John Emil M. Gatchalian Bachelors of science and business administration

Philippines [email protected]
Can speak and understand English language a little bit better with excel but I can do what you want me to do

Hello. Sir/ madam

I’m John emil M. Gatchalian applying the job that can fit and qualified me. I’m a friendly guy who has always wanted to do things with my friends and I love to watched the documentary show. that I was so excited to see how it works. I also like to be able with the way that people feel about their experiences so I can get an  idea to have good job in my own. And to enhances my skill and experience in the field of work. I think that is what I want to be a better person than I am and that is the best way to make it happen and be able and be ready for the opportunity that I am going forward with this year as I have to do this to help you and the company in this world and I will give you all of my ideas and knowledge to help us find ways where we can make our lives easier and better.


2006-2010 High school graduate and former 4th year student and athletic student at Siena college of taytay rizal

Former 4th year college student will start working for his parents and will be eligible for an idea of how many people are eligible to participate and have their own business and their work on their own property or have the first and foremost of an independent college student who wants to have their careers become a better source of success in life


September 2, 2016 to july 2018 CALL CENTER AGENT at BPO COMPANY

I started working for my own way of doing things like a computer game which I am really good about and my job was just like me but I can’t get enough of those stuff so I’m trying to figure out what I want and why I’m going through it and the way I’m feeling about it is just a lot of time to get a chance to be in this game