John Richard Napao Inventory Analyst

can drive forklift

Career Objective:

To effectively involved in the operation of a company by contributing abilities and intellectual ideas and promoting good will to enhance career opportunities and professional goal.


Working Experience: Feb 01, 2008- June 30, 2018



Company          :   Agility Logistics Solutions

Binary  St., LISP-1, Cabuyao, Laguna

Position                               :   Warehouseman/Dispatcher/Inventory Analyst

Department                    :   VMI-IONICS

Reports to                       :   Receiving and Inventory  Supervisors, Managers



General Responsibility:

Receiving, breakdown, inspection and staging of incoming materials to/in 3PL Warehouse. Review and checks accuracy of the information encoded by the agents and branches to DF system. Maintain inventory accuracy and responsible carrying out all the activities of 3PL Warehouse relative to inventory matters.


Specific Responsibilities:

·         Responsible in receiving all incoming materials related to 3PL Warehousing and/or IONICS production.

·         Responsible in insuring that all incoming materials are already passed/approved by PEZA and Custom officials prior to receiving process.

·         Responsible in reporting any discrepancy found from all incoming materials either quantity, part number and quality.

·         Responsible in counting (breakdown) of actual parts based on invoice document and packing list.

·         Responsible in preparing Receiving Report and  Encoder for system transactions.

·         Responsible in segregating and proper stocking of all items pending for booking.

·         Responsible in insuring that all items are error free before endorsement to IQC.

·         Responsible in endorsing materials to IQC section subject for Incoming Quality inspection.

·         Responsible in monitoring good condition of machine & equipment used in receiving section.

·         Perform Quarterly Inventory Taking in 3PL warehouse or when as needed.

·         Maintain cleanliness in receiving and warehouse areas.

·         Other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

·         Conducts daily incoming and outgoing data transaction of materials in the system.

·         Update & maintain real time transaction in the system and material inventory in 3PL Warehousing.

·         Responsible in preparing and issuing of Advance Shipment Notice or Inbound Tally Sheet (ITS) Report and Barcode Label.

·         Responsible in preparing and issuance of Pick Ticket Report and Delivery Receipt to Kitting Clerk.

·         Prepare parts list for cycle counting and monitor results.

·         Reconciles and analyzes quarterly inventory and cycle count variances, researches root causes.

·         Troubleshoot inventory issues and update system to correct inventory.

·         Will assist with warehouse related projects such as utilization of bar coding, RF technology, warehouse management systems, and other inventory control duties and milestone.

·         Constantly interacts and dealing client’s issues and concerns, request regarding material inventory through written and verbal communication.

·         In charge of dealing with warehouse personnel on issues related to material discrepancies.

·         Responsible in providing 3PL parts aging and daily warehouse accomplishment report submitted to highest-level management of Agility and Client.

·         Other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.





1996-2000 warehouse at Southern iloilo polytechnic college

graduated 4 years college