Joeylen Sacueza Sales Representative

Computer LiterateDental AssistantI can do multitaskingIm independent

My name is Joeylen Sacueza , Joey for short. Im undergraduate of Dentistry in Centro Escolar University Manila, I was on my third year level when I stopped studying.  My recent job is with Acquire BPO as sales representative for Electricity Im handling Australian account . My hobbies are, playing guitar, drawing and coloring. Im a very goal oriented person , versatile and hardworking, I can handle pressure and stress.

Im looking forward to work abroad and have an opportunity like this.


2011-2016 3rd year undergraduate , College of Dentistry at Centro Escolar University


December 2015- March 2016 Customer Service Representative at Convergys
May 2016 to present Sales Representative at Acquire BPO

Australian account