Jorge Walker Corasmin Construction Site Supervisor

AutoCad MEPread. write)Spanish/English (speak

Jorge Walker Corasmin

10 Queen street Montego Bay, Jamaica W.I.

Phone: 1-876-419 6513 or 1-876- 4196513




Dear Sir/madam:

I’m Cuban-Jamaican citizen born in Cuba and living in Montego Bay, Jamaica W.I. temporary now since 2013.

I am very interested to apply at your prestigious company. My work experiences and trainings have equipped me skills to be a competent individual to be your company’s asset. I can assure you that I am very excellent on my field.

In Cuba I use to work in the Energy & Mining Engineering Enterprise which belongs to the Minister of Mining & Energy as a Spanish-English Interpreter and doing Hydraulics’ plans on sewerage, water supply, rain water collection, oil drainage systems (indoor and outdoor) ¨As Built¨ construction plans and also I worked as a Construction Site Supervisor all over the country. I have 36 years as a technician on the job.

In 1994 I worked in Jamaica as a Spanish-English interpreter for the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) for 13 months in several cities: Spanish Town, Negril, May Pen, Mandeville and Kingston.  We worked for the Live Line Maintenances and training of the Jamaican line men.

In 2014 I start working at Humiclima Jamaica as a mechanical Supervisor doing services at Hyatt and Iberostar Hotel Resources include Fancoils, Pumps and Air Handlers.

I use to work as a Spanish Teacher with adults and from 7 to 9 level. for 5 years and teaching Spanish to English people.

I also have international experience working in Haiti in 2008, Venezuela, Ecuador and Russia doing work as a Hydraulic System Designer and a Construction Site Supervisor for the Electricity Development and the construction of Power Generating Plants.

I’m a very hands – on individual and a team player. Because of my bilingual possibilities as well as my energy and enthusiasm I firmly believe that I would be an asset for your organization. With my experience and background, I am confident. I can make an immediate contribution to the work.

If my application is successful, I will dedicate my energies, skills and talents for the mutual benefits of your institution and myself.

Enclosed, please find a copy of my resume. I will contact you to confirm about the receipt of my application and any possibility of a personal interview. In the meantime, I can be contacted at [email protected] or at my Mobil number: ‘

1 876 419-6513 or 1 876 3488241

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you any time soon.


Yours sincerely

Jorge Walker Corasmin


Jorge Walker Corasmin

10 Queen Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Phone: 1-876-419-6513 0r  1-876-3488241


To obtain for a post job as any position in your company


Upgrading Studies of the University of Havana, Cuba.

Teacher Training


Pedagogical Training for Higher Education.

Construction Technical College “Jose Marti. Havana Cuba

Certificate: Hydraulic Technician

Cujae University

Ciudad Universitaria Jose Antonio Echeverria

Havana Cuba.

Certificate in Designs in Auto Cad

Work Experience

Energy & Mining Engineering Enterprise: as a Technician and as a Hydraulic Systems Designer from 1975 to 2012.

America Latina High School: Cuba

Spanish Teacher from 2003 to 2007

Jamaica Public Service 1994:

Spanish-English verbal Interpreter among Cuban and Jamaican line men. JPS

Electricity Power Stations

from 1994 to 1995

Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela as a Construction Site Supervisor

from 1994 to 2012

National Training Centre in Venezuela

Building designing in accordance with Corpoelect  Enterprise. 2011 Venezuela

Galina Breeze Hotel, Port Maria, Jamaica: 2014.Maintenance Supervisor

Hyatt Zilara & Ziva :  Montego Bay, Jamaica: Oct 2014-january2015

Ibero Star Hotel: Montego Bay : January 2015

Humiclima Jamaica : January 2015. Mechanical Supervisor



Daniel Walker


Knox High School

Mandeville. Manchester, Jamaica W.I