

b)      Facilitate modification and renovation of work in there office for expansion) jobsite offices.

c)      Prepare bills of payment on reimbursable items that are requested at cost price with additional at least 13.25% services charges.

d)     Prepared monthly invoice for construction rendered based on progress report weekly on percentage assessment on each department incurred until the cut off date (last week of the month) and the percentage work progress acquired (previous date to cumulative date)

e)      Check the computation of each sub-contractors for bill of payment to us and other charges in the project as long  it is based on contract.

f)       Answer letter from the sub-contractors for project proposal which was approved by our engineers in reviewing the specs and plans.


·                     Prepared cost status report based on cash disbursement per monthly expenses in our project here in Ras Laffan and in central Office in Korea.

·                     Allocate all expenses that are requested per department incurred suck as electrical. Mechanical Piping – A, building, Civil works, Admin, project control, etc. to expedite budget cost.

·                     Monitor and control price of materials of sub-contractors presentation to us in project. Control Dept, either Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Piping, Civil works, building or other fields of work that will meet our budget cost given.

·                     Prepare bills of Payment for our legitimate Sub-contractors based on approval of our respective other engineering Dept. based on there studies on Specs and planning proposed by respective Sub-contractors.

·                     Prepared letter of correspondence to Sub-contractors if there are any discrepancy, adjustment of prices, approval of proposal letter sent to us.

·                     Analyzed the variance of the budget cost based on cash disbursement monthly incurred per department allocation in order to reduce unnecessary expenses rendered.

·                     Prepare spreadsheets and trial balance for transaction received for requisition of materials, other expenses incurred of our company and also our valued clients (Qatar Gas).


Company Profile: Joint venture of GS (LG Construction in Korea) and  Daewoo Construction in Oil & Gas Refinery we have contracted $329million for refinery in Qatar Gas.


8.   JN Solid Glass and Aluminum Contracting Corp.

#4-A Road 6, Proj. 6 Q.C.


Cost Accountant – November 6,2002 –May 6,2006


Primary Scope of work

·                     Control unnecessary expenditures based on our budget cost acquired.

·                     Target at least 25% net income based on capital investment contra actual purchase and other expenses incurred for materials, labor and overhead expenses.

·                     Check physical inventories used in our projects based on our actual total cost purchased and expenses less our investment capital.

·                     Prepared payroll during our cut – off period two days before 15th of  the


·                     Reconcile paid checks based on our current accounts deposit and also check payments for our suppliers based on our current actual outstanding account balance.

·                     Prepare financial statement monthly.

·                     Responsible for purchase of materials and other accessories to our suppliers which will be use in our projects and additional stocks for other maintenance purpose.


Company Profile: It’s a Family owned business and we join bidding for installing aluminum and glass as sub-contractors in a building construction and we have a network of P5 Million pesos of investment with a very competitive bid.



9.   Universal Robina Corp. (URC) (Oct 28,1999-Feb 18,2002)

Pasig City


Sole Distributor Jack & Jill Product


·                     Direct Selling of all Jack & Jill products such as (Biscuits, chocolates, crackers, etc.)

·                     Saturate areas that we covered to supply all kinds of Jack and Jill products to reach our respective quota.

·                     18% percent mark-up all kinds of Jack and Jill products and maintain given quota to each respective distributors.

·                     Report to central office all our transactions incurred based on Sales and Distributorship on new products that we promote and to advertise for our new products respective to our assigned areas.

·                     Reconcile total Sales based on purchasing of products turn over that would   generate income and book it in general ledger for our  business transaction monthly up to  year end.


Company Profile: Single Proprietorship up to  5 million pesos worth of investment based on Sole Distributorship.



Soyo, Angola –  Offshore


Cost Controller (Project Accountant) – (July 31,1998 to July 31,1999)


Primary Scope of Job:

·                     Make a proper costing of technical items .(Spare parts-Mechanical, ,electrical parabolic, and other accessories  items)

·                     Make a proper inventory of all material items (technical, mechanical, electrical, parabolic etc.) based on Job Request on our  internal requisition.

·                     Invoicing all requesting items from the clients with job requisition in order to control our data entry files in our computer worksheet.

·                     Responsible for the shipment in transit of materials for the project that are needed.

·                     Prepare Letter of Credit (LC) from the bank for payment depends on mood of payments for the suppliers.

·                     Coordinate with Customs office for payment of tariff based on Bill of Lading to claim our items to custom brokerage.

·                     Prepare  monthly report based on our profit and losses that were incurred.

·                     Present Financial Statement reports quarterly to our central office in Luanda.

·                     Make proper physical inventory quarterly of all items incurred in order to reconcile items that were needed to purchased and items that are also needed to our existing project.


Company Profile: One of the leading contracting company  in  Luanda Jembas Assistancia Tecnica Ltda, for materials and manpower supply from known companies such as Chevron and Sonangol Oil & Gas Refinery Offshore with a network of $120M of investment.


11.  ABV Rock Group  KB   – Oil & Gas Reservior

P.O. Box 1296 Abha, KSA


Project Accountant – (Payroll Supervisor) – (May 21, 1996 – March 27, 1998)


Responsibilities: Payroll Supervisor

·                     Responsible for the preparation of general ledger entry, analysis of payroll related accounts and assists in order areas of payroll processing.

·                     Responsible for the calculation of Asian employee entitlement.

·                     Ensure the system of internal control is being complied with, while processing accounting information.

·                     Ensure that company policies is being complied with, while calculating Asian employee entitlement.


Technical Responsibilities:

·                     Maintain and updated a proper files of employee’ individual service reports, payroll adjustments, pay advice, etc.

·                     Computation of final settlement for Asian employees.

·                     To attend in the preparation and distribution of cash envelopes on site.

·                     Analyze and prepare on a monthly basis adjustment, if any, such as advance against.

·                     Salary of employees, unpaid salary and wages adjustment, loan to staff, indemnity of officers  and workers, provisions for vacation payprovisions for European social cost, provisions for social cost of locals, etc.


Company Profile: ABV Rock Group, KB one of the biggest project in Saudi Arabia aside from ARAMCO with 7 job site project in the Kingdom. Site 6 in Abha alone with $1.2Billion project oil reserve, pipeline and tunneling.


12.  J.C Tenorio Ent, Inc.

Beach Road, Susupe Saipan  U.S.A (Trust territory)


Cost Accountant (October 24,1994 to January 2, 1996)



In Accounts Payable – section

·                     Responsible for invoicing transaction of our supplies for validation.

·                     Evaluate the foreign & local supplier’s invoice in order to prioritize foreign suppliers to expedite payments.

·                     Set up the valid invoice manually in the accounts payable voucher (AVP) list and enter in our general ledger computer for validation using AS400 Accounting software.

·                     Prepare Letter of Credit (LC) fro payment to our suppliers.

·                     Advice treasure department to prepare cheeks for payments to our suppliers .

·                     Coordinate with some suppliers which are not received payments or delay in remittance.

·                     Responsible for controlling movement of company assets based on payment, expenses and other credit accounts.


Accounts Receivable-Section

·                     Received cash, checks and credit card to our valued clients for payments of their accounts.

·                     Monitor delinquent payment of customer in order to update interest payment.

·                     Monitor in the computer program for those customers who were already lapse their due date of payment and charge for penalty.

·                     Give prior notice to our valued clients by sending letter or fax to avoid penalty  charges.

·                     Prepares income statements report quarterly.


Company Profile: One of the biggest Department Store in Marianas Island in the pacific owned by Governor  Tenorio with a network of $20million worth of Investment.



1011 Riyadh/Jeddah

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Accountant cum Cashier (April 20, 1994 to August 31, 1994)



·                     Monitor the statistics of the production sales and generating profits of branches in the entire Kingdom.

·                     Prepares individual division or consolidated balance sheets to reflect company’s assets, liabilities and capital.

·                     Prepares profit and loss statements for specified accounting period.

·                     Audits contract orders and vouchers to  prepare  reports.

·                     Assists affiliate branches in Jeddah, Al-Khobar with any accounting duties.

·                     Received accounts receivable such as cash, security bonds and credit cards from clients for payments from satellite receiver and order for payment.

·                     Evaluate business transaction of clients with outstanding balance.

·                     Prepare financial statements reports.

·                     Reconcile unbalanced transaction.

·                     Entertains costumer complains.

·                     Coordinate with project manager regarding problems on products in coordination with distribution.


Company Profile: Owns Orbit Satellite in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not only in Saudi but whole Middle East, Companies holding such as Naft Gasoline station, Pharmaceutical, Contracting  Company, Department Store and other form of Investment with a network of $2Billion worth of investment.





333  Gil Puyat Avenue

Makati City, Philippines

Accountant Cashiering and  Stock Transfer Assistant  (January 26, 1983 to July  1993)



·                     Process data for the Philippines long Distance Telephone (PLDT)

·                     Provides codes for data subscribed and other share holders of PLDT (communication).

·                     Check the list of issuance of stocks to subscribers.

·                     Act as an authorized signatory and prepared for the issuance of dividend checks to the subscribers.

·                     Responsible for the assessment or preferred to common stocks and transfer stock rights from subscribers to brokers.

Assign process Incoming Security Receipt (OSR) for stock certificate delivered.

·                     Access and process Outgoing Security Receipt (OSR) for stock certificates sold through stockholders.

·                     Update official stock registers on sold stock certificates.

·                     Request stockholder’s representation to acknowledge receipt of stock certificates.

·                     Reconcile monthly stock exposure vs. stock registers and prepares necessary adjustment.


Cashiering Account-Trust Operation Department (December 16, 1986 to July 15, 1993)


·                     Receives cash, checks bonds and credit card from the clients for investment and time deposit and other money market matters.

·                     Prepares documents related to deposit and for interest payment and excise taxes.

·                     Up-dates all kinds of payment in the form of interest and withdrawal of funds by clients.

·                     Prepares bank checks for issuance’s to our furnish other transactions wherein clients did not received.


Company Profile: Top 8 Corporation in the Philippines with   Singaporean foreign inventors with a estimate network of $450Million worth of Investment.


Personal Assessment:


Total years  of experience:                              27 years

Construction (Oil & Gas Petrochemical)          9 years

Trading & Distribution:                                    4 years

Banking (until became regular employee)       14 years

Computer Literacy                                          Excellent

Microsoft Word:                                             Very Good

Software Usage:                                             Very Good

(SAP Software-Finance & Purchasing)          Very Good

(AS400)                                                          Very Good

(ACCPAC)                                                     Good

(Unix-Fas & Pay)                                            Very Good




Personal Information:

Nationality :                                                    Filipino

Date of Birth:                                                  July 13, 1958

Age:                                                                56

Place of Birth:                                                 Manila

Citizenship:                                                     Filipino

Civil Status:                                                    Married

Height:                                                                        5 ”5”

Religion:                                                          Catholic

Language Spoken:                                          English, Tagalog, Spanish

Educational Attainment:

Primary:                                                           Lourdes School, Q.C.

Secondary:                                                      Far Eastern University

College;                                                           University of the East, Manila

Course:                                                            Bachelor of Science in Business Admin. (Accounting)


This is to certify that the above information’s are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


References:     Engr. Robert “Bob” McCready

Project Planning Manager

Foster Wheeler, Bibiyana Bangladesh Chevron Gas Plant

Email: [email protected]


Engr. Mourad Zegour

Mechanical Engineer

Mobile # 00974-5593139

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]



Antonio Eqizuiel

Trust Operation  Manager

R.C.B.C.- H.O.

R.C.B.C. Tower Makati City, Philippines

Tel.# 894-9000




Manila Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of the East


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Project Cost Controller at SRACO-Manpower Supply to Saudi Aramco