John alvin s. Lopez Stamping machine operator

  1. *Positioning, aligning, fitting, and welding parts for the formation of sub units or
    complete units using jigs, hand tools, and welding torches.
    *Identifying information by recognizing similarities or differences, categorizing, estimating,
    and detecting modifications in events or circumstances.
    *Locating and marking work piece cutting and bending lines, allowing for welding and machine shrinkage,
    stock thickness and any other component specifications.
    *Providing detailed instructions, specifications, drawings or documentation to explain others about
    how the components are to be constructed, modified, maintained, assembled, or fabricated.
    *Studying blueprints and engineering drawings to determine project task sequences and requirements.
    *Laying out and examining metalwork pieces or stock to be processed for ensuring that client specifications are met.
    *Handling, positioning, moving, and installing materials using arms and hands and manipulating things.
    *Setting up and operating fabricating machines like rolls, brakes, flame cutters, drill presses, grinders, and shears to cut, form, drill, bend, and punch.
    *Inspecting materials, equipment, or structures for identifying the cause of problems or errors or defects.
    *Estimating distances, quantities, and sizes; determining costs, resources, materials or time needed to execute a work activity.
    *Repairs & rebuild all breakdowns/damaged ground support equipment.
    *Check ground support equipment being worked on.
    *Report any fault ,damages to Superior in order to plan for any predictive work.
    *Follow General workshop safety procedure in order to prevent personal injuries.
    *Assists Supervisor in providing info regarding safety,quality & frequent occurence on
    equipment breakdown in order to help develop corrective maintenance plan.
    *Inform the Supervisor of any spare parts & tools that are needed to ensure
    timely completion of any maintenance works.
    *Use handtools
    *Prepare weld materials & set-up welding equipment.
    *Fit-up weld materials & repair welds .

    *Positions, aligns and clamps specified punch and die set into ram bed of machine,
    using feelers, gauges,caliper,ruler and allen range.
    *Turns handwheel or installs shims to set depth of stroke
    *Lifts workpiece onto machine bed or roller table, manually or by using push cart.
    *Positions layout marks on workpiece between punch die
    *Positions clamps guide stops to run successive pieces
    *Starts ram to drive punch through workpiece
    *Operate machine equipped with two or more punch die set.
    *Set up and operate hydraulic press / punch machine for established work.
    *Select correct tooling for the job task with set up document.
    *Load, install and correctly set up the tools required with some assistance from
    *Perform assigned work to time standards and quality expectations.
    *Account for time and work completed via online computer data collection system.
    *Safely operate forklift to handle materials and completed work.

    *Directing and controlling the prod. activities.
    *Coordinating assignment of operators.
    *Organizing flow materials/work-in-process
    *Implementation of production & Quality control sys.
    *Monitoring and maintaining equipment.
    *Performing corrective and preventive action to address prod. abnormalities.
    *Ensuring worker’s discipline.
    *Directs operators towards attainment of
    *Prepares work group reports.
    *Withdraw materials,spare parts & other operating supplies from WHSE.
    *Check daily equipment condition/troubleshooting.
    *Direct proper house keeping.


Jan.07 2015 to present Stamping Machine Operator at SDI Corp.
Aug. 2004 to Dec. 2014 Production Foreman at Showa Manufacturing Phils. Corp.