Jonnel Montero Dosado Technician


●Make budget allocation plan for next fiscal year,
contributing to the future improvements of laboratory.
●Management & Measurement of hazardous substances in
parts, materials, sub-materials & packing materials.
● Determine and implement rules for response measures at
the time of non-conforming parts or materials occur.
●Educate and conduct training about environmental quality
assurance system
●Educate and conduct training on standard operation &
maintenance of EDXRF, GCMS and also on chambers.
●Responsible for the daily standardization of element
analyzer machine (EDXRF, DPT,& GCMS).
●Conduct periodic maintenance of reliability machines
(Tumbler Test, Short Drop Test, Resin Load & Deformation Test
& Different kinds of Chambers).
●Control operator & work schedule & daily overtime
●Make monthly environmental report
●Make Monthly kaizen/improvement on work process.
●Help establish, document, and maintain the environmental
quality assurance system
●Help establish and implement a system to prompt transfer of
information on environmental quality assurance (including
regulatory information and customer requirements.
●Responsible for keeping & monitoring the standard samples
of EDXRF & DPT and the standard solutions of GCMS.


2012 ~ 2015 Electromechanics Technology at CITE Technicial Institute